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Optus Prepaid Epic Value $180 SIM Kit (120GB, 365 Day Expiry) - $150 @ Optus


Seems to be a rerun of this.

New customers only, activate before 26th April 2020 Extended to 21st June 2020 16th August 2020.

  • Unlimited calls and texts
  • 120 GB data (includes 60 GB of bonus data)

Seems to be a good option to Boost or Kogan

Wonder if it stacks with the COVID 10 GB bonus

Mod Note: Extended to the 21st June 2020 16 August 2020.

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    Shame no international calls on 365 days plan.

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      Agree, boost is winner !

  • Can you keep your current number?

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      Yes, you can always keep your number.

      • Thanks. I meant current Optus number?
        In the page it states; "Transfer your number from another provider or get a new number"
        Unsure if I’m eligible since I’m already a prepaid customer.

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          It does say new customers…

        • Coming from prepaid I'm not sure, best thing to do if you can't go from Optus prepaid is to buy this then buy the catch connect $15 Sim that gives you 3 months and 54gb data, port to catch then before 3 months are up port to this new $150 Sim. Remember to use a cashback site for the catch connect Sim.

  • wait, does Optus have a Covid data bonus? I haven't seen it mentioned??

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    Can confirm you get the extra 10GB, so total of 130GB

  • Would a price beat kit from Officeworks include the bonus data? I can't see why it wouldn't.

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      Most likely as the Bonus Data comes from Optus directly.

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      Says only available online, so maybe not

    • Yes, OW price beat I bought 3 (maximum allowed). Optus site only allows 1 per customer.

      • Did you still get your double data?

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    I bought one of these about 18 months ago and they had it for $120, but only 60 Gigs of data.

  • do they still have a delay with their delivery of their SIM? I bought one last round and had to get a refund as it was taking >2weeks for the sim to be delivered

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    Just bought one, but I can’t find when I need to activate by on their website (it only says it must be bought before 26 Apr). My current Boost Mobile recharge expires on 2 May.
    Does anyone know when’s the latest I can activate by?

    • I would say activate by 20th April. I just activated mine yesterday and is still not connected. Ported from Catch Mobile…

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        Optus to Optus porting is always a problem.

    • Offer is valid when SIM is purchased online and activated by 26/4/20. Bonus 60GB data applies to first recharge only on Optus Prepaid Epic Value plan.

  • Bought two of these in late March. Delivery was very quick, but activation which involved porting a number from another Optus carrier is taking forever. Been over a week and still processing the activation order. Can't get through via phone or message app. Called multiple times but they transfer you over and over and you end up on hold for 2 hours and end up giving up. Getting any sort of help from them at this time is hopeless. Not sure I'll even get the bonus data offer as it's supposed to be activated by today but still hasn't. Can't get a refund either as it's in the middle of activation.

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      Having this same issue as well - been trying to activate my sim for more than 2 weeks now. Their porting team is based in India but have closed down due to COVID-19 and no one is available to help with porting numbers…

      • Frustrating, because I forked out $300 for a 12-month SIM for both parents that won't be activated for who knows how long. And if the team has closed down due to COVID19, all the SIMS get stuck in this activation process. Have you tried calling for a refund? I've called twice (over an hour wait which then suddenly hung up and a two hour wait which ended with close of business day).

        • Yeah that really sucks. I'm going to give it another week before I request for a refund. The best way to contact Optus is via Messenger, they usually reply within a day or two - I've also been having issues with calling them and being hung up after waiting 2+ hours.

      • Beware — Don’t buy this deal at the moment because OPTUS can’t activate your SIM, and can’t provide support. They are misleading people. The instructions on the card and their web site gives customers the impression that activation is automatic and simple, but it actually requires someone in a processing centre to activate it. However, the processing centre is shutdown because of the virus, and they don’t know when it will re-open! My activation request is now stuck in limbo-land and they are unable to provide an estimate of when the centre will be reopened!

        If you do decide to go ahead and get this deal, realize it will be excruciating.
        Do not use the online registration for the SIM card, as it will not get processed, as their processing centre is closed indefinitely.

