This was posted 1 year 9 months 28 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Kathmandu Microfibre Towels (Medium) $13.40 (RRP $39.99- $79.99) + $10 Shipping ($0 with Plus) @ Kathmandu eBay


Seems a pretty good deal for lightweight travel towels, plus free delivery.
Save them for a rainy day when you can leave the house again for leisure 🤷🏼‍♀️

Price updated by seller — Medium sizes are unchanged at $13.40, while Large has gone up to $16.69, and XL $19.99

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      75cm x 150cm

      Is tiny ?

    • +14

      Not sure how big your face is but the xl is 75x150 so standard bath towel size. The m / l ones are more for packing light when hiking etc or great for the gym but each to their own

      • Can only see 40 x 90 or 50 x 100, that is small!

  • great find OP, thanks

  • Cheers OP.

  • thanks ordered 2!

  • Are they good for car wash?

  • Anyone use these a gym towel?

  • +1

    NEW Kathmandu Compact Soft Lightweight Quick Dry Towel Extra Large - Odour

    Some of the colour names are a little out there.

    • If you buy the towel and it smells, you won't be able to return it. "Well, we told you about it and you still decided to buy"

  • Cheers OP selling out quick peeps!

  • Been eyeing this for ages, thanks op grabbed 1

  • Definitely cheapest to date 👍

  • +1

    I bought a couple 5 years ago and love them, use them all the time when i'm travelling or hiking.
    I just grabbed 3 more.

  • Just goes to eBay search for towel.

    Found them, grabbed an extra large and a medium for gym.

    • If you can set it to open the link in a browser the same "towel" search seems to filter for the Kathmandu towels only. Weird

  • Thanks OP! I'm normally pretty critical about the quality of Kathmandu's items, but this is just a rectangular piece of fabric - not a lot can go wrong!

  • in my experience some of these rapid drying towels are a hit and miss. sometimes they don't absorb very well and take forever to dry yourself (usually the smooth style ones).

    ordered a bunch of each and will see how it goes.

    otherwise cheap reusable toilet paper (never thought i'd relegate a towel to that job but these are tough times we live in)

  • +6

    To be honest, i only bought this because it's on ozbargain.

  • +4

    Ever checked out Decathlon's microfibre towels? Cheap and good!

    • Will check them out.

    • +1

      Been using for years. No complaints whatsoever.

  • FYI the compact ones are waaaay smaller when you've folded them then the fluffy ones. Far more ideal as an emergency or travel towel

    • I'm keen to try the compact ones. The microfibre ones are… sort of too 'dry' and staticy, and its hard to actually get drying until its slightly damp.

  • Got two. Thanks op.

  • Cheers OP got two. Always wanted to use the whilst travelling or at the pool.

  • 3% ShopBack

    • Didn't even check lol

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed one each

  • -1

    Thanks OP got 3 x extra large 150cm towels!!

  • Yeah these are great. Dry so fast

  • No XL left

    • +1

      They are restocking. Plenty now.

  • Ordered one !! Thx !!

  • Cheers

  • Ordered 2! Thanks OP. NEW Kathmandu Microfibre Lightweight Absorbent QuickDrying Towel Extra Large - STILL AVAILABLE.

    • Any idea what the packed down size of these are?

  • Is the whole store having almost a 50% off??

    • +9

      If it isnt 50% off to begin with, Kathmandu isnt worth buying at all.

  • It seems XL size is out of stock.

    • Ok again in stock. Thanks ordered one XL :)

  • I'm so done with Kathmandu, changed (shrunk) their sizes so much and look at you like you are crazy as you wear a kathmandu XL infront of them while their new season 3xl wont even fit.

    crazy, be more realistic if you want my cash

    • +1

      look at you like you are crazy as you wear a kathmandu XL infront of them while their new season 3xl wont even fit.

      That's because you are trying to wear a towel.

  • +2

    I still remember the deal I missed by a few minutes, lol

    wow, almost 5 years now

    • +2

      Me too! I finally can move on lol

    • Just saw these in my attic… Still not used ..

  • thanks OP, got one of these I reckon around 2 years ago still use it regularly. Great value

  • +1

    Any swimmers out there. The travel towels (not microfibre) are by far the best towels. Super absorbent, quick drying, and I haven't seen any for 5 years. My old ones are still going strong but starting to wear after 7 years of constant use by the whole family. A bargain at double this price.

    • Are the ones you're referring to sold here?? 'on the link'

      • Yes. There was 3 types. Not the microfibre ones.

    • Yet no upvote? Rough

  • nice, grabbed one. On the plus side, while we cant travel now, I will have everything I need by the time we can!

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed one for gym when it starts opening!

  • +1

    I now use a sarong as a travel towel. It's lightweight, dries very quickly and soaks up a surprising amount. Oh, and it doesn't collect grass etc like the microfibre does.

  • yay towels. ain't no TP but still great to have.

  • Thanks! Think I got a couple of the last XLs.

  • Microfiber for dust removal is good. As a towel? It sucks.

    • +4

      Nice, I've been looking for a towel that sucks water.

  • What's the 'deluxe' model? For some reason Kathmandu fails to explain how it's different to the others.

  • im curious on the "odour" range

  • Nice. Good for the back of the car in case of emergency beach visit. Or at least they will be…

  • +3

    Had a look on their website. The xl deluxe is 420g while the compact is 162g. The material are both mainly polyester with nylon. Bought one of each to try.

  • Awesome, thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP! Got one!

  • Link goes to generic search for 'towel'.?

    How to find the Kathmandu ones in a sea of eBay towels?

    • I was getting this in the android app. Had to copy link and paste in browser

  • Thanks, ordered two of different sizes, won't be going anywhere for a while..

  • They bumped the price up just as i was checking out! Had to ask them to cancel my order…

  • the extra large are now $26.66
    I knew i should have just ordered it when I saw it while in bed an hour ago

  • I did the same, that will teach me to wait until I fired the computer up to claim 1% cash rewards :(

  • Yup seems like the prices have now udpated. Also their free delivery threshold is now up to $25. Can still get a pretty good bunch of stuff for that price though particularly from the clearance section

  • Can just go to their actual website too; same prices on the extra large towels, but the medium are 7c cheaper… a whole 7 cents!
    Also, 5% cashback with Cashrewards

  • Bugger was going to grab an XL for $13.4, @ $20 doesn't seem as attractive.

  • I've just realised that it has same price on Kathmandu with 5% cashback from cashrewards.
    Just for your information :)

  • These are great! Fold down to fit into a 6.5litre IKEA ziplock (I take mine to the gym/pool in one). Quick and easy to both dry you and then dry out. Bought mine a few years back when on sale

  • Deal expired: Now ranged from $19.99 to 39.99

  • Has anyone received the item yet? Ebay shows that it was never sent even after a week. And when I went to request a refund. It wasn't covered by ebay money back guarantee as it was listed under "real estate" this eBay seller has a track record of overselling in their negative feedback.

    • I just got mine in the Arvo. It was expected to deliver 2 days earlier.

    • I got mine today morning through au Post.

      • Great, looks like I'll just have to wait it out.

    • Got mine about two days ago

  • +2

    Still waitin on mine

  • Delivery was expected 14th May
    Received 28th May.
    I live in Perth

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