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Nintendo Switch Console - Grey/Neon $469 + $7.90 Delivery (Free C&C/in-Store) @ Big W


Get the gaming system that lets you play the games you want, wherever you are, however you like.

Includes the Nintendo Switch console and Nintendo Switch dock in black, with contrasting left and right Joy‑Con controllers—one red, one blue. Also includes all the extras you need to get started.

This model includes a battery life of approximately 4.5-9 hours*.

Some users are reporting some stores have stock available for pickup your mileage may vary good luck!

Delivery is now showing as available again as of 15/4/20 1:39PM | Sold out again I'll just leave the title as is as it seems to be changing all the time

Standard Delivery - from $7.90
Estimated delivery: 23rd to 24th April. **

Back in stock for delivery

Standard Delivery - from $7.90
Estimated delivery: 14th to 18th May.

Also seems some more local stores have stock for click & Collect pickups

Updated deal from neon to Grey as only Grey in stock 6/5/20 1:30pm

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  • +1

    I apologise if they cancel your order in advance , I'm just sharing this because I know alot are trying to obtain a console currently, eb games eta is June now for the neon!

    • Don't know when Nintendo will resume the production.

      • Animal crossing just got taken off in China as the protesters are using it now for demonstration Hong Kong

        • +2

          Of course they did… good ol CCP

        • What? Why is this even relevant?

          • -1

            @Exorcist: Yeah what's Taiwan got to do with China?!

            • @hornbill: I replied to the second comment by Gomo if you can't tell

      • +2

        Available at Karingal Big W (Vic) at 5.53pm today. see my full message down below with all the details

      • Just got news they will resume production this week.

  • +1

    I really hope my pre-order comes through! Haven't heard anything from Gamesmen yet. Tempted to drop coin for this too to hedge me bets since the wife does prefer Neon over what she refers to as the " DPRK version".

    • +2

      Maybe just do what I suggested and pay with zip pay that way nothing's held up money wise and if it does progress you'll know what to expect and pay it off

      • +1

        Cool. Setting up Zip Pay account now.

        Home delivery is no longer an option but I can pick up from Miranda. Interesting …

        • Just be mindful that zippay puts a enquiry on your credit file if you care about that sort of stuff

          • @walao-wei: keep your payments upto date nothing to worry about,

            • @Gomo: Oh 100% agree with that haha. Just some customers don't know that zippay gets listed on their credit file. Just thought I'd bring it to their attention in case they worried about that stuff

              • @walao-wei: ah so like customer goes for a car loan gets knocked back because they defaulted on simple zip pay payments ?

                • +1

                  @Gomo: It's possible, but subjective to strength of an overall applicant. I'm in auto finance myself :)

  • +12

    damn so happy to have gotten mines last November, saved over 100 bucks

    totally worth it though, great console

    • +7

      Agree ! So much fun well my wife's hogging it at the moment with animal crossing but that's okay haha

      I myself ended up getting a pre owned one which was only a month old it's the new 2019 model in neon paid $500 flat for it the guy needed money to pay for rent so I felt like I was doing him a favor buying it,

      He also chucked in Zelda I'm happy

      • +6

        is animal crossing that good? I hear it's the duck nuts

        been playing let's dance lol

        • +4

          I found previous animal crossings to be a yawnfest. It's not for everyone

        • +4

          It’s not amazing, but it’s pretty damn good. I’ve put 130 hours in so far, so it’s definitely worth the money (I paid $69 for it from Big W on launch day 20/3/20). And I can see myself playing for another 70 hours easily.

          I haven’t played any previous Animal Crossing games though, so I can’t compare/contrast.

          It’s essentially Stardew Valley crossed with Minecraft, kinda… very relaxed, chill game you can play at your own pace.
          There are plenty of trailers and such on YouTube if you’re interested.

          • +4

            @Mr M Wazowski: 130 hours? Holy moly!! That’s an average of over 6 hours a day every day since release. Where do you find the time?

            • +1

              @ansible: Yeah it is a bit much… Long story short: I moved interstate (WA to QLD) earlier this year so I started working in bar/bistro as a casual for 6 weeks then the hotel closed due to COVID-19 about 3 weeks ago. No work = plenty of time found!

  • My partner just picked one up at JB Hi-Fi Chatswood today (had that on hold though) was told the grey one is expected in two weeks time.

    • what's the price please?

      • should be 249 @ jb

        • 249? that would be a bargain, is this for the lite?

      • Can confirm it was $449.00

  • Anyone else receiving "Home delivery is not available for this product."?

    • I noticed the same thing after returning to checkout.

    • +1

      I received this email 5 mins after placing online order (pick up at Carindale,QLD). Another pick up ready email will be sent.


      Hi XXXX,
      We're excited to confirm your purchase.