        1. Go into an OPTUS store, or;
        2. Call the telephone support and endure the long wait time.

        I’ve spent 2x 1.5hr hours on hold (there is no call back feature!! , no email address, no web form, and the support in the OPTUS app has an error).

        • hi @Yingwee - thanks for sharing. Can I ask which network you ported from, please? Thx

          • @bukowski73: No porting, just a simple new number from Optus.
            It seems the crux of the issue is that their offshore processing centre is closed indefinitely.

        • I activated 2 online last week without any issues. Maybe I was lucky.

          Edit. New activation no porting required

        • — Finally fixed after a total of 5 hours on hold, and 3 trips to OPTUS stores.

          On Thursday 10/4/2020 the centre for activation was still shutdown, and the OPTUS prepaid call centre in the Philippines was on lockdown with only 2 people on duty.

          If you have got your online activation stuck in a queue, it won't get processed, and an OPTUS store cannot override or pull it out the queue. The only way to get it done is to get a blank PREPAID SIM card, which has a SIM card number starting with 58 (don't get a SIM card number that starts with 57 as they are for post-paid OPTUS numbers and cannot be used, hence another trip to an OPTUS store because the team member gave me the wrong SIM card type), and then call up the OPTUS help number and wait. Going to a store won't help as they can't transfer the $180 credit from the old SIM card to the new one; it can only be done via the call centre. Once you get through, they can transfer the $180 credit onto the new SIM card, and unfortunately you can't take that excellent mobile number you selected when you attempted to sign up online — you have to get a new one, and they will offer only 3 choices.

  • Has anyone had any issues in porting to Optus from a non-Optus carrier? For example, from Telstra/Boost to Optus (which is exactly my situation).

    Hopefully I haven't made a mistake in buying that $150 SIM card deal!

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      I ported from Boost. Took only about 15 minutes, but this was about 10 days ago. Not sure what it's like now with India in lockdown.

  • Has anyone successfully ported to Optus recently? I've got this prepaid SIM sitting here, just wondering if I should ask for a refund or try the activation process.

    Current Catch Connect plan runs out 25 April.

    If I do start the activation process and it doesn't work before my current plan runs out, I'm worried my service will be in limbo and I won't be able to connect to an alternative either…

    • I was just ported over this morning from a different service provider after waiting 2.5 weeks, so I assume their porting team (or parts of their team) are back online.

      • Thanks for posting.

        That's odd, considering the optus rep said no ports are happening at the moment (see my post below)

        From which provider were you porting, and did you go through any process with optus or did you just start activation and then wait?

        • I was porting from MooseMobile. I talked to Optus through their chats, on the phone and through Messenger and got the same responses each time. But it suddenly got through yesterday morning.

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    Hello People.

    Anyone has had luck with their activation yet? I was almost going to buy it but for some reason decided to read the comments.
    Any other good alternatives in the market with similar data and price?


    • Just confirmed that you can go to nearby Optus store and get the sim activated straight away. Stores in Sydney are open.

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        activated and ported?

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          yeh that's the thing.

          they may be able to activate a new SIM on the spot, but can you port in from another provider?

          Answer: you currently can't, according to this Optus forum post: https://yescrowd.optus.com.au/t5/Mobile/Optus-prepaid-sim-activation/m-p/606577

          So why are they still selling these, especially with a bonus offer??!

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            @andresampras: This from the Optus forums (click on 'Mobile'):

            Porting your service

            Call: You can call 133 937 for our IVR between 8am and 7pm (Mon-Fri) you will need to select option 1 for mobile. Once selected press 2 for general enquiries.

            For customers porting their number from an external carrier i.e. Telstra or Vodafone, ports will be processed within our standard porting time-frame (3-4 hours).

            If you haven't heard back from us after placing your port-in order from an external carrier, you will need to contact us to confirm the status of the port.

            Please note: Any same carrier ports (third-party carriers that also run on the Optus network i.e. AmaySIM) are experiencing major delays, we currently have a back office team going through back logs of these requests however there is no ETA.

