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Bauhn 65" 4K Ultra HD TV $529 @ ALDI


Just saw this deal in the Aldi brochure. Very good price for a 65" TV and, of course, Aldi's generous returns policy if you don't like it.

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  • Noob question. Is it android based?

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      According to their site, yes

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        It isn't according to their specs page and no mention of it in their manual. This TV is pretty much the same as the Linsar one that TGG are selling. Even the manuals are the same.

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          Well spotted👍
          Aldi just have suppliers rebrand other manufacturers cheap products with Aldi's Bauhn trademark.

          So wasn't surprised they are the same TV as Linsar, as Aldi have the same Australian supplier Tempo.
          Linsar brand was acquired by Tempo international in June 2016
          (Long ago, I was contacted by Tempo to try to improve their products supplied to Aldi. I declined!)

          • @the INFIDEL: The Linsar one is currently $595 @ TGG too. Pay with 5% discounted gift cards and possibly 2.5% cashback from ShopBack but the Aldi one will still be cheaper :)

            And yes I remember you talking about the smart battery charger @ Aldi :)

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              @CVonC: Yes - you, me & Aldi!
              Their new marketing slogan😉

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          The TV has terrible reviews at ProductReview, under the Devanti name. It's the same model number as the Linsar TV.

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            @rogerm22: The model number of the Devanti 65" is the same as the Linsar TV.

            ProductReview gets a lot of disgruntled buyers, who complain there rather than to the supplier or retailer.

            Many of the issues relate to apps & operation, which have been updated & software updated.

            Picture quality is not great for the $1000 price some paid - But seen more suited to the Aldi price point.

            Sound quality was seen as just ok, add to be expected at this price.

            Tempo responded & assisted in complaints. (Tempo & I have had long discussions about complaints - lacking specific details to resolve issues & often related to a customer's ability to set the product up correctly & expectations for a budget product.)

            Reviews like
            3star I can’t work out how to work screencast app…
            Dissapointed Stan doesn’t have an app on it.

            says more about the buyer & their expectations than this budget TV.
            Tempo responded & tried to help.

            1star Youtube was working fine but they were sending us a warning that that version of youtube would no longer be available.
            They gave up, bought another TV, then found their TV automatically received an update.

            1star i have problem to conect the internet
            the picture is very poor quality
            I just want my refund

            2star It's picture quality isn't what it should be
            and it's very difficult to use.
            It doesn't do anything I need it to.

            This could just be a problem that the TV hasn't been set up correctly to improve picture quality. And people get used to the controls on their previous TV.

            2star I cannot find an retailer to replace a lost remote control.
            I also can not update my apps.
            The sound quality is not great, the picture quality is acceptable but not incredible.

            Others gave low reviews for not updating the apps. Tempo released software to address these early problem.

            1star The picture quality of this tv is extremely poor. If it sold for around $500 it might be an option. It is overpriced and nowhere delivers on its advertised capabilities.
            So the Aldi price seems appropriate.

            There was a 5 star review.

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              @the INFIDEL: I guess then it's everything you can expect from a cheap TV and not garbage. I've got a couple of cheap TVs that has been working fine for many years with heavy use.

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            @rogerm22: Not really "terrible reviews".

            Most related to apps, software, user set up, & user expectations. Most were resolved.

            The lowest ratings were for software (updated) & value for money (this Deal is a considerable drop in price)

            Imagine paying…$1,555.99 WAS $2,520.99 !!

            This budget TV should have updated apps & software installed.
            Picture & sound quality won't be the most amazing, but should be reasonable at this price.

            If not happy - lug it back for a refund within 60 days😉

            • @the INFIDEL: Let’s get one thing straight, ain’t no body paying 1500 for this lol, they could go to any store and find a name brand for 1500, hell now that I look at it, it would have been a good idea to pick up the Samsung ru7100 65 for 800 December time deals, sure this is cheaper but the Samsung is most definitely the better picture for a little more

              • @striker5950: Well this Bauhn is a different TV to the dearer ones discussed above. It was suggested by others they are the same.

                We now know this Bauhn is lacking smart features like apps & WiFi. Not surprising that those TV with better features were dearer!

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      Who cares. Get a vodafone box. Or. Shield. Better user experience.

      • Some people prefer it built in.

        Does Vodafone box have auto resolution switching? More applicable to TVs that have in-built upscaling.

