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Crucial MX500 2TB 2.5″ SATA SSD $340 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay

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  • +21 votes

    Not behd, good soize.

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    I don't want 15% off 75 sellere
    I want 75% off 15 sellers! and ability to choose the sellers

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      BX500 are DRAM-less
      The MX500's provide proper SSD performance so no worries here

      Taken from a reddit comment: 'DRAM-less SSDs have lower endurance due to the map of data addresses being stored on the NAND itself. This results in small, but very frequent, data writes that add up to reduce lifespan.'

      • -3 votes

        Yeah they're low end for sure, but my point was that we're experiencing performance degraded to the point they can't be used as a boot drive on a low end computer. Obviously some sort of quality control issue.


          I had the same problem. Using them as a steam drive now and they last much longer before performance degrades, and when it does I can just copy my steam folder to another disk and format the bx500 then copy the steam folder back.

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          Exactly as steve231 said, that’s not an issue with Crucial specifically that’s an issue with all DRAM-less SSDs regardless of the brand. They’re not suitable for OS install with multiple read-writes of small files. Try this with any DRAM-less drive and you’re likely to have the same problem.

          These MX drives are a very different product and you’ll have a very different experience.

          My advice is to take the BX back and exchange it for something with a DRAM cache.

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      I wouldn't touch crucial.

      I would.

      The top three largest semiconductor companies in the world that manufacture SSDs are Intel, Samsung and Micron (owner of Crucial, which is their consumer division) and they are the only SSD OEMs that manufacture their proprietary NAND and storage controllers at their own fabrication plants, where they have full oversight of the QA process.

      Everyone else is just re-badging other manufacturer's NAND flash and storage controllers and modifying them with custom firmware.

      I used a bunch of their BX500s

      There's your problem. Buy the MX500s instead. Each generation of Crucial SSDs always has a budget-oriented model (BX500) and a mainstream/performance-oriented model (MX500).

      There have been plenty of lower-end Intel SSDs that had terrible performance too; it doesn't mean Intel is a poor SSD manufacturer, it simply means you need to know what you're buying and what the intended use case of that product is.

      As an IT MSP, I've seen hundreds of Micron/Crucial SSDs in the field since the Micron RealSSD C400 series, all the way through to the M500s, M550s, MX500s and P1s.

      I have yet to see a single Crucial SSD fail and the MX500 series was the first line of non-Samsung SSDs in about 5 years that challenged their position as the fastest SSD manufacturer.

      I'm using several Crucial SSDs at home myself (M500 480GB, M550 512GB and an MX500 1TB) and the performance has been fantastic, even when the drives have been running at close to capacity. The older M500 and M550 only have around 1-4% on the Percent Lifetime Used SMART attribute, despite having power-on hours counts of several years.

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    I was in the market for an SSD to replace the HDD in my 2014 MacMini (Plex server) which was averaging 10MB/s read/write. That was until last weekend I tried rolling back to Yosemite (2014), and amazingly the HDD is back to 90MB/s read/write. Take that, planned obsolescence!!


      That would be enough for me to never touch Mac's again!


      did you reformat from hfs to APFS or back? APFS is designed to be optimised for SSDs eg. https://bombich.com/blog/2019/09/12/analysis-apfs-enumeratio...


        I had been using a USB stick with High Sierra on it (APFS), and the HDD wiped as my media drive (OS Extended).
        Everything is much faster now that i've rolled back to Yosemite on the original HDD (no AFPS support that I'm aware).
        Updates now disabled :-)

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      That was until last weekend I tried rolling back to Yosemite (2014)

      Newer Apple OS versions deliberately crippling the performance of legacy hardware?

      That's unheard of.

      my 2014 MacMini

      There's your problem.

      Buy a Windows PC next time.

      Take that, planned obsolescence!!

      You're not sticking it to the man by continuing to use their sh*tty products.
      Vote with your wallet and don'y but Apple products again.

      Also, I hope you don't discover a good number of Apple Store apps now fail to install on your older version of Mac OS because Apple loves to punish users who stay on older versions by removing app support for them.

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        Buy a Windows PC next time.

        No, I’m sticking it to the man by not buying a replacement product.


      APFS does lots more seeks than HFS+ when scanning file metadata, so yep, spinning media drives can spend most of their time moving heads around rather than moving data.
      But apparently you can upgrade/install High Sierra without converting to APFS:


    How does Crucial compare to Samsung Evo? Looking to replace my main HDD.


    I have a Dell Latitude E7440 laptop, will this fit into it?

    I've checked but not too sure.

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    Futu are still overprices in a lot of their items that it is not a 15% saving compared with other stores. Although this particular item is $30 lower than the lowest price I found elsewhere.


    I bought both Samsung SSD 860 and Crucial MX500. Samsung is way more faster loading games on my PS4 Pro.


    Being back good pc parts deals. Damn Aussie dollar.

  • -2 votes

    You could get 2TB NVME drives for $360 ish late last year pre covid.

    $340 for SATA is a bit meh.

    If one desperately needs 2Tb then sure but hold off til after covid has settled down if just an 'upgrade' and not a necessity.

  • -1 vote

    last 3 crucial mx ssd'd I bought all died. Samsung are worth the extra $'s.

    • +1 vote

      That's worrying. In what way did they die? Just stopped, over heated or got too slow?


      Thanks, very tempted to get this deal for my new laptop but also worrying about the reliability for this particular model compared to the samsung evo 860's - which are alot more expensive now (should have jumped when they hit $150 last year).

      If you don't mind sharing, What were the circumstances under which your crucial mx ssd's died?

    • +2 votes

      Well allow me to take a giant grain of salt with your incredibly vague anecdote there.

      Define "died" and give us some specifics as to which models (SATA or M.2 and what capacity), which batches (were these serial numbers all from the same batch?), how far along into their lifespan these issues occurred, what exactly was the cause (storage controller, NAND, firmware, reallocated sectors, etc) and what you tried to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue (updating the firmware, reformatting, testing in a different PC, etc).

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    I've been waiting for 2 months to get a failed 2TB Samsung 850 PRO (not EVO) sorted out… not impressed with Samsung warranty process at the moment.

    1) They had no replacement in stock (fine, I get it, pandemic, etc)
    2) They offered a refund and somehow that is taking 1.5 months+

    Might take my refund dollars (if they ever show up) to Crucial.