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$10 off nbn Plans (for 6 Months) @ Aussie Broadband (New Customers)

Found this on Facebook

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Join Australia’s best nbn™️ broadband provider today and save $10/month for 6 months!*

Are you ready to work from home? Make sure your internet is up to the task!

With amazing speed, reliability & amazing customer service, you don't need to worry about your connection with Aussie Broadband.

Join Australia’s best broadband provider today!

*Promotion available for new customers only. Service not available at all premises. This offer is only available until June 30, 2020. For full terms and conditions see aussiebroadband.com.au

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  • Freshly rented a new unit and haven't subscribed to anything (internet, electricity etc.). Picking the 50/20 Mbps plan for internet with this coupon. I hope it is the right decision. Where do I go for electricity?

    • Interested in hearing any responses to this.

    • +1

      If it's a new rental, make sure there is an NBN box / NTD inside your place first.

      That'll affect your installation.

      As for electricity, never go with the rental agency. Do your research for what is best for your usage. Check the following for plans:

      • If there's peak / off-peak pricing or just a flat rate
      • If there's any staff discounts, contact any friends/family working at energy providers
      • Compare daily supply charge, per KWh charge, peak/off peak times (times vary for each provider)

      I'm personally on an Energy Australia plan with flat pricing currently at 34c/kwh, because most of my energy usage is in peak times, where I would be paying 50-60c/kwh if I was being metered that way. Now moreso with quarantine.

    • +2

      http://www.energymadeeasy.gov.au is a good place to start comparison with. It's a govt website.

      • +2

        Used the government comparison website and it lead me to ReAmped. Signed up with a referral link from OzB.

    • Kogan

    • you cant rely on people's rate and discounts on electricity. always use the energy comparison website from the goverment to get you the best value in your location.

    • +2

      Where do I go for electricity?

      Power point.

  • +1

    Been with ABB for a while now, I was a long time iiNet and Internode customer. Best decision ever. Hopefully they keep up the great service.

  • I had Telstra nbn before and went to optus 4g wireless broadband, which is worst decision. If i want to sign up ABB, can I use original Telstra modem (smart modem 2) and Telstra nbn adapter, or do i have purchase new one from ABB? Thanks

    • +1

      Your Telstra gateway should be fine, there's nothing special about the ABB gateway and they even offer a byo option when you sign up.

    • +1

      +2 to the Telstra SM2, especially the Technicolor variant. Beats the Netcomm ABB offers. Usually around $50 on gummie.

    • on the same boat. haha just got my Optus wireless broadband canceled since it's become so congested at my local tower since COVID19. +3 to just use the Telstra modem…that's what I did and it works well.

      • Yes, I got onto the optus wireless B818 $68 offer and worked OK before, during the last 2 weeks it went to terrible, so I think maybe just sign NBN. So do you need to do any setting for telstra route&modem connect ABB NBN?Thanks

        • +1

          Nope. basically plugged in and it worked. :) I did reset the router before plugging in tho since it was previously used via bridging mode…so in case you run into any issue, just reset and try again.

    • My friend is Perth is getting 55-60 / 20-25 Mbps down / up using Optus Home Broadband & Nokia 5G router.
      He lives in a 4G coverage area in Perth and therefore does NOT have access to Optus 5G Network.

      Since he resides in Optus 4G coverage area, he had to sign up for the service using a Melbourne address.
      He got the Nokia 5G router shipped to Perth by some means. He is apparently paying $70 for unlimited internet.

  • NBN will be available in my area next month. Is this the best (and cheapest) 50/20 plan?

    • +2


      • Belong max out on 36mbps on the $55 plan FYI

        • +1

          is your line capable of higher speed tho? so many others have reported that it's basically just unshaped 50/20. I'm on ABB 100/20 atm and my speed max out around 37bmps anyway because my line apparently degraded since I last got connected to NBN (it was max 87/40 or something like that)…FTTN

          • +1

            @jezza p: My max speed is 105mbps on the line but shape base on the plan.

