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5L Bulk Hand Sanitizer - WHO Formula - $289.99 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Like the other 'deals' posted about sanitisers, toilet paper, cleaning liquids, etc this is available and in stock 😷

Might be handy for anyone who wants to buy a bit for their family, work etc

Note - this is liquid not a gel


This hand sanitizer has been made as per the formulation advised by the World Health Organisation.

Each 1L contains:
Ethanol 96% v/v: 833.3 ml
Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 3%: 41.7 ml
Glycerol 98%: 14.5 ml
Distilled Water: 110.5ml
This Package Includes:
5L Hand Sanitiser in Bottle

For formulation references, please refer to World Health Organisation publications.
This formula has no added scent or perfume, which means that the smell will be as per the original smells of the composition ingredients.
The high content of Alcohol in this formulation means that this hand sanitiser is highly liquid and will not be the same as a lower alcohol concentration hand sanitiser gel. It will be liquid.

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