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Vegemite 2.5kg $35.71 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Rich in B Vitamins for Vitality
B1 essential for brain function
B2 supports your nervous system
B3 essential for energy release
Folate helps fight fatigue

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      Go spread some seawater on toast and let me know…

  • +4

    $14/kg is expansive.

    Even if cheaper, how long can a family of 4 finish the whole bucket?

    • +3

      Costco (if you have membership) works out to be around $12KG

    • +2

      I can finish mum's 500g in 2 weeks visiting.

      • +1

        35g a day is 7 times the recommended intake, better watch you kidney.

        • Recommended intake for what?

      • That’s a lot of sodium in your diet!

    • +6

      Yes… it does cover quite a large area.

    • +2

      Doesn't matter - not like it's going to go off.

  • Good for staying home.

  • +26

    This is almost enough Vegemite for an American's first attempt at Vegemite on toast.

  • +1

    I’ve never heard Vegemite titled ‘Vegemite Yeast Extract Spreads’. I mean, you’re not wrong, but surely it’s just called ‘Vegemite’, haha.

  • +1

    It's just called Vegemite.

    • +14

      In France, it's called a Royale with Yeast.

  • +7

    Not sure if it's an Asian thing or just my fam, but when we make rice porridge /congee we'll mix a spoon of this (or Promite, Bovril) in the bowl + a fried egg. Still my go-to meal when I'm sick.

    • +2

      also nice in stew

    • +1

      I remembered growing up with a spoonful of Bovril mixed with porridge.

      And this is how I grew accustomed to Vegemite.

    • Definitely. Congee with Vegemite? Perfection!

  • I was thanking it might be a good substitute for soy sauce.

    • +1

      It goes pretty well in soups.

    • Both salty and contain glutamates, so could well be interchangeable. Never tried.

    • You could probably get away with substituting vegemite for a heavier soy sauce variety like Tamari.

  • +3

    Perfect, this will last me until the next global pandemic arrives.

  • -2

    Vegemite. Yuk. 👍🤮🤮🤮🤮

    • I got -14 votes above for saying that mate, and rightly so mind you!

      Here's a plus vote for solidarity. I can't stand the stuff!

      • +1

        Sorry I have reached my down vote limit. I did not know this existed :)

        • +1

          Your displeasure has been noted :).

  • +3

    I think I'll walk to Woolies.

    560g bottle for $8 @1.43/100g = $35.75 for 2.5kg

  • +1

    $7.142 per 500g compared to standard price of $7.1428 per 500g at coles woolies. Not a deal. Unless of course the bulk pack suits you.

    • Negged deal for this reason.

  • +1

    Who the hell needs so much Vegemite!!

    • +5

      Tom Hanks

      • +1


    • +1


  • This works out no cheaper than the smaller size per gram so buying in bulk doesn’t save anything

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