        • +1

          I had Belong in Perth and I used to get 40 to 45 Mbps even during peak time.

          Also make sure that you plug your modem to the first socket from the network boundary point.

          It should be plugged into Socket with a direct line from MDF (Main Distribution Frame) or Network Boundary Point of your house. This would be the cleanest point and is also used to hook up the security alarm.

    • go 100/20

  • How I wish buzz still in business.

    They were the best.

    • Yep had no issues at all with them.

  • My 6 month Superloop $53 for 50/25 is almost finished.

    Tempted to jump on this but will probably wait it out

    • Mine’s finishing this month. I’ll likely stay with Superloop for a bit longer as I find Superloop to be faster and more stable than ABB (Newtown POI).

      I was looking at Belong but I’m concerned about the service transfer as there’s a big delay notice on its main page due to covid. Can someone confirm if Belong can transfer the hfc service in an hour these days?

  • +3

    Offer something for your existing customers maybe.

    • I haven't seen it happen for past 3 months

      Still waiting. Wondering if I should change provider and come back after 6 months for the discount again.

    • No incentive to do so, since you are still their customer.

  • Doh. I only signed up on Thursday! Oh well, the service is connected and ready for me to move in tomorrow, so can't complain.

    Hopefully I've won the FTTN lottery.

  • -1

    They don't care about existing customers. It is not good time to leave them becouse working from home.

  • Thinking about moving the folks onto this for the savings, they're currently with TPG HFC who provided them with a mmodem router. Can they use the same router provided by TPG, or will they need a new one?

    • Yeah you can reconfigure the TPG supplied router to work with Aussie.

  • -1

    So many in my local Fb group complained of slow down with ABB these days? Is that the case now with others?

    • Not that I've seen at nsw campsie poi

  • New only and slap after 6 months?

    Consider churn costs, insist they do it else you burn burn and burn

  • Damn, I just subscribed to Aussie broadband two days back.

    • Contact them, they should still apply the $10 off per month, they did for me last month

  • +2

    I don’t understand these comments. You go with Aussie Broadband because they have a great network, great CVC utilisation, and great plans, then complain about your account not being discounted to TPG prices? Ridiculous. If you want cheap prices permanently then go with another ISP.

    • +2

      Completely agree, great plans and speeds with TPG as well, with the discounted price. Why go with ABB at all other than joining the cool kids club.

  • I was a previous customer (now with Superloop). Am I deemed a new customer if I return ??

    • +1

      If it's been longer than 6 months yeah.

    • +1

      Why don't you try Mate?

  • +1

    I was with ABB for more than 2 years and service was very goood.Yesterday I moved on to Mate.I have reqursted ABB to match with other offers and they wouldn't. The changover took less than 1 hour with few minutes down time to configure my router. Saving 20 dollars a month on 100/ 20 connection.
    There no change in speed or cooectivity compared to ABB.
    Thinking of taking up a mobile plan as well to save another 10 dollars.

  • I'm waiting for the May plans and discounts

  • what happens next month when you upgrade to a 1000/40 plan? still get $10 off?

  • -1

    Very disappointed with Aussie sad to say. We went for 100MBPS and got average 22MBPS. When asked questions why this was not made clearer upon signing-up, they put the blame on my hardware. Big mess-around.

    • +1

      And what happened when you changed providers without changing anything else?

    • +2

      Are you on FTTN?

      Did you try new hardware?

  • +3

    moved to letsbemate after 2 years with them. Same speed and $20 cheaper for the same plan

  • See below the link for the T&C's, referred my brother on this offer and he was told he couldn't get the promo as it is only on the higher plans.
    Also when you try to apply online the code comes up as invalid.

  • +1

    $20 off per month and I'm ready to sign up

  • I see aussie broadband has refer a friend

    • and its not on the list here, $50 each

  • Hi guys, is this still available or any better offers?

  • Does this code work with the business plans?

  • +1

    Says invalid code for me.

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