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Free 1GB SIM Card Delivered @ amaysim


Saw this in the Ads
First renewal free on the $10 Unlimited 1GB mobile plan. Then $10/28 days thereafter

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$10 credit to both the referrer and referee.

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  • Thanks, looks good for using with a lot of the restaurant promotions going on nowadays.

  • I guess you'd get $3 cashback too

  • Is the money auto debited after a month?

  • Anyone know by wjen iy needs to activated..i usually need one for visiting parents which isnt gonna be happening anytime soon

    • usually comes pre-activated

    • To avoid preactivation…

      Set up to port to an existing number. The port only happens when you are ready. So can choose later to port or to get a new number. Think it needs to be completed within 30days of ordering.

      Some have commented in previous Deals, not to do ID check until SIM arrives. They may not be able to activate before you provide ID.

      Check if activated on your account - will show days left of service.

      • Do you happen to know if…

        • If I want to use this at a later date, could I just use a fake number for porting - one that I have no intention to actually port to, just to artificially delay the activation date?
        • If I can put a fake number in for porting, and then change the number later? In case I know I want to use it later to port, but am not sure what number I intend to port yet

        Think it needs to be completed within 30days of ordering.

        Although this might be the main limitation for me haha. I probably will be using it more than 30 days from the time I order.

        • Hi illumination,
          Order on last day. Set a Reminder.
          Use your own number to port then decide not to port at activation. I've done that in the past.

          Latest date to activate would then be around 30/5 - but may possibly do later. Contact Amaysim to make sure you still get the free 28d.

          That's what I'll be doing.
          Nothing to lose if you can't use😉

          • @the INFIDEL:

            Order on last day.

            Yea hm ok makes sense.

            Use your own number to port then decide not to port at activation. I've done that in the past.

            But that's if I want to do a fresh activation instead. That wouldn't work if I actually still want to port but just want to port a different number over?

            Latest date to activate would then be around 30/5 - but may possibly do later. Contact Amaysim.

            Ah ok so they might be able to extend?

            Thanks for your help btw!! And your quick reply.

            • @illumination: If you want to port another number, contact Amaysim before activation to change the number. Can't see a problem.
              Porting only happens at activation.

              No worries. Just picked up phone & saw your reply to my comment.

              • @the INFIDEL: Have you done this before? I meant contacting Amsysim to change the number when ready to activate? I may have to do this but worry they might mess it up.

                • @apple0604: Shouldn't be a problem as "SIM may lapse" before you can port. They then can't port that number.
                  So you are assisting Amaysim by providing another number!
                  It's just a simple matter for Amaysim to change the number ready for your Activation.

                  Like a lot of things in life, I haven't done it. But am pretty sure from other experiences (with Amaysim) it should work😉

                  • @the INFIDEL: Thanks so much. I have never been with Amaysim and my main number is with Belong at the moment. Have been with Belong since end of 2017 and used to be good especially with those credits. But since early this year Belong's internet connection hasn't been good for me. It just got cut off for a few seconds and then signal was back. Streaming is frustrating. Normal surf on the net is ok. What annoying me the most is that notifications from some app doesn't work. The thing is that I still got a fair bit of data left and credits in account. But if I can port to Amaysim for a year using this deal will be good. Just not sure yet.

                  • @the INFIDEL: Can I ask another question since you know so much? I sign up with Amaysim porting my main number yesterday, but haven't activated it yet. Can I refer someone else? I can't seem to find the referral link after login my Amaysim account. So I guess J can't refer anyone until I activated my service. Am I right?

                    • @apple0604: Activation activates your account. So you can't refer until then.

                        • @apple0604: Enjoy another nice day in Brissie🌞

                          • @the INFIDEL: Haha, did you remember me from another thread as you know I am in Brissie? Yes, it is a fantastic day today and I am going out for a walk in park later on. It will be 21 tomorrow, still way better than MEL. Enjoy your day too.

                            • @apple0604: Your location is in your Profile😉
                              (And you asked me where the Golden Circle Factory Outlet is in Brisbane.)

                              According to my Profile I'm out of this world🌜 So don't believe what you read!

                              Enjoy your walk. I'm popping out for a walk by local creek - when it cools down in my part of Brissie. Lovely afternoon🔅

                              In a Deal last night - dealbot gave away my suburb in Brissie, then quickly unpublished the comment. He's another great local.

                              • @the INFIDEL: Haba, I asked you about location of GCFO. I could have just googled. And I did google it.

