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[SA] Free Vegetarian Meals for Elderly/Battlers/Jobless @ Blue Lake Indian Restaurant Mt Gambier


Stay safe :)

Restaurant owner Amit Sharma and his wife Chetna Rambani launched the free meal service after witnessing the flow-on effect of panic-buying in the community. “With people storing things at home like toilet paper, I realised that those who do not have enough money for basic needs or have lost their jobs are now struggling,” Mr Sharma said. “When I decided to do something I discussed it with my wife and she suggested to start with some free meals for those who are in need. “Stopping dine in meals gave us more time to prepare the meals and help those in our community.”

To maintain privacy, those in need of a meal are able to call the restaurant to organise a collection time. “We started to help those people who have lost their jobs and are struggling and I understand it can be a bit embarrassing for some to not have money but I do not judge or question why they need the meal,” he said. “I do not ask why or what their need is or what happened, I just give them a hot meal.”

Borderwatch news article here.
Yesterday's free community brunch.

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    Good one. Nice to see, so many restaurants coming forward to help the community.

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    Another good gesture.

    Planetshakers Geelong opens food bank amid coronavirus outbreak

    Planetshakers Geelong is operating a weekly food bank service allowing in-need members of the community to have free access to fruit, vegetables and other non-perishable items.

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      I’m clearly missing something, why all the negs?


        Planet Shakers are the Red Bull of contemporary Australian churches. Not saying that's justification for a neg, but probably explains some of the sentiment.


          Oh, I’ve never even heard of them.

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    Great work! It's time for chain restaurants (i.e. their corporates) or popular big restaurants of the cities to do more for the community. They can definitely do better. Where are those restaurants from CBDs that generate significant traffic throughout the year normally? Pardon me if there have been posts about them which I've not seen.

    Whilst there's no way to check if one is in real need, I hope that people who aren't in severe need (or financial situation) don't take advantage of this type of help without donating anything. We need to understand that the owners of independent restaurants don't have endless supply of resources.

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    Do you get a different connotation between needy people and people in need?

    I feel the term needy people has a somewhat negative connotation


    I live not too far from this place and have heard good things about the food there. It's great of the owners to help out like this!


      Mt Gambier is closer to Melbourne than it is to Adelaide ;-)


        That's correct - about 13km closer, though it depends on which route you take.

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    Well done guys, great work.God bless them.

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    [NSW] Free meals for health workers

    The free meals and snacks will be on offer to all Sydney hospitals with COVID-19 clinics and wards, on an as-available basis and within each hospitals' constraints and policies.


    Free food for me ;)
    If only I could get there….