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12x Bundaberg Diet Ginger Beer $12 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


We’re all working from home,
It’s 3pm, it’s sunny, it’s beer o’clock.

But the so called “ experts ” say you shouldn’t be drinking alcohol everyday.
The missus says you’re drinking way too much now you’re working from home, you’ll get fat and you’re wasting money
The bosses says no drinking on the job, even at home
The doctor says too much beer is bad for you and will make you fat

But back to the original problem, it’s 3pm, it’s sunny, it’s beer o’clock.

Well problem solved
Bundaberg Diet Ginger Beer 12pack $12 on Amazon
It comes in a heavy dark brown glass beer bottle (like real beer used to. Not in some poncy tall clear bottle)
It says beer on the label
It’s diet (although the artificial sweetener might kill you later on, but that’s later on)
It’s on special

So order a box, cool the in the fridge (if it’s full, just bin that kombucha crap the missus has taking up space),
3pm comes, fill the desk esky with a few of these, log into your team meeting on Zoom. Announce that’s it’s Beer o’clock team! And start cheers’ing the team! The boss will probably give you a pay rise.

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