                                I don't even remember when I signed up to ozbargain so not even sure about my own profile. With covid-19 going on, I find myself got more time to spend on ozbargain. Usually I just saw expired deals. From now on I shall spend more time here.

                                Yes, I often saw deadbolt here too.

                                • @apple0604: If you click on a username - it shows their Profile. You can hide your location, but it's often nice to see where people are from. My location is The Moon🌜

                                  Activated one of these SIMs this morning to Port out my long term number & ordered 2nd one last night to Port out of Belong at end of May. So can have 56 days use (on 2 different numbers).

                                  If already activated on Amaysim before today - it qualifies users for 10GB FREE! I only activated today😢

                                  • @the INFIDEL: I would like to go where you are, The Moon.

                                    Smart to do what you did and plan to do at end of May.

                                    I also noticed 10GB bonus. Well, can't win them all. I am happy for what I have.

  • Would this be eligible for the 100Gb bonus data?


    • The 100 Gb is only valid during easter break.

      Competition ends and bonus data expires at 11:59pm Monday 13 April

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed a free sim and $3 cashback was registered. Will see if they pay it.

    • Have you got cashback before?

    • As of 14/03/19, Cashback is available only to new amaysim customers, purchasing a new SIM, and limited to one per Cashrewards account.

      • Nah never done cashback through them before.

        • You are a rarity.

          How did you resist all those old cashback offers, paying out more than the SIM cost with far better Data etc😉

          I threw out nearly 20 Amaysim SIMs last night, dating back to 2017. Found 3 from just before cashback conditions changed last year, that still were active. Never paid for any.

  • Does the sim need to be activated by 30th April?

  • Thanks👍
    Have an old number used just for incoming calls that needs to be ported to keep it alive.

    Found some old Amaysim SIMs last night - still active after a year. This will be a great help to keep the 10+ year old number still in service - at no cost.

    Have a stack of Vodafone $30 starter packs bought for $9 long ago. Activating those as data as 33GB for 30days. Am currently using those each month with other 1GB SIMs in a dual SIM phone.

    • I have some of those old vodafone starter pack too but cant use them because sim expired, how do you get yours to work?

      • I went through this issue last week…

        Had bought $9 USB modems with 3GB Data SIMs from Coles in 2016 for $9, & had a few $50 starter packs. Travelled overseas a lot & forgot about them. Found recently but Vodafone online refused to activate - But said to contact them.

        Go to Vodafone store - ask for manager. Explain Vodafone said SIM had no expiry date at time you bought it. You have not used it, so please set up a SIM.

        Took a while for junior staff member to find the SIM had expired from old age. I politely told them I wanted what I paid for, as there was no expiry on the SIM when I paid for it. I was asked for the receipt - but explained it was from 2016, so wouldn't have it.

        Manager had a think, said they could do it, swapped it for a $30 starter pack, & asked if I wanted it activated.

        Took about 20 minutes.
        Am using it to post this reply😉

        Another way to get a free SIM with data but for 2 months - a free Beyond SIM with 2GB/month for 2 months on 1GB $10 plan - using a $20 referral code. See deals for details of Double Data hack & referrals. But post paid plan, so have to cancel!

        Will see manager next week to swap some more data & $50 packs.

        • Another way to get a free SIM with data but for 2 months - a free Beyond SIM with 2GB/month for 2 months on 1GB $10 plan - using a $20 referral code.

          I think you mean Belong? If that's what you mean?
          They changed the process of when you receive that credit, during activation you have to pay the first month and then after the first billing date they credit the account with the $20 referral

          • @chadiwrx: I did, but my spellchecker changed it!

            I just activated last week - using a SIM I had lying around - applied for using a referral. It added $20 credit, reduced $10 for first month on $10 plan, leaving $10 for next month. So 2 months free.

            Must have changed, like my spelling😉

        • Vodafone has deactivated SIM packs start with U/V last year. I think it is dodgy because the SIM doesn't have any expiry date.

          • @samehada: Online it says to contact them - under stating it is expired. Which is what I did. Store manager said they would honour those old SIMs.

            Of course some staff would just take the easy route - just saying it is expired. Best to talk with store manager.

            I checked with 2 Vodafone stores in Brisbane - the first said bring in the SIM & they would see what can be done. They were certain they could solve the issue, or send it on to Vodafone. Took SIM into other store - with success.

        • Thanks, I will visit a store next week to see if I can like you swap my stash of $50 starter pack and get them activated

          • @Datatemp: Good luck - just be firm & polite. You paid for those (even at discounted price)!

