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Logitech G102 Prodigy RGB Mouse $15.39 US (~$24.42 AU), Logitech G MX518 16000 DPI Mouse $25.84 US (~$41 AU) @ GeekBuying


Two different gaming mice from Logitech back on sale including the refresh of the classic MX518 mouse with a few new features. Both mice have free Australian Priority shipping available.

The Logitech G102 Prodigy wired gaming mouse available in black features a 200 to 8,000 DPI sensor, customisable RGB lighting, 6 programmable keys, on the fly DPI, onboard memory for storing profiles and supports the Logitech G HUB software. Its design is inspired by the classic Logitech G100S gaming mouse.

The Logitech G MX518 wired gaming mouse has the original design and feel, as well as a 100 to 16.000 DPI sensor, 8 programmable buttons, on the fly DPI, onboard memory for storing up to 5 profiles and supports the Logitech G HUB software.

Click Proceed to Checkout to choose the free Australia Priority Line shipping before payment. AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting.

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  • Does the MX518 come sealed in the box?

    • They should definitely be sealed as they're brand new.

      • Thanks.

        The price comes out to AU$ 43.65 though.

        • +2

          I use the Mastercard currency converter for the AU$ prices as that's the most accurate price you'll get if you use a currency conversion free card. Many people have something like ING or 28 Degrees setup in PayPal to use their own exchange rate as PayPal will inflate the rate to take their cut.

          The website AU$ rate is out of whack sometimes too.

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    Hello rep, any coupons for this mouse Logitech G502 HERO Proteus Spectrum Wired

    • +2

      I'll check with GeekBuying. Likely won't hear back until Monday though.

  • +1

    Thanks op been looking for a g102, heard they're great mice

  • Any chance webcam deal like Logitech 930 please ?

    • +1

      There's no 930 but I should be able to get an extension on the Logitech C270i

        • +1

          Oh I missed that. Sure I'll ask them on Monday when they're back.

        • Heard back earlier than expected. The supplier cost on the C930e has skyrocketed so it won't be as cheap as the previous $72.39 US deal. Not sure yet on how low it can go.

  • geekbuying.com says
    Sorry currently we don't ship goods to your Area, if any questions, please contact our customer service: [email protected]!

    • +1

      Turn on your private messaging here and send me your postcode. I'll get GeekBuying to fix it up. You're obviously trying to ship to Australia?

      • msg sent

        • all sorted. thank you

  • Thanks, picked up the G102 so I can get an idea what having a lighter mouse is like after years with my G502.

    Also anyone know why Chrome says their orders page is not secure? It looks like it's loading via HTTPS and they have a valid Digicert certificate.

    • +1

      If something in the website has been linked as http instead of https then Google Chrome will mark it as Not Secure. If you right click the page and go view source you'll be able to find the culprit on line 583 and 587 as it's //www. instead of https://www.

      I'll let GeekBuying know to have that fixed. Thank you :)

      • +2

        No, that's not it. // means use whatever is going currently.
        P.S. clicking the padlock and clicking through to further info will get you to a breakdown of the various assrts in the site, should be able to see why there.
        P.P.S. I don't have an order so can't check it myself.

        • +1

          You're correct there my bad. I think it's the ajax loader as it gets loaded over http.

  • Thanks, just ordered the MX518 as my current one is starting to wear out after years of usage.

    • +3

      the original MX518 is awesome .. i am still using it after 15 years of use

  • They also have the G304 Lightspeed Wireless mouse for $67. While not a historical low, it qualifies for the Australian priority line shipping. This means you'll get it in a week rather than a month like other places. I ordered it on Wednesday and just got notification that mine was shipped.

    • Wanting to purchase this. Out of curiosity did you end up receiving it within the week? How was the condition of the box upon arrival? And are you happy with the mouse overall?

  • Can anyone explain how these are so cheap?

    • +3

      Logitech China sells them significantly cheaper within China than what Logitech Australia would sell in Australia for example. Same applies to a lot of other brands like Razer. For a longtime GeekBuying was able to sell the DeathAdder Essential sourced from Razer China, including the region exclusive White Edition much cheaper than what Razer AU did.

    • +1

      I got G102 for the same price when it first released, shipped from Taobao and it came with a free bungee and extended mousepad.

    • -1

      Because of grey market. G102 comes to $26 AUD so the pricing in title is incorrect. Does not matter if you choose PayPal or any type of credit card.

      • You're meant to pay in USD and let the card currency conversion for the ~24.50 AUD

        • +1

          This is correct. When I choose a card set to do PayPal's exchange rate I get $25.81 AU. When you expand the payment method it even says "PayPal's conversion rate: 1 AUD = 0.59638 USD". Checking Mastercard online I get 0.64 and 0.63 with VISA.