            For customers transferring their service from Virgin Mobile; there is a delay, but we're working hard to get through the back-log.

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              @andresampras: Update for anyone interested: I'd sent Optus an online complaint last week. Got a call yesterday, so I explained my problem once more. She recommended to stick with my current provider (Catch) for now, because ports will only START happening on 23rd April.

              Now to wait for a callback re. the refund - she said a refund to my card would take a while, OR I could ask someone else with an Optus account if the refund could be processed to their account. I can't be arsed doing that, so I'ma wait.

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    Does anyone know if this deal provides access to Optus' 5G network? I could not see a Boost style restriction that limits it to 3G and 4G networks.

  • Does anyone know what I can do,
    I am wanting to purchase this prepaid plan, However I currently have an optus mobile service.
    What should I do, And is it possible by porting out onto a $2 (Telstra) sim then porting back onto this plan ?

    • Yes, other members have always said it's less hassle if you port from a different network.

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        ok cool thanks, I will buy a $2 sim, And then port my number to that, then port back to this optus prepaid plan

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    I have sent Optus a Direct Message on Twitter, but no answer. If they dont get back to me soon I think I will refer to the Ombdusman, as they would have advertised a product (SIM and porting) which they cannot provide to the public (at least for the number porting bit)

  • fyi , some area speed is 1-2Mbps (peak time 8am-5pm) and if you working from home (VPN), I was told by optus technical support that they will not support if you use VPN connection. The problem is not the VPN connection, it is the 0.5-1Mbps connection speed. Try watching youtube with this speed :(

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    Hi all, after 2.5 weeks, my number has finally been ported over and activated under this deal this morning. All the best.

    • Which network did you port from, please?

      • MooseMobile

        • Why am I seeing this reference of MooseMobile? are they not a decent company?

          I am considering moving over to them since I am not eligible for this offer with optus as I am currently with them. The news of porting delays is putting me off though.

          • @kunfushun: Sorry, only just saw your post. Moose are fine - I had no issues whatsoever during my two plus years with them. I made the move to Optus because of this deal. It was on Optus' end that the transfer was delayed.

  • Took the gamble and purchased it from Optus through Amazon for $116.37 - they only had a couple left in stock so not worth posting as a new deal. Also, I will have to check once activated to see if I obtain the double data.

    • Double data is from Optus online store only.

  • what a great offer! I hope you get the double-data for sure! :-)

  • Update: I ported myself from Boost/Telstra and it took less than 5 minutes, so perhaps the issues by other users above only apply if you port from other Optus carriers??
    I havent got the double data showing in my account yet, but a helpful Optus chat operator told me it should appear within 24 hours.

  • Optus being Optus again… double-data offer still not showing on my account, despite many frustrating web-chats..
    I had forgotten how crap their customer service was - I have lodged a complaint with the Ombudsman anyway, that usually sort things out in the end..

  • This could be a great way to score Optus sport for $5/mth saving $10/mth

  • Was able to port from Boost/Telstra to Optus last Wednesday and it took about an hour. Tried to do it again with my dad's phone and hasn't gone through and apparently will take up to a week. So frustrating.

  • Thanks OP. Got one. Catch Connect plan coming to an end so I've bit the bullet. Will report back re: porting experience but expecting the worst given the above comments… :-(

    • Catchconnect is Optus. Porting from Optus third party to Optus is hassle. I advise to port to a $2 Telstra Sim 1st than port to this deal if you want to keep your number.

      • … and it's begun. It didn't port within 1 day so I contacted Optus (via iOS My Optus app > Message Us) who could only tell me the porting request was in an "error" state & I'll have to get on the phone with their prepaid team to resolve it :/

        • Hey how did you go with the porting? I am currently with catch and thinking of signing up to this deal. Was it smooth sailing?

          • @first in line: It went through in the end the next day without me having to call them… 🤷🏻‍♂️

      • Since there are delays porting to Optus. Would there also be delays porting out? Considering on moving to boost mobile (or is this a bad idea? would I be downgrading on reception/support service moving from optus to boostmobile?).

