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TPG Super Value Mobile Plans


I believe it's a direct response to LiveConnected's plans, loving the competition.



Starter $9.99 per month – $180 Included Value, 250 MB Included Data, $2000 of Calls to TPG Mobile & Home Phone

Medium $17.99 per month – $550 Included Value, 1.5GB Included Data, Unlimited Calls to TPG Mobile & Home Phone ($14.99 when you have TPG Broadband)

Heavy $34.99 per month – $1000 Included Value, 3GB Included Data, Unlimited Calls to TPG Mobile & Home Phone, Unlimited SMS & MMS to Australian and International Numbers ($29.99 when you have TPG Broadband)

Infinity & Beyond $45 per month – $3000 of calls to Standard Australian Numbers, $100 of Calls to International Numbers, 5GB Included Data, Unlimited SMS & MMS to Australian and International Numbers

All Super Value plans include Unlimited access to specific social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, eBay, and Foursquare).



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  • They use the optus network don't they?

  • sweet. extra $250 and no changes in call rate.

  • this is great

    After live connected came up, I called TPG to see if they would match their offers and got declined

    So does this mean anyone on a plan will automatically get changed over?


    this caught my eye…
    *Unlimited SMS & MMS to Standard Australian & International Numbers - applies to Heavy and Infinity & Beyond Super Value Plans.

    Still doesn't beat my HelloMobile… :P

    • thinking of getting hellomobile. can you tell me what the reception is like? and whether there are many call dropouts? … just sounds too good to be true - the supa deal.

  • seems even the cheapest plan includes international calls. I'm on live connected's $4.99 diablo plan and it doesn't include international calls, tempted to switch over… :P

  • Sounds good, but killer call rates and worse $250/GB if you exceed the bundle.

    Light users would be better off on the "budget" plan than the $9.99 plan. You might pay a bit more on a typical month, but you don't have to obsessively watch your usage, or face bill shock on a busy month.

  • Great, I will transfer to $9.99 to save $5/month. :)

  • Thanks, I changed mine and my dads to the new plans… much better to include 13/18 numbers…
    For those with smart phones, download 3G watch dog as this shows your usage and you never get the dreaded killer bill…

  • Seems like a real solid upgrade to me. Just wanted to query though, does "unlimited" actually mean unlimited of does anything like the "optus fair go" policy apply ?

  • awesome. Thanks for the heads up….My missus will love this new plan now that it calls includes 13 numbers, very handy since she don't have a landline.

  • Are current plan holders automatically upgraded?

  • 90c per minute sucks for me, because the majority of my phone calls are less than 30sec. calculating on my previous 3 bills, this will be a 35% increase in the cost of my phone calls (25% overall increase in my bill).

    but the increased cap should cover it easily (66% increase). and with the inclusion of 13/1800 numbers and unlimited calls to TPG, this looks like a pretty good win!

    • But if you SMS a lot, you get roughly 720 sms's of value instead of 500! (on starter)

    • thanks for the calculations, try to work out in my head to see if it worth the change, 1300/1800 is a winner for me, its slowly eats up my $20 deposit

    • Think about this, $550 TPG to other networks + 1.5GB Data + Unlimited Calls to TPG Mobile & Home Phone + Unlimited Access to specific Social Networking sites + Unlimited Calls to TPG Support (13 14 23).

  • Great deal. +1 for the 1300/1800 now included.

    • I got charged $24 last month because of 1300 :(

      • Most of the time you can find a landline numbers. It usually appears on the website as international calling number. Just spend a little bit of time looking for it under "contact us" section. To date, the only one I could not find is MYKI number :))

        • I thought 1300 were already included in the plan :(

        • I mean 13 number is not a big deal hence, not a big plus or bargain from TPG to include that. I thought he got charged because he is on an old plan (talk and text), in which 13 number is not included

      • I got charged a lot for a 13xxxx call too and I was on tpg mobile already. They must have changed this just recently. It's good to see the $2000 to tpg home phone rate, since I have tpg for the home phone too.

  • is it good for data only?