          Not to mention the use of approximately equal sign in the title to cover this as required by OzBargain.

  • Can you do the same price for white G102 mouse?

    • I've asked GeekBuying for that one. Likely won't hear back until Monday.

  • G102 is no longer available - OoS

    • I just missed it too :(

      • Back in stock

        • Got one thank you!

    • Back in stock

  • Any possible deals on the g pro wireless by chance??

  • G102 is temporarily out of stock but there will be stock allocated soon.

    Back in stock.

    • Now code doesn't work any more.

      • Yes it's expired.

        • Sorry, yes I know. I was nudging in the hope of more.

  • Got one cheers OP

  • hey Rep, any deals on the mk850 combo?

    • Curious if there's any sort of discount available on the rk71 keyboard too.

  • Picked up a white G102 in the last sale and it is one of the most value mice you can get once sales are considered. So much better than the Diamondback Chroma I got a few years ago and for less than thrice the price.

  • Thank you for deal, I've ordered one.
    Can you please double check 'Australia Priority Line' shipping method is selected? I can't make sure it on my account page.
    My order number is 5180072.
    Thanks again

  • +1

    Logitech G102. Looks like I missed out :(

    This coupon code has ultimately reached the limitation usage times.

  • +1

    It says the coupon code as reached the limitation usage times. Does that mean it’s not usable?

  • +3

    Hey There,
    The code for g102 Doesn't work anymore. It says "This coupon code has ultimately reached the limitation usage times."
    Any other way to get it to work??

  • +2

    G102 coupon has been used to it's limit :'(

  • Any keyboard mouse combos ?

  • Any logitech guru's out there - what is the logical replacement for an ageing G303 (I like the shape, weight, buttons etc) - I'd rebuy the same but its no longer made, is the G302 ok (don't think I need the crazy high dpi and while the braided cable is nice, its not a deal breaker if the G302 doesn't have it)

  • Any idea where I can get a Logitech K860?

  • +3

    NNNG102 - coupon code has ultimately reached the limitation usage times. Expired.

  • bummer missed the G102 deal :(

  • Got an MX518 to replace a Logitech MX Revolution which is giving me pains with drag-and-drop (does not register left-button holds well). My knowledge on mice is non-existent so I hope I made a good decision.


    • Am still using a gen1 MX518, which I bought in 2012. Still runs well to this day as my daily mouse.

      • Likewise, I'm using an MX518 from.. idk, maybe 2008? Still goin strong!

  • The white version is available for $AUD33.77 if you missed out on the black. https://m.geekbuying.com/item/Logitech-G102-Prodigy-Wired-Ga...

  • g102 deal expired? ;(

  • Bought an MX518 - don’t really need it but oh well!

  • Found G102 on AliExpress for $28.54 but a bit nervous about buying from there.

    • +3

      I've requested for a deal extension which hopefully should be granted tomorrow. No promises though!

      • Cool, thanks. I will wait and see then.

  • both code says: This coupon code has ultimately reached the limitation usage times.

  • Both are back instock.

    • Legend. Bought. Hopefully it's not delayed too much.

  • Thanks for organising more. Picked one up for our youngest who needed one.

  • Looks like G102 code has sold out… while MX518 is still avaliable.

  • I tried getting the:

    Logitech G102 Prodigy Gaming Mouse, but when I applied code, it said the code has reached maximum applications

    • Yeah that one is sold out sorry. I'm unable to get any more units available.

  • Hey @Clear, how closely associated with GeekBuying are you? I haz questions:
    Do you know how long it's expected to take for these orders to be processed? And whether they actually have enough stock on hand to immediately fulfill these orders? The website says there's around 800 in stock but that doesn't seem right.

    • Received it today. Woohoo!!!!

  • Hi Op,

    Can I still buy the MX518? Is the coupon still working?


  • received mine today

    • Got mine too today. Bought both the MX518 and G102. Never hurts to have too many rodents.

      • Received mine today. Daughter loves it.

        • Where do you located?

          • +1

            @vxm: Located in Brisbane QLD. Sorry I hadn’t seen your message earlier.

  • I have ordered on 11 Apr and haven't received it yet. I am from Perth. Tracking number also do not show where the package is.

    • +1

      Same story here and am from Perth as well. Last update was that the shipping info was approved over two weeks ago.

      • I have received mine yesterday. I am not happy with it at all as it's very lightweight. I currently use MX Anywhere which is a heavy mouse.

  • +1

    I got mine yesterday. Took alot longer than the shipping said but i suppose its understandable at the moment.

    • I got mine yesterday too. Post and couriers are struggling, but still making deliveries.

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