            If 1 store won't help, try the next. The 2 stores I asked offered to help.

            My $50 SIMs came with phones bought by grateful people I helped get cheap phone deals (from Deals here) - so free.

            I only asked to fix 1 SIM - so staff didn't freak out. That way they don't feel under pressure or think there is something suspicious & tell you to contact Vodafone directly. It's all about getting the manager to say "Yes"!

            Will return next week, see same manager & ask what she can do with rest - not necessarily that day. Another 1 or 2 would do for now.

            Glad I added this extra information to this Deal - good it may help others👍

        • Ha! The INFIDEL must be my twin. I still had 6 x $50 Voda starter packs bought for $1 each in 2014 or 2015 (from a one-off Coles Express deal back-in-the-day) that also would not activate this year. Had been slowly working my way through the 12 packs that I bought originally, as they were always my last option to port to because of their supposed non-expiry. Did the same thing when they would not active - took them into a store, obviously had no receipt from 5 years ago, they were very helpful, I just had to be persistent and polite and explain that the SIMs had no expiry when I bought them (which is the case). They swapped for 6 new $50 ones, which I'm using up now - down to about 3 left, easier to go through them now that the prepaid starter pack offers are slowly drying up.

          • @nickj: Glad you've also been successful in swapping SIMs in store.
            A nice price to pay for $50 packs!

            I used to keep a stash of cheap SIMs. People would sometimes ask in SIM Deals how many I had left.
            These Vodafone SIMs are the last of that stash. 1 of my 9 $30 Data packs has manufacture date 2012!

            • @the INFIDEL: I hear ya! My stash maxed out at just under 3 years of inventory at its peak (~22 expiring starter packs + these non-expiring voda ones), but my stash is so low now that I just bought one of the Boost 12 month packs for $135. I'll probably keep the remaining voda ones around for porting into & out of boost every 12 months. So I'll soon be giving up my monthly sim-hopping, that I've been doing the last 5 years, and "going straight". And yeah, it'll probably cost ~$90 more per year, but the number of times I've had to contact a telco's support because they've stuffed up porting my number in some way - and all that takes time & effort, so I think if I factor in the support issues I won't face, and the value of that lost time, that the Boost approach + annual port in/port out is about the cheapest overall mobile service I can get.

              • @nickj: As I keep a long term number only for incoming calls (porting for a year free in this Deal) & use monthly SIMs for data & outgoing calls, I only Port once or twice a year. So have avoided those issues.

                But it does become confusing with 2 numbers in use in a dual SIM phone, & currently another Vodafone SIM for Data!

                I no longer need to do it to save money, but I like seeing how cheaply I can have a phone & data service. Has been as low as $2/yr.

                But even I've considered an annual SIM.

                • @the INFIDEL: $2/Year with data, please show me how. I would be keen to try it as well.

                  • @TomGum: Well a good starting point is this free deal - which keeps your regular number active (incoming calls & SMS) for a year.

                    To be frugal requires changing SIMs monthly. That requires Porting unless you are happy with a new number each month (which is what I've been doing for outgoing calls & SMS).

                    Worked out the system from about 6 years ago, when Telstra sold $30 starter packs for $1, use the calls & data, & we could cash in the $30 credit for $16 cash. Those were the days.

                    And cashback on Amaysim & Catch made other SIMs free or even made money on. But there are now restrictions on cashback on Amaysim.

                    Catch deal is 30d 40GB for $1.40

                    Then there were Kogan SIMs for less than $1.

                    So buying free SIMs with plenty of data each month, it wasn't hard to spend little.

            • @the INFIDEL: I went to 2 different local Vodafone stores, both refused to swap my 5 $50 starter pack for me, both said starter pack only valid for 3 months. Not sure if because they are smaller store (only have 1 staff on so I get crappy customer service, any way giving up after 2 attempts, while my amaysim stash bought roughy around the same time as those voda still active so never stock voda pack again

              • @Datatemp: nickj & I had no problems.

                Possibly an issue with the small (franchised) stores you tried. I tried at major Westfield Vodafone stores, with a manager & several staff. This is an issue for Vodafone to solve, not an issue with their small store.

                Staff may not know what to do with the old pack or not have the authority, so they need to check with the manager. Failing that - their easiest answer is "No", which is more "I don't know".

                It's also in the approach. I recommended only present 1 pack, so staff didn't feel under any pressure.