    • If you are only after data, take a look at the woolworths option. It gives you 5gb and 45 day expiry. Don't forget to add up a $20 once-off charge at the beginning if you are a new customer of TPG

      • Take care though - I believe they charge in 1 Mb increments. I burned through 300Mb in about 2 hours of virgin data like this, simply by the occasional weather update/email puch etc on my phone.. a ridiculous way of counting data. at least TPG count it in 10kb increments…

  • -1 for no unlimited option. +1 for unlimited SMS internationally. Overally, it's not going to be a bargain, just average value in the market. Amaysim $40 for unlimited is better, although no 13/18 and international call included, at least to me because I incur more than $3000 per month for just calling locally. Good for someone got friends overseas, you can text them unlimitedly, but good luck for waiting a reply

  • just did the switch thanks for the post, $2000 tpg to tpg is mind boggling

  • I am on some ancient $20 plan from TPG.
    Originally my brother was on same plan, but switched to optus for iphone4.

    My mom uses my phone to call him cheap.

    I just pay the money. Only have the phone for job hunting.

    Am i better on a different plan?
    I dont even know how to track my usage.

    Prolly best in a forum eh?


    i just misplaced/lost my phone with a TPG sim and ordered a replacement sim costing $20. so the $9.99 will be good to offset that expense over 4 months. though I had to buy a new phone and unlock it $35.

  • -3 votes

    TPG Should really start selling phones on their plans.

    • i prefer they stick to these plans and leave mobile phone plans to the three oligopolistic carriers.

      at least customers will get to pick a mobile of their choice and not be stuck in a 24 month nightmare.

      • Always cracks me up when people tell me their phone was "free" :P
        I was on a $29 a month plan with a "free" phone . No data and $120 worth of calls to anyone ….
        These no contract plans work out so much cheaper it's not funny .

  • Needs a plan and pricepoint between 'starter' and 'medium', especially given some of the excess fees and the inability to purchase data packs. If you go to the 'Medium' plan and work out a yearly spend, you might as well look seriously at other offerings, such as the Woolies one.

    • Yeah, my thoughts too. For example $12.99 for $320 of value and 700 Mb of data. That's approx what it would be if it was 3/8ths of the way between the two plans.

      Looking at my last few bills, the starter should cover me, but I would happily pay $3/month extra as a form of insurance against bill shock, in the rare events when I go past the starter plan limits.

    • Take a look at their Basic Cap Saver plan, $12.99/month, $150 call credit + 1GB data.

  • I guess its good for the unlimited side of things..

    however I still am pro live connected as hardley anyone I know is on it (yet) and I send messages alot so the 6000 messages come in handy :D

    • yeah depends on your usage patterns i guess. the LC $20 pioneer+ is awesome value if youre an avid texter because you get the equivalent of $1500 worth of 'credit' purely for texting.

      good to see some serious competition from TPG though. LC will always be my preference because it uses the Optus APN, not the TPG APN which is clogged to buggery due to the generous data allowances on all the plans they offer.

      • I use 'internet' as the apn, TPG's mobile broadband uses 'TPG', but 'internet' should work also.

        • Great hint, my results on SpeedTest.net improved with alternat APN. On my phone default is 'internet', switched to 'yesinternet' and my upload speeds improved three fold (~65kB/s to ~200kB/s). Download speeds still the same, but much more stable.

        • can u pls explain this, and how to do it as well?

  • +1 vote

    Damn I just switch to LC last month.
    13/18, international included and unlimited tpg to tpg definitely beats LC.

  • I was tempted to change my current plan ($9.99/month, $125 worth of Calls, SMS & MMS to Standard Australian Numbers and International, $125 worth of Calls to TPG numbers, 200MB of data, Unlimited Access to specific Social Networking sites) .. but then i read:

    Important Things You Need to Know:
    Super Value Plans:
    Special discounted offer only available for new and existing TPG customers when they bundle with TPG ADSL, ADSL2+, Naked ADSL2+ and ADSL2+ with Home Phone plans.

    so, I'd better of with the current plan i think :)

    • that is referring to the special discount only - ie. $17.99 plan is $14.99 for TPG internet users, and $34.99 plan is $29.99 for TPG internet users.

      the $9.99 plan (and the all the other plans) are available to anyone at the non-discounted rate.