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        My thinking as well.

        If you pair a chromecast with this on top of a upgraded soundbar,Surely this would be better than 90% of the TVs out there if you are just watching live TV and YouTube no? At this price point you could get a great soundbar I'm thinking.

        Android TV, WEBOS, Tizan and other TV platforms still don't offer a better experience than just casting from the mobile app on your mobile when compared to using TV apps.

        TV appears to have hdmi arc and cec so can upgrade remote and use one cable to the soundbar.

        Any thoughts?

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      Its not a smart tv from what I can gather.

      • guys a vodaphone box for 70 bucks is the solution, its pretty damn good, my only concern and idk if this is my galaxy buds issues, when i connect them to the vodaphone box, and i start watching netflix, the audio 7 out of 10 times becomes out of sync. i dont know if this is a galaxy buds issue or my vodaphone tv box issue or my old ass 1080p lcd sony tv

  • But you're not nocure

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    Dont waste you money. Cheap quality.

    • Wonder how bad the picture quality can be haha it is super cheap

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        Image quality isn't that bad if it's 4k. But usage regarding netflix or YouTube will be painfully crappy.

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          But usage regarding netflix or YouTube will be painfully crappy.

          I'm not sure I follow. This is a dumb TV according to the comments and specs link above. Netflix or YouTube is going to be usually streamed via something like chromecast or by a HDMI connection, so why is that going to be painfully crappy?

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            @CocaKoala: Not dumb. It's only smart but not Android smart meaning it has its own Netflix and YT apps built in. But they're not as good.

            • @CVonC: The Netflix app on my TV doesn't autoplay like the version on the mibox (truly annoying 'feature'). Other than that they seem the same.

            • @CVonC: If the inbuilt apps are not up to the mark, we could simply stream either content via Chromecast.

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            @CocaKoala: Anything less than 4K stream, like 1080p/480p free-to-air & 1080p Netflix, this TV has to upscale. And this TVs scaler is kind of rubbish by all accounts.

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              @ajm: In that case, it would have been meaningful for the other person to say something like "the upscaling is rubbish with this TV".

              However, saying "streaming from NetFlix or YouTube is going to be painfully crappy" is still meaningless, because I could stream 4K content from either of these platforms via Chromecast Ultra, which should just be fine as it would be with any other TV.

              • @CocaKoala: Ok, how about this.

                If you also buy a 4k streaming device, and if you only watch 4k streams, then this TV should look quite good. For all other uses it's kind of rubbish.


      • I believe the reviews mentioned that pictures quality during high intensity gets blurry and shadowed, almost painful to watch..

        Be good for a kid room but if you are running 4k and trying to frag, you going to be dying a lot.

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      Yes, indeed the cheap $529 TV is cheap quality.

      What are people expecting?

      Frankly these things go pretty good - I just wouldn't buy one as my main viewer.

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      But it's only a little over 1x coronavirus stimulus payment. Practically pays for itself.

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        the economic support payment was $750

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      Have you seen this in action? Besides a poor EPG I can't fault them for the price.

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        Isn’t a TV a big investment for people? It’s not like you go out and buy one once a month. Invest in something decent and you’ll enjoy awesome picture quality for years.

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          Depends on your use. I've seen one in action via STB and streaming services. As a second room TV or someone who isn't a 'power' user I wouldn't hesitate to pick one up. Have not seen 4K in action but HD sports (when they use to be televised) and general viewing were excellent. Funnily enough I'm going to the house tomorrow so I'll stream a YouTube 4K video and report back.

          • +1

            @Pootie Tang:

            I'm going to the house tomorrow so I'll stream a YouTube 4K video and report back.

            Stream it live so we can watch as your nuclear shadow gets burned into the wall.

    • hows it rate to a kogan? same shit?

  • +6

    Have been using a Bauhn tv for over two years

    Apart from the fact that it takes about a minute to initialise, I'm pretty happy with my purchase.

    I have no other tv to compare

    On another note OP any chance of posting the entire catalogue

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    These tvs are awesome. Especially with fetch tv mighty or uhd Chromecast, into an amp/speakers. I don't know why anyone would want more? Mines still going after 2 years. Good to know it's now half price.

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      Is it better than a oled?

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        Than the one on an Apple Watch? Yeah it is.

      • +8

        Honestly, what do you think?

