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Palmolive Antibacterial Liquid Hand Wash Refill, 1L, $6.50 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


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    Showing as $6.50?

    Besides, not really a bargain so will pass for someone more needy :)

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      Sorry, Updated! Copied & Pasted a similar page that had expired last week in a rush.

  • Shows $6.50 for me too?

  • amazon screwing with us …

  • Isn’t $6.50 is good deal ?

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      Cheaper than the small bottles sold in coles and woolies

    • In these times probably but I usually buy these when they are half price in coles

    • Was $3.69 yesterday but sold out in a matter of minutes so wasn't much good (came back in stock a couple of times but almost immediately each time).

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        jeez, so basically amazon stopped the sale, jacked up the price and brought it back into stock because they knew there are crazies out there willing to pay almost double…

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      Thanks. Subs for 6 months

    • Can you cancel the subs later?

      • Yeah cancel the sub when the order is shipped.

    • OOS

    • Thanks…missed out got the lime one

    • I wonder what is the difference rather than smell. The two op posted , if you check the back pictures it stated it will kill 99.99% germs but the orange one doesn’t say this, so not sure which one is better

  • Thanks OP. Struggling to get from supermarkets for the last 4 weeks.

    • Same here :(

  • Thanks OP

  • Expensive. Why not use body wash add alcohol ( works the same as other ).

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      Body wash without alcohol is even better!

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        Alcohol without body wash still better yet!

    • what alcohol did you use and where did you buy it?

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    Thanks finally got one and yes seems like panic buyers cleared out both Woolworths and Coles in my area.

  • Thanks.

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    I think I'm quite lucky that I'm addicted to washing my hand since I was young (due to allergy and touching my face often). Normally get a year or 2 supply of liquid hand wash and sanitisers. Grabbed a ton of them during Amex small shop promo. Got quite a bit of Belnea brand sold in Woollies for $2.5 (750ml). My partner used to tease me a lot but quiet now or he won't get a drop.

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      You're only as strong as the weakest link :p
      Think you'd better share! But string him out and he might not think of that.

      • Standard female behaviour to string men out.

    • Are you one of the panic

      • Last time I bought all these was last year during Amex small shop. Probably last only a year from now.

        • Ops.. my bad..not trying to pick on ya ..thought since many people are panic buying and that was the latest trend ..

  • Thanks. Use these for the kids… they have the attention span of a gnat. Whatever helps them kill the germs faster, is a win. For me a good soap and humming Imperial March works.

  • I paid the premium for it just don't have time to go and find this as I'm still working.

  • You guys keep bum-rushing the soap too fast. One per customer!

    • Especially if you're bum-rushing it.

    • No, it's 2 per customer as per their rules, though that seems to change often.

      • This is the honour system of bum-rushing. Only take one!

  • What a rip off I got this for $3.25 at woolies recently before they stopped doing specials

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    correct me if I am wrong.
    It is my understanding that normal soap is sufficient to deactivate covid19 virus, due to the lipids being a fat based.

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      Yes correct. Antibacterial additives used in these have no effect by themselves against SARS-CoV-2 virus. It's the surfactants that's doing the work.

    • Not only is it sufficient, from what i have read Soap is the best product and definitely better than the sanitisers.

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    Funny how this last ages in the comments and only a few minutes once it's posted.
    Indicates people are hoarding/impulse buying rather than actually needing.

  • Honey is back in stock For $4.49 with S&S. Thank you OP. Just about to run out of hand wash.

  • Thanks for the post OP. I haven't been able to get hand wash since the hoarding began.

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    Milk & Honey one is $4.49 with Subscribe & Save

    • Can't add to cart?

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    Paid like $3.69 a day or so ago. Not really a bargain but good for those desperate for it.

  • Me too.. Still have one extra which I bought for 3.49$. My ozbargainer mind told me “nah it ain’t good for you. Will wait for next time” Lol. Have some soap bars as a backup plan lol

  • I saw the picture and thought "oh sweet a deal on Tullamore Dew!" :(

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    I had 2 ordered and i cancelled them as this is a ridiculous price.

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      agree. try to do our own little part not to fuel inflation.

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    Anti bacterial does nothing against covid soz

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        So soap in general. Any soap will remove fatty layer.

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    Does anyone see the same or is it my own illusion? Nearly all if not all Amazon items posted are out of stock quickly. Why is that do you think?

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      The hoarding is real with ozb

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    Hmm just because something is in stock does it automatically make it a bargain? It also feels like these posts are promoting/encouraging hoarding behaviour - seeing it sell out so quickly only makes people panic buy/stock up.

    • This is exactly what I started to see as well. People are now buying for the fear of missing out and not because they need it or even if it’s worth the price. Horde mentality, if others are doing it there must be a reason and seeing something getting sold out makes them believe that others are buying it and yet most likely it’s a cancelled order or a small amount of stock coming back in and the sheer amount of duplicate posts for every time stock comes back in.

  • This is in stock again

  • back in stock