  • dumb question, are these plans or no contract? im on some medium plan now with tpg that has 700ish worth of calls and 1g of data a month…dare i move?

  • anyone know if they've started supporting tethering yet? last time I checked they still hadn't allowed tethering yet.

    EDIT: just checked on whirlpool forums, looks like they do now!

    • Despite all of the flaws of oz telcos, I hope we never end up like the US (AT&T specifically) where they begin to put a tight leash on tethering. :D :D :D

  • Does the $45 one off fee still apply for this? Interested in the $10/Mth deal.

    • If you're a new customer yeah. (It's $40 + First month in advance.)

    • Look at it this way:

      1st month minimum charges on TPG no-contract Mobile plans calculated as: $(Mobile monthly charge in first month) + $20 SIM charge + Refundable Mobile Deposit of $20.

  • Very happy to leave 3 now my contract is up to the Heavy plan listed here.

    What would be the best way to bring my number from 3 to tpg?

    • Don't you just port it? E.g. when I signed up for TPG over a year ago, it was part of the web sign up process: Yes I wish to bring my existing number, the number is XYZ, yes I confirm it's my number, yes I know it's an offense to try to port a number that doesn't belong to me, submit web form, wait a few days, TPG SIM arrives in the post, call to activate (maybe, I can't recall exactly), then soon thereafter my old SIM stopped working (no reception/no bars), insert the TPG SIM, it has reception, can make calls, that's it, number is ported, and nobody was ever aware that I changed carriers.

      Unless there's something special that I'm not aware with 3, involving limitations with porting numbers out of 3, then I don't see it being a problem.

    • sign up online and port your number

  • Just upgraded my Medium plans. Woot woot.

  • Has anyone worked out if it's worth switching from the old $9.95 talk and text plan to the new $9.95 plan?

    • For me it is, the call rate is slightly higher but you get $180 of calls to any network, but the real bonus is $2000 calls to tpg home and mobiles - I've got a few frequently called numbers with them so it was worth changing

    • It is worth switching unless the majority of your mobile use is making calls that are typically less than or close to 30 seconds.

  • Does this include 1900 numbers?

  • Hello? Does anyone know if the $20 sim free + $20 "postage" fee still apply?

  • +1 vote

    Way better than voda

  • Bye bye Vodafail

  • Nice just need to decide between this $9.99 plan or LC's $7.99 as I have to change over before Oct 6 due to Red Bull Mobile taking over previous provider.

    • Just curious, but who were you with? Who is Red Bull taking over?

      • It was GRL moblile http://www.grlmobile.com.au/

        They had some good pre-paid plans for low user's and the credit didn't expire, I was on a $10/month plan, you only got $20 + 500mb included value but the call rates were very good 15c per 30 secs I think, I've got over $150 of credit built up I need to use before Oct 6 lol.

    • I'm with TPG and I have never tried LC myself, the included international calls and free voicemail retrieval from TPG are a big winner to me.

  • It's a shame the rates are so much higher now :(

    • Not that much higher:

      The main increase is the billing interval for calls etc. is up from 30s to 1 minute. (Time rounds up.)

      The calls are 10c more expensive per minute, and the Excess data is 5c more per MB.

  • such good plans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG it beats Iprimus's offering so badly. With these new plan I don't know why anyone would go on Primus's sim only plans http://www.iprimus.com.au/PrimusWeb/HomeSolutions/Mobiles/Sa...

  • This may be a dumb question, but I can't see that "calls to mobile" are included in the cap. (I know, if it is the case, there will be riots). Does "Standard Australian numbers" include mobile numbers as well? I have never seen this phrase intended to include mobile numbers.

    For older plans, TPG had a section titled "cap inclusions", which listed all the inclusions.

    I can't see such a section for these plans.

    It also appears that international roaming is included(??). (click view rates. There is no mention about intl roaming having been excluded).

    • Calls to 'Australian numbers' includes mobiles.

      "Calls, SMS & MMS to Standard Australian Numbers"

      I'm not sure about yours but I can't MMS my landline. :(

  • Nice plans, but I'll stick with $12.99 cap saver plan with 1GB data. Good for tethering and general data usage.