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Crucial MX500 1TB M.2 SATA $163, 2TB $329, BX500 1TB $145, Crucial P1 1TB M.2 NVMe $168 + Del @ Shopping Express

  • Crucial MX500 2TB 2.5" SATA $329 + postage
  • Crucial MX500 1TB M.2 SATA $163 + postage
  • Crucial P1 1TB M.2 NVMe $168 + postage
  • Crucial BX500 1TB 2.5" SATA $145 + postage

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Shopping Express
Shopping Express

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  • What happened to this company with their Trifecta deals? Choose 3 items for $10…

  • Auspost to SA is around $11, to get a rough idea

  • Decent price considering the current world events, at least for the 1TB NVME

    • It's definitely an acceptable price.

      I got mine half a year ago for $180

      It's an average nvme, you can go faster with a Samsung pro, except that's double the price.

      Silicon Power nvme is supposed to be as fast as a Samsung pro but the price point of crucial p1

      • +2 votes

        Good point re the Silicon Power NVMe. Great value compared to the Samsung evo but not necessarily much ‘noticeably’ better than Crucial P1.

      • +2 votes

        I have a Silicon Power nvme. Disappointingly slow.
        Reviews describe it as inconsistent

      • I got mine for $148 Oct last year from futu online. Ok deal but defintely been cheaper

      • Silicon Power NVME SSDs are excellent for the money. That said I have seen one fail already, within 9 months. Perhaps an outlier, and I've seen 970 EVOs fail, I think heat might be a factor, so worth noting.

    • Write endurance of the QLC isn't amazing, but good enough for a non-system drive, especially at that price point. Crucial P2 is now released as well, so we may see clearance pricing for the P1's from most suppliers.

  • good for upcoming ps5

  • Thanks picked up one!

  • Ahh we got so close to the mythical $100 per Tb. My dreams shattered!

  • Is QLC a concern for durability? Would it be better to get the Samsung MLC and keep that for longer term?

    • Samsung is always better to get - for almost a double price, however

    • Yeah the TBW is pretty low, but I think if you've not already established some sort of baseline for minimum TBW you'd consider acceptable, you'll probably be fine.

      My SSD's are probably on less than 15tbw per year as a game/os drives, so it'll be absolutely fine for me. It'll probably last less than 4 years until it gets relegated to a HTPC or something.

      Would be interested to see how much a 970 evo deal is in this climate.

    • Ah Samsung marketing… Depends which drive. Their '3-bit' MLC in the EVO is actually just TLC, unless you're going to get the PRO version, which should be true MLC. Longevity and performance between TLC and QLC should be about the same. Price of the PRO is not worth it IMO.

  • Why do the SATA m2 drives even exist when the price difference is this low on NVME.

    4-5x the speed for like $5.

    • Not every system has NVME

      • Plus the actual, real-world speed difference is practically zero. Even the most load-intense games would barely benefit (19 seconds load time vs 20 seconds).

    • Why the heck people down vote this comment? It's a valid question. Unlike the neg button, which is not a valid answer.

  • Is the BX500 240GB at $58 any good?

    I've just revived my decade old eMachine by installing CloudReady to fuel my household's learn-from-home / work-from-home demand. Now looking at replacing the HDD with a SDD to speed things up further.

    240GB is probably an overkill considered it's cloud-based, so I wouldn't mind going even 120GB.

    • If you can, buy a larger one - the smaller ones will have no use if you want to ever re-purpose them (another notebook, htpc, anything)

  • The P1 should definitely suffice for gaming right? I need an SSD for games that have long load times like Skyrim, GTA, etc.

  • Someone at Shopping Express should check spelling on the website:

    "Cucail SSD Sale!"
    "NEW! Crucal Ballistix"

  • Just made an account and first purchase with them, randomly tried the code "WELCOME" and it took $20 off my order!

  • MX500 1TB is up to $175 + shipping

    Edit nvm I see the deal is for the m.2

  • Any 4TB SSD deals?

  • What they did with the discount code without any word is a real shame

  • Crucial P1 500GB is $102 + delivery

  • $183 after clicking through to the product, unfortunately :(