  • Noob question - if I'm buying this for my mum, can I put my personal details at checkout and her details during activation, or do they need to match up?

    • +1

      Yep you can do that: postal delivery details vs activation details = two different things. You can enter her details later via https://www.optus.com.au/activate (under "2. YOUR DETAILS").

  • If you prefer to buy in person, this is in the latest Big W catalogue (also for $150)

  • No more double data on this, so a measly 60/70GB. No longer a deal.

  • finally got ported from Catch on 02/05/2020. It takes 30 days…it is 120 GB still.

    • Dam that is long time to be ported, dafark?

      • They are back to work now so i assume all good with this deal

  • Does anyone know if the backlog has been sorted out now? Thinking of signing up to this deal but I am from Catch Connect which uses the Optus network so I could be facing long delays in porting.

  • Porting issues, customer service and reception aside, this seems like a really good deal.
    I wonder why it's not as popular as there doesn't seem to be any current comparable offers.

  • Porting issues resolved yet? I am thinking of putting an order through soon

    • Porting from Telstra took literally 2 minutes. I just did it. However to get the sim delivered took over a week.

      • I'm porting over from Catch (Optus Network) to Optus which many people have reported long delays

        • Same issue, buts i think its because optus "needs a CID", which catch doesn't provide for prepaid services or maybe for Optus-Optus ports. So better ring up.

          My experience with Optus, is that they are a joke. Seriously avoid this. I regret 100%.

          My experience with their chat:

          "I appreciate your patience. I just had a conversation with our porting team and found that the porting sim can be activated however, the catch connect team gets closed at 4 Pm AEST and due to which this cannot be activated at the moment. We actually need code called CID number. Then we can activate the porting in sim. As they are closed for today, we won't be able to call them for CID. So I would request you to please get in touch with us tomorrow morning. So we can call them and get it activated soon. Or, you can just dial 133937 tomorrow morning to get it done."

          Don't know about this, when I ported from Catch to Boost for another number, they did it at like 6, and I was on the phone to Boost to manually port as well.

          "18:00, Jun 2:

          I have just called to our Porting team to process the activation, however the team is closed for the day."

          Their website says 8am-8pm (which is already worse then any other telco I'be been with, I think optus doesn't automate it). I got through the line to the Porting team at 6:15 but then was hung up on. So dont think the team was closed.

    • Decided to buy a $2 Telstra SIM first. Ported from original Optus to Telstra and now porting from Telstra to this Optus SIM. Supposed to take 15mins to 4hours, but it's been over 4 business days. Currently stuck with wifi-only Telstra SIM until this Optus SIM activates. Contacted Optus, but after 2 different transfers and 2 hours, their shifts finished and couldn't even get an update. Seems to be okay for most, but for some reason, I have not had a single good experience with Optus this year and their contacting process is very inefficient and slow (tried porting 3 times this year)

      • oh man, I already purchase my sim and it's waiting to be activated. I don't want to go through the painful process of porting my number over :(

      • Have you managed to port back in yet? I am interested in this deal but am currently on an optus plan and don't want to port out and wait weeks.

        • Hey I ported over yesterday. It was really quick and simple and done in a matter of minutes.

  • Can one get an esim for this $150 plan?

    • Nope, Optus doesn't support esim on its prepaid plans

  • Any chance this gets extended again? My current plan finishes at the end of August

  • Does the bonus data end on the 21/06/2020 or does it remain for the full 365 days?

    • +1

      I believe the full 365 days. I can see it included under "MyData Bonus" in the My Optus iOS app and it says 309 days left for me 👍🏻

  • +2

    Sweet, it looks like this has been extended to the 16th of August now?


    • Awesome news for me. Thanks for the heads up

  • thanks OP. extended to 16/08/2020…forgot to grab it on the weekend and parents hounding me for it…phew!

    • Me too. Bought on Friday was bit worried. Between Wifi at work and home, barely need much data!

      Great deal thanks OP