      We are experiencing higher than usual demand for online orders and our teams are working hard to process these as quickly as possible.
      We'll send you another email with your unique collection code as soon as your order is ready for Pick up!
      We have implemented social distancing practices in all of our Stores and are offering contactless collection.

      Please see your order details below:
      Order Number: AUBWXXXXXXXXX
      Order Date: 14 Apr 2020

      • Hopefully they don't but don't get your hopes up. I ordered Animal Crossing before and they cancelled my order even after sending an email like that!

        • all the best! hope they have the stock

      • +1

        Got the same email when i ordered, just received email confirmation order is ready for pick up in stores :)

  • +1

    How has this gotten more expensive compared to last year? Shouldn't this only get cheaper?!?

    • +17

      everyone is "working from home"

    • +7

      Supply and demand. How does it work?

    • +5

      They are out of stock everywhere. $600 on ebay is your only other option.

      • or facebook market place

    • Exactly - so how is this a bargain?

      • -3

        Buy this, resell on ebay/bumtree. There's your bargain.

      • +7

        OP posted this not because it’s a bargain but because everybody wants one, and they became available.
        Just being nice.
        I originally thought the same as you.

      • +5

        Dunno, maybe because second hand Switches are going for $600 + on eBay? With the current demand this is a bargain and I'm sure a lot of people appreciate the post. Thanks OP.

        • +2

          Thanks guys i tried but it's hard to please the masses! Clearly 🤭

  • Got mine in November too just before going on holidays. My only complaint is I wish I bought one earlier! I've been addicted ever since!

  • +9

    Sign of the times when above the typical for the last year is now a “bargain”

    • -9

      Bat flu

  • Confirmed stock in Cumberland Park, SA. Friend just put one on hold.

  • Can't add to cart

  • +18

    Is it really a bargain if it is RRP?

    • +15

      I'd consider it yes if you can get it! go look on eBay how much people are paying !

      • +1

        It's not a bargain, is it.
        It's more of a notification that somewhere has stock at the proper price - although it's dubious if there's even any stock.

        • +2

          Ok, go find it for a cheaper or even equal price.

          • @ScruffTheJanitor: Err, why find it for a cheaper price? The cheapest price isn't necessarily a bargain. My argument is that this is not a bargain, not that it isn't the cheapest available price.

            But to answer your direction, many people have replied here that they have available stock at the same price at JB Hifi.

            Production is due to start up again next week, if in the meantime the high street multiples sell out it will only be temporary. But when they restock will charging full RRP still be a bargain?

    • +12

      What if RRP is a bargain compared to what the market rate is? I'd be inclined to say yes given the current climate.

      • -2

        Market rate? You mean a few units sold at inflated prices in private sales on an often dodgy Internet market?
        And isn't the current climate that we are on the verge of the biggest recession for a century? Inflated prices are even less of a bargain in such times.

        • +2

          Market rate is what the market is willing to pay. If private sales on often dodgy internet market dictates these prices, then it is what it is. The fact is, people are and willing to pay over RRP for these units. You can litterally buy at RRP and make profit. Whether you like it or not. Supply and demand trumps recession every day including Sunday. Example don't even look at workout equipment, you will reee all the way into 2019 at what people are paying for weights.

          • +2

            @nomoneynoproblems: That right . No idea how come many people don’t understand what is market rate . It is as simple as the price which people willing to pay at that moment , and rate is Also determined by demand and supply curve too when we studied the basic economic in university .

            Another funny things I noticed is those buyers also don’t understand cost price mean. They used the lowest retail price on website (even if it out of stock) to determine how much you can sell for your product.

            In economic, prices are determined by the sellers, and sellers can set the price using market rate (not retail rate) as a guide . As simple as it is . BigW even if they sell it for 500, it is a bargain as there are so many people now pay for 600 just for a used console .

            • -2

              @adpaholic: So you're saying because one person sells something at a higher price than high street stores are selling it for, then the market value is that of the individual, private seller?
              And an item below the highest price around isn't necessarily a bargain.

              • +2

                @sam buster: No, but if you can only buy it for a higher price then that is now the market price.

                Its not just a single seller, thousands are being sold for well above RRP which at this time of no stock makes RRP the bargain.

                • -1

                  @ScruffTheJanitor: But when this deal was posted it wasn't the case that you can only buy it for the higher price!
                  The market rate was the RRP, people were allegedly paying above that.

                  Listing and selling are not the same. And retailing, reselling and second-hand are all different.

                  I don't know about your claim of 'thousands' being sold at that price. Since yestetday when this thread piqued my interest, I looked on eBay and saw ongoing and recently ended auctions ranging from $200 to $750 - the higher bids I saw were for bundles not just consoles. I don't know with any certainty that the transaction was completed or the bidding legit.

                  However, by the reasoning of many on here, if a unit sells on an eBay auction for $750 then paying $650 is a bargain!
                  That philosophy would set a new standard for Ozbargain listings.

