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Spotlight 30% off Storewide for 48 Hrs (E.g. Sodaking Gas Refill $14 Was $20)


Spotlight are doing another 30% off storewide sale until Tuesday (some exclusions, T&Cs below), which is a good time to get Sodaking refills/gas canisters/bottles etc.

The discount appears in-cart.

Sodaking gas refill (compatible with Sodastream machines) - $14 was $20

Sodaking bottle twin pack - $9.80 was $14


Excludes Everyday Bargains, Hot Buys, Gift Cards, existing Lay-bys, cut back service, Delivery Fees, existing Made To Measure orders and payments, Made To Measure Freemake & Motorized Tracks, All Craft Machines (Craft Machines include all Cricut Machines, Brother Paper Craft Machines, Die Cutting machines, Foil Transfer Machines & Candle Making Machines). Styles, colours and sizes will vary by store and online. Not in conjunction with any other offer. While Stocks Last.

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    Do they fit sodastream!

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      Yeah, all sodaking bits and bobs fit sodastream machines - source, me (I have a sodastream machine)

      • Thanks tycho

  • Yes they do

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    Shit, the race is now on to try and use up the rest of my cylinder within 48 hours so I can get it refilled :p

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      do yourself a Bubble Bath …? all done in minutes.

      • +10

        I do my bubble baths in a slightly different, eco-friendly and more traditional way.

        Wife doesn't always like them though.

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          Reminds me of Rotorua NZ

  • How do you refil these? Do you swap them when you buy new ones like sodastream?

    • Sure do.

      • Just take them to spotlight and get discounted bottles when you trade your old one in?

        • so can I take a sodastream gas bottle and swap for this one in the store? for $14 ?

          • @Omarko: I swap sodastream into JB for I think $24.

            I was trying to confirm if I can take sodaking bottles into spotlight to trade for new ones with a discounted price like sodastream does.

            • @onlinepred: They don't accept sodastream for exchange. I got handballed 3x around the store, to find it out. In the end, I bought a new sodaking bottle, and exchanged my sodastream at a united petrol station.

              Why: turns out new sodastream bottles are a dick to DIY refill from 6kg kegland.

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    this is SODAmn good !

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    Riiight… Storewide, except most things already HAD 50% off for VIP prising.. Now that has gone and replaced by 30%… Geez…

    As an example, I need some blinds which are usually $110 with VIP pricing, now it is $220 with 30% off…

    • +3

      Was in there yesterday and didn't notice much 50% for VIPs, quite a bit of 40% and 25% off.

      The thing is, their normal pricing is normally so high that a 50% off is equivalent to only 15-25% off anyway.

      They were doing good business though, much busier than a normal Sunday, and stock of certain things was very low (kids crafts, some materials, particularly fleece)

    • The VIP pricing overrides the 30% off store-wide sale. I know because I bought some blinds today and 50% was taken off the price at the till.

    • Last I looked at blinds they were $40 and $55 respectively. Last sale was just like this one, same price. I guess if you need it now, then it is still good. I'll wait.

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    Does anyone know the the Soda King cylinder valves are like the old or new Soda Stream valves?


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      Old style. Win!

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    No click and collect? Shipping beats the discount

    • -1

      yep, and also GST is not included in the price and get added to your total during checkout :(

      • GST should be included in the price? E.G Sodaking Bottle is $14 x 0.7 = $9.80. Then $11.99 shipping is added on, both include GST at checkout.

        • The bottles are on sale for $8 from Big W right now
          The 1 litre twin packs are $10 from there as well

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            @Porthos: I wasn't commenting on the price of the item or how good it was, I was using it as an example to show that GST is included, not excluded…

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              @doweyy: I realise that, but your comment listed the price of the bottles so figured more people would see it rather than being a standalone comment that the bottles are available cheaper elsewhere.

        • sorry, i meant on the site itself. I was planning on buying something else on the sale, and the price seemed quite good, but during checkout i was surprised the price went up because GST and shipping and ended not buying anything.

      • Just had a look at the website because I found this very very unusual to not include GST in the price and it certainly is included, when you add something to your cart it even says includes GST at the top.

  • Are they OK with swapping a Sodastream branded cylinder for the Sodaking one?

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      I have done that before. But not vice versa though, Coles won't take the King's bottles

    • -1

      3 different staff members looked at me, like I was an alien. And advised not-only do they not accept sodastream… They wonder if they ever did (so, wth was I thinking, kind gist). Bah, they've got blinkers.

  • Good timing- needs some new curtains

    • I used the 40% one that was floating around for new members. worked a treat!

  • Any decent pillow deals anyone can recommend?

  • I love to go sodaking

  • This deal for the 2.6kg CO2 is now back in stock, combined with the filling adaptor for the bottles should come to under $100 delivered. A fair bit to pay out but does pay itself off relatively quickly after a few refills (although does depend how much you use).

    • Ive got the refill setup at the moment. waiting for the hose to connect directly to the tank. I found that after so many fills the sodastream bottles dont fill up properly even with the bottle in the freezer. i also get leaks from my sodastream bottle as well, kinda seems like the pusher gets freezed over and locks open.

      • +2

        True, it's not a perfect setup but still works out a lot cheaper than having to take it somewhere to exchange it. Much more convenient to just fill it up as you need to at home, especially with how the world is currently.

  • Thanks op, have been holding out for this. Got some blinds on clearance, with an additional 30% off. Brilliant!

  • Is this in store also?