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Lenovo ThinkPad E495 / 14" FHD / AMD Ryzen 5 3500U / 512GB SSD / 8GB RAM / $849.50 Shipped @ Lenovo


Looks like good deal, delivery may take few weeks according to website.

AMD Ryzen 5 3500U CPU
14" FHD IPS (1920 x 1080)
512GB SSD M.2 PCIe
329mm x 242mm x 19.9mm (1.75kg)
Windows 10 Home 64

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    good price considering the parlous state of the dollar and the fact they give you a 512gb ssd now

    be that as it may, this is realtively old stock and one would be keeping an eye out for ryzen 4000 which is expected to send a message to the competition

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    It'll be about 1 month from my experience

    Just take that into account

    Have been cheaper…

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    Do they have a touchscreen version of this model?

    • Looks like no touchscreen option for E-series.

    • If you're doing digital artwork or sketching, you're best off using a dedicated graphics tablet anyway imo. Most touchscreens on laptops are frankly an overpriced gimmick that makes it heavier and more fragile.

      • Most schools these days use an app for home schooling and would be easier for kids to use this if it comes with touch screen.

  • I'm actually using this to WFH after slapping on another 8GB RAM. Quite decent for <$1,000 laptop.

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    4.5% Cashback on cash rewards guys

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    ThinkPad E595 (15" AMD version) is $899.50
    Kinda hoping for another ~$7xx.00 @tightarse deal on this 15" version, ideally with discounted Premium Support cost & high % cashback too ;)

    • $7xx will be amazing good deals considering the droped AUD, even when they are now previous gen products, still great value.

      • The aud has come back up abit, but I would say stock levels are still low

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    The upcoming Yoga Slim 7 with Ryzen 4000 series APU will be quite a laptop to look forward…and then AUD tanked.

  • My son has been running his E495 all day long online with school hol/iso. Not missed a beat. My E595 runs about 4 hours on a charge with screen on full and everything turned on. Been most pleased.

    • Agree. I had an E595 (Similar to E495 but with numpad) and it runs great for a home computer. Had to change though as I needed something more smaller and larger battery life.

  • $150 more just for an upgrade to 512GB SSD since the last deal from TA. And the last deal had 12% cashback too! Unlikely we'll get a deal like that again :(

    Like last deal, ETA is like 4 or 5 weeks too :/

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      If you are waiting that much, may as well get the AMD 4000 series. It is going to be a major update on processing speeds and low power consumption.

  • i think of this https://h20386.www2.hp.com/AustraliaStore/Merch/Product.aspx... or Lenovo :(. Hp i don't really trust but it got intel 10NM cpu so better battery life and its not heavy 1.46 kg. help me decide. 10nm vs 512GB storage.

    • +1

      I would pick Lenovo over that without hesitation:
      build: Lenovo has alumunium back screen cover material, HP is all-plastic build.
      cpu: Ryzen 5 overall performance is better, 4C/8T vs 2C/4T Intel i3
      ssd: 512GB !
      iGPU: Vega 8 still better.

      It is hard to judge battery life based on 10nm process alone, there are other things that matter like laptop design, screen or battery capacity. Within this price range realistically battery life would be between 4-8 hours and only premium models would offer more.

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    My rule is always upgrade RAM - you can change from 8GB to 16 GB (either 2 x 8GB or 1 x 16Gb) for just $47.5. It says $95 but the coupon steps in.

    Lols just bought this a couple of days ago for $1020 and it's dropped 5% per day since then. Hoping they give me the difference back. (They already agreed to the first refund but then it dropped again!).

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    Thanks very much OP!
    The E595 is $50 more… (for the 15.6" screen with the numberpad)


    Good for people who prefer the numberpad

  • Can anyone help me in comparing the 15.6" version to this one from Dell (https://www.dell.com/en-au/shop/dell-laptops/new-inspiron-15...)

    Looking to buy my dad one, so I think we kinda narrowed it down to these two.

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      For me - twice the RAM and twice the HDD for just under $900 for the lenovo. That'd be my choice. The only other difference being the numpad I think. I love numpads but still prefer 14" instead. Personal preference for these aspects.

  • If I could do all over again, I probably get the bigger E595, 14 inch is good for travel, but I find it's on the smaller side for mostly at home chain to the desk or bed.

    It's been running great, I have it upgraded to 32GB of ram, benchmark and games have improved a solid 20% or more for my use case. Although I still haven't got to the bottom of youtube stuttering in Chrome and Edge while rewinding or skipping to the next, and I have tried several revisions of the AMD drivers, no problem with local video playback, never a problem with my Intel setup, very strange.

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    Bought with +8gb of ram for under $900. Thanks op. Will do the folks nicely for a while.

  • coupon code not valid anymore

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