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Free - Official Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Instructor-Led Training and Certification


Another training opportunity for those locked inside at the moment.

Attend the FREE Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: Fundamentals training day on April 21st and receive a FREE exam voucher for AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification exam
(Note: All times are in PDT CET, so the course will run from 5pm to midnight Aussie Eastern Time… I'm hoping nothing critical is done in the first session ;)

Also available in the longer 3-day format on May 11-13 here:

Update from Microsoft

(TLDR. Overwhelmed with the response. Will be running more courses. Confirming it was an EU time zone (much better times for us Aussies).

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closed Comments

  • Waiting to start the live seminar, now is playing music. I had link to join it in my email.

    • Heeey, at least you got a free music!

    • I didn't get a join link.. only got a confirmation link with Save the date… what up with that..?

    • On a more serious note - the email with the details was not from any obscure email address, etc so it would badly fall into junk or any other filter?

    • It's live right now they started.

      • Please check if you can share the link

        • Lol I doubt he can share. If he does probably void his voucher and gets kicked out

      • Can u share the link irrespective ?

        • The link is unique for everyone, can't share it with you sorry :(
          They will have other dates for such events.

      • have many people are in there?

        • Don't know how many, only Q & A chat window, MS respond to questions.

    • +2

      I guess it's a unique link and you need to sign in with Ms account.

      Please tell the instructor many of us signed up and got calendar confirmation but no invite please. Unfair to us

      It's mismanaged and Ms is discredited for on their crap marketing

      It's dishonest with a calendar invite with no links.


      • +1

        I'm in the same boat. Got the email saying you are in, then havent received anything else.

        it said I should receive a email 24 hours prior the session taking place.


        • No cancellation nothing. Very unprofessional. I will remember this one MS. I will.

        • +1

          Same here. Absolutely gutted. Made arrangements to get this done

          • +1

            @sbrulz: Yup my planned schedule is ruined. Thanks MS for your dirty marketing. We shall vent at their twitter or Facebook pag
            Too bad I can't retract my vote.

            Mod may I suggest you should not close voting until the actual deal is lapsed? It's stupid not letting people retract votes when it's not confirmed

      • I'm in Europe and I didn't receive email 24 before. I got mail this morning. I guess they pick me because I'm in the same time zone.

  • It's odd, on that page it states the webinar is on 4/22/2020, 04:00 PM GMT+10

    • And this page which is mentioning the free voucher states
      23-04-2020 at 09:00-12:00
      23-04-2020 at 13:00-15:00
      I'm so confused. Which day are we??

  • +1

    Looks like a few kore have been scheduled, and with better times (in AEST)


  • Just like the other comments, I got no email link to view the training. I registered on April 13th and got an email to save the date. Training is scheduled today at 9PM and got nothing to view. Disappointed as I was looking forward to this session and to complete my first Azure certification. Will try to register other session but won't have high hopes this time :\
    Therefore, I'm downvoting this post

    • You can still access the webinar on-demand once available.

      • Says registration is full. Will have to check on another day and see if I'm lucky.

  • +1

    Just like previous comments, received the save the date email but nothing else, so I am assuming I lost the opportunity. If even Microsoft cannot get it right…

  • Today now to my 130pm event today, i got the webinar link and at the same time i got another link for evening 530pm as well.

    Anyone got that too and joining it today ?

  • Yes, watching the webinar now. Just waiting with music.

  • Have someone received the promised voucher?

    • You will in 2 days in an email..

      • They said 1-3 days, now it's 4.

  • +1

    Just got my exam voucher today via email, I did the webinar on 24th April.

    • does it say when you need to take the exam by, i.e. expiry date?

      • This voucher expires after 3 months from the date of issuance.

    • Same here!

  • Any one given the exam yet ?? and what other resources are being used to pass the exam ? mockup tests ?

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