        That said, this is sub $600 for a 65inch 4K set. Equivalent OLED would be somewhere near $3k.

        • I didn't think OLED was this cheap, but I was wrong. Cheapest 65" OLED TV at Harvey Norman is HiSense for $2495. A couple of LG & Panasonic OLED TVs are on clearance for just under $3k. There is an LG at standard price of $3995, so on sale of $3k is not unrealistic.

          • @mathew42: LG 65" B9 has been on sale for around $2400 a couple of times.

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      how is the hdr on it, are the blacks really black and bright parts blindingly bright, even if they are on the screen at the same time?

      • -1

        Considering it's not an OLED the blacks aren't going to be black.

        • +1

          The blacks on my Hisense Series 7 with zoned led lighting can make pretty black blacks, even if there is a bright fire on the corner of the screen.

          • @AustriaBargain: This is what I've been trying to figure out at the moment, looking at my 6 year old LED Samsung to a modern Samsung QLED is ridiculous in difference, picture is so much better.

            I've got a chromecast/PC/speaker system on my TV, I just want to shell out for the best image quality possible at a reasonable price. Bloody near impossible to figure out where that sweet spot lies though.

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    I've had it for 2 years, noticed some screen darkness.
    Recently my mate bought an LG, $1500 on sale and the picture is 10x better.

    However I paid $599 2 years ago, I would think a Hisense around $700+ is a huge improvement tho.

    • +1

      Aldi rebrand different manufacturers generic products with Aldi's own Bauhn trademark.

      So can't go by experience with previous models!

      This model is ATV65UHD-0420
      That is it is an Aldi 65" UHD TV rebranded for the April 2020 sale.

      • Exactly, very few if any companies actually manufacture their own products.

        They buy the unit off various OEMs with slight variation and stick their logo on it.

  • +2

    I have one of these. Not going to get carried away and say its a great smart TV - not very smart. Decent TV - good image quality. Don't let the price fool you - the TV doesn't have any built-in speakers at all. Yes, no speakers so you will have you get your own sound system/soundbar which can cost another $100-$300. Just a warning.

    • +5

      What sort of a TV doesn’t have speakers????

      • +2

        It had speakers, they're just horrible lol

    • the TV doesn't have any built-in speakers at all. Yes, no speakers so you will have you get your own sound system/soundbar which can cost another $100-$300

      If it's this one:

      then it appears it does have internal speakers?

      If I got the wrong model then I find it difficult to believe a tv with a tuner wouldn't have speakers, maybe a computer monitor wouldn't have any.

      Are you sure? Or are you being sarcastic cos they're shit? Best be clear as this would put a lot of people, including me, off if you're right.

      • +3

        Ignore the comment - it has nothing to do with this model yet to be released!
        Like most cheap TVs, the speakers are usually crap, but there are speakers.

    • +1

      How? This model ATV65UHD-0420 hasn't been released yet!

      The last 4 digits of Aldi model numbers are the sale date - April 2020!

      You're discussing a different previous model.

  • -2

    Only a 12 month warranty. If that's all the faith they have it in, stay away.

    Better a slightly smaller TV with smarts and decent warranty if your budget is tight.

    • +5

      Consumer rights give you longer than 12 months

    • +2

      going 4 years strong without an issue..

    • +3

      This has a 12 month warranty, $5k a month warranty with a free tv

  • +16

    I have had this since 2016. 65" 4k and still going strong. Visitors cant tell the difference as the picture quality is great.

    This is what I did:

    • Paired it with a decent sound bar
    • Connected Apple TV
    • Most importantly tuned the advanced (service menu) settings to modify parameters that are not normally available as part of basic settings (color, contrast etc). All the information you need is here (Just search for "Advanced" and you will get to the right comments and section).

    I have not missed having a expensive TV as changing advanced settings makes a real difference. If you do not want to change those, then this TV is very average and I will not buy it (changing advanced settings is not that hard).

    • +4

      Sounds like polishing a turd to me.

    • +1

      yep, did the same thing except I paired mine with an android box. In my case it was a Xiaomi TV! Works amazingly to be honest. Best bang for buck by a margin. Admittedly not as bright as a Hinsense or Sammy but it gets the job done.