                Explain you can't activate online as it's an old pack, Vodafone said to contact them, please help.
                Be polite & don't tell them what to do (to swap). If they see you as a potential new customer rather than a problem, their attitude is usually different!
                I'm experienced in "The Art of the Return"😉

                Then return & see same staff member. It's easier after that initial "Yes".

    • How long amaysim allows you keep number after last recharge expired?

      • About 1 year after recharge expires, which is generous. Porting from Optus which only gives 6 months.

        Ones I found active last night (received calls & text on number received with letter) were dispatched 25/2/19, activated within 30 days. Only used for the included 28 days.

        • I found this on amaysim facebook page

          amaysim Prepaid SIM cards expire after 6 months of non usage (including recharging). If your credit is due to expire in October, then 3 months from October (if you do not recharge the SIM) the SIM card will then expire. Hope that answers your question.

          Which is even more confusing. Is there option see it in app or something?

          • @DainB: It's been 12 months on every Amaysim I've had - and that's a lot. But could be different now.

            • @the INFIDEL: Thanks, that facebook comment was from 2013, might be different now.

              • @DainB: After over a year I just receive email to say account is expiring. So I might like to add credit!

                You need to recharge your amaysim account within the next 12 hours or you will lose your amaysim service and mobile number.
                If you would like to keep your mobile number 04xxxxxxx, simply recharge with $10 in your amaysim account and you will keep your number for another 365 days!
                Unfortunately it's not possible for us to maintain the cost of your inactive account which is why we'll regrettably have to cancel your amaysim service if your account is not recharged.

                • @the INFIDEL: Amazing. Seems it's now the cheapest way to maintain number for internet banking sms' while overseas.

                  • @DainB: Especially now it's free this month!

                    My Optus account ($5 for $30 starter pack in Deal) will expire at start of May (6months). This is shown in the Optus balance.

                    This Deal will keep number alive until May 2021.

                    Adding $10 keeps it active for another year! With $10 pay as you go credit to use. Unless there is a better Deal!!

                    But keep a watch out for email saying account is expiring, as above!

      • Received email for an old number last night. (UNLIMITED 10GB, 28d, SIM discarded)
        Looked up past emails for that number:

        15/1/19 Ordered, SIM on it's way
        (22/1/19 Activated)
        31/1/19 Data Warning: 5 of 10GB used
        20/1/20 Your remaining credit will expire today (what credit?)
        13/4/20 You haven't recharged your amaysim service in a very long time and if you do not recharge your service within the next nine days, you will lose your amaysim mobile number
        (22/4/20 Number finally expires)

        In that case, number was active for 15 months. Not bad for free!

  • Why it is asking for number transfer now?!!

    • They ask for the details now. But they do not action the change until you receive your SIM card and go online to click activate.

    • I've ordered to port - which happens when you are ready. Think it needs to be completed within 30days of ordering.

      In my experience, can change to another number when setting up service.

      Otherwise choose a new number, but SIM will arrive preactivated, losing you days of service.

  • So they want me to enter my payement information for a $0 charge, Just to confirm with others that they don't charge you

  • Can this be used on a current amaysim plan? Can you port out then port in?

  • Moose mobile 1gb - $8.80.
    Spintel 2gb - $9.90 (100min though)

    And if you need more data, moose and vaya have very worthwhile sub $20 plans to look at for 3/4gb.

    • This deal is for a free 28 day sim with 1GB data.

      • with potential to get bonus data

        • Belong is cheaper than those with this deal.
          $40 sim for $15 can be used on the 1GB plan, plus $20 referral credit which means it will last for 6 months ($2.50 per month) Follow Option 1 in this post.

          Even if you stayed for 1 year it would work out to be $6.25 per month.

        • You can't wait until the next cheap / free SIM Deal?

          There have been some good, much cheaper Catch Connect Deals lately with Cashback. Like the $4.50 60GB 3 month deal - just expired.
          But this free Deal suits me better as I have plenty of Data.

          SIM hopping means not being tied to 1 network & getting the cheapest deal, for little effort. I've been doing it for many years.
          (I wrote about it here in the Telstra Guide Wiki 5.5 years ago!)

  • can it be used for 'pay as you go' for 365 days? I just want to keep the phone number.

  • How long amaysim allows you keep number after last recharge expired?

  • How do you avoid being charged? Paypal and then remove subscription?

    • Once you setup your account, logon and change payment method to BPAY, then you are safe and won't get auto debit anything once your plan expires.