    • +1

      sounds like a decent tv. the kogan tv ive got, the remote broke and kogan doesnt sell a replacement and no universal remotes connect to it. i'd be willing to spend $529 to fix this issue lmao. ive got an apple tv so the stock android bloated tv wouldnt be an issue, its more the picture quality and if its similar or better than my kogan 50"

      • Logitech remotes don't work with the Kogan? My (old) Kogan tv works fine with a Logitech universal remote

        • i emailed kogan support about it with my model number and they said none of their universal remotes would work with it and they couldnt supply a replacement remote

          • @HKS: i have the exact same problem with my remote breaking
            fairly sure it might be possible to solder a new capacitor into the remote and it might work if you can be bothered trying that

            Kogan tv going on 8 years now
            great tv

    • +1

      Different model!
      This model is ATV65UHD-0420

      All Aldi 65" TVs are branded the same ATV65UHD-sales date, but each model may be VERY different!

      That is it a generic 65" UHV TV rebranded for the April 2020 sale.

    • You talking about these? If it's a different model, these settings wouldn't be available.

      TV Menu:
      Contrast: 60
      Brightness: 40
      Saturation: 60 (55 might be suitable for some people)
      Tint: 50
      Sharpness: 35
      Colour Temp: Cold
      Noise Reduction: off

      Menu 1147 (Service Menu)—> Panel Setting:
      Backlight: 30

      Menu 1147 (Service Menu)—> Picture Setting
      Gamma: Default
      DLC: off

      Menu 1147 (Service Menu)—> Picture Setting —> PQ Advanced
      NR setting: off
      Peaking setting:off

  • +8

    Registered just to post this comment

    The Baunh TV units are great, affordable and are the generic go-to.
    I've owned one for over 6 years. (65") and recently picked up the 50" Linsar bargain for the bedroom.

    With my large exposure to Samsung RUH series and other TV's from Airbnb stays such as Hisense or alternatives, the biggest question is what will YOU be using it for? and can you afford to pay a justifiable amount for a better grade panel found in Sony/LG/Samsung.

    Just keep in mind any content below 1080p HD WILL look grainy however paired with a Chromecast or AppleTV it's a great all year round offering that returns quite frequently.

    Can't wait for some OLED to hit mainstream prices.

  • DLNA or Plex support?

    "usage regarding netflix or YouTube will be painfully crappy."
    Comparing to? In what aspect?

    "it takes about a minute to initialise"
    Is it "smart" then? dumb TV can't take a minute to start.

    How it compares to FFalcon?

    • smart =/= fast

  • +2

    Makes a great monitor. I am using a 65" 4K SONIQ and is great for budgets. I can see columns from A to BC.

    • +6


    • I can do the same on a 34" Ultrawide.

  • +2

    Tried and returned, terrible picture quality.

    • Did you try advanced mode?

      • Tried prebuilt options but not manual one.

    • +6

      How? This model ATV65UHD-0420 hasn't been released yet!

  • Is there a smaller one available? Looking for 40-55 inch for the bedroom.

    • There's a 32" in the catalogue. That's it.

    • -1

      My wife is happy with 6"

  • Any chance this is good for gaming?

    • For future gen consoles you want something with HDMI 2.1 and eARC.

      For current gen you want something with minimal lag, I'm not sure about this set.

  • Only downside is 1yr warranty.

  • -1

    Not sure if their refund policy currently would cover with the corona going on.

  • +1

    I got both the Bauhn and Linsar 65" TVs. I'm very happy with both. The Linsar TV was an even better OzBargain as I got it for free as part of the Good Guys Concierge offer to keep the TV if you review it.

    • are they the same?

    • +1

      I got it for free as part of the Good Guys Concierge offer to keep the TV if you review it.

      what…. that's awesome!

  • +1

    I'm happy enough with the ~2yo Bauhn 60" in the rumpus room. A little effort with picture setup goes a long way and some external speakers are a must.

    Anyone dissing it should at least suggest a similar price alternative.

  • Any idea how these TVs stack up with the cheap Soniq ones? e.g.

    Hard to get any detail on them…

    • Soniq seems to have more inputs.

  • +4

    Aldi rebrand different manufacturers cheap generic products with Aldi's own Bauhn trademark.

    So can't go by experience with previous models! Others experiences may be VERY different using different older models.

    This model is the ATV65UHD-0420
    That is it is an Aldi TV 65" UHD - some manufacturer's generic model rebranded for the 04 2020 sale.

    This model hasn't been released yet.

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