                  In economics, the definition I was taught, is market value refers to a "normal" price. As I graduated long before online marketing I can't really say if private Internet auctions of otherwise temporarily unavailable products qualifies as "normal", but not in my humble opinion.

                  • +1

                    @sam buster: Don't read too much into ebay price as it may not even reflect current value.

                    This is real time price in HK:


                    Around A$670 for grey import
                    HK local stock almost 1K AUD.

                    Imagine our dollar is stronger….. Strange place (hong kong)…..

                  • +1

                    @sam buster: You're confusing RRP with market rate. Ordinarily this would be pretty close if not the same. We aren't in ordinary times though.

              • @sam buster: 73 vote yes to this deal and 13 vote no. When more than 50% of people think this is a deal , then it is a deal. As simple as it is.

                Market rate determined by those people who interested to the products . I have friends they don’t play game, even if you now sell 300 to them , they will still think it overpriced . If back to university , economics, 469 definely Not in the intersection of supply and demand line. There nothing need to be argue with .

                • -1

                  @adpaholic: I don't think 73 is anywhere near more than 50% of 7,750!

                  As for the definition of 'market value' I won't repeat myself, but 'll ask you if, by the Ozbargain-Nintendo-fanclub's definition, it's possible to pay above market value?

                  Ok I'll bite.
                  If the console is available at RRP then that is the market value - not $600 that a few people may or may not have paid in private sales. Therefore this is not a bargain - it is consoles available at the normal price. You may argue that compared to the higher price the RRP is a bargain, but the truth is rather that the higher price is not a good price, not that the RRP is a bargain.
                  However if the console is not available at RRP then you could argue a case that $600 might be the market value. But if the console is not available at RRP then this post isn't a deal.

                  So this is not a bargain either way.

                  This is not a shot at the OP who has stated they simply wanted to inform others that the console was available. Fair enough, but…

    • +2

      Yes it is a bargain when it is significantly below market value. This is getting sold for $600+ on ebay.

      If Nintendo reduces the RRP to $10 tomorrow. Will it be a bargain when shops sell it for $10 or only if they sell it for $9?

      • -3

        How many are being sold for that price on eBay? Just the units or with games and peripherals included? The RRP is market value, as it's still available - if it's not available then this post isn't a 'deal', is it. So in effect we're saying this deal is a bargain because it's RRP, or isn't a bargain because there is no stock.
        As for your hypothetical, I would say it would, indeed be a good deal if Nintendo decided to it for about $350 less than it costs to make! Not sure what your point is, there.

        • +1

          It can be available for a limited of time. Some people have managed to get it for $469 which makes it a bargain.

          The console itself is selling for $550+ on eBay. Depending on whether it is used or brand new.

          If the rrp were $10 it will also be sold out instantly. But either way it will be a bargain and posted on here so people will know where they can buy one.

          • @ko0l: I wonder if the dude I sold my unopened switch to for 469, then went and sold it for 600 heh.

  • I was able to add to cart but by the time i went to check out it was greyed out

  • +14

    I want a Switch as much as the next person, but man are people seriously spending nearly $500 on just the console alone?

    • +9

      No. People are spending over $600 on just the console. Used.

      • +9

        Thats ps5 and series x money!!!

        • -1

          Really? I thought they would be more than that?

      • +2


      • Thats right,

        Ive got a spare Nintendo Switch, i'd say closest to Brand New, and un-patched =) looking at knocking it off at a very high price for people desperate

        • As long as you don't try to sell it off as brand new!

      • Dam and I sold my switch smash bros console with 4 games 2 1 Mario bros brand controls and I think that was it for 450 about a year ago - _-

  • +2

    i bought one for $360 two months ago

    • +6

      Sell it for $360 see how quick it goes for :P

      • +1

        Nah sell it for $630 and see how fast it goes.

    • Same. Also came with mario kart for free :p.

    • While we're being smug, I got my Mario Kart bundle for $323… but to be honest, if I hadn't, I just wouldn't be able to make myself buy it at this new high price knowing what it had cost only months prior. I'd just forget about the Switch until prices come back down to $380ish. It's heaps of fun, but personally before Animal Crossing I couldn't spend more than an hour on it each day. Zelda and SSB were surpringly boring for me…

  • +1

    Still in stock at Morayfield QLD for pick up only.

    • -1

      awesome may suggest the deal is not expired but limited stock for pickup only

  • +3

    I bought one second hand for $220 just before xmas, i didn't use it much and was surprised yesterday when i decided to sell it at the prices being asked. I ended up selling it for $550 with 4 games, i thought it was a fair price. made $330 from it cause i found the games on the ground and nobody claimed them.

    • -1

      Guess there's something in it for everyone hey!

    • +14

      i found the games on the ground and nobody claimed them

      After you knocked them out of the victim's hands.

    • +2

      On the ground?? Literally?

  • +1

    Makes my $15 profit from selling an opened switch lite about a month ago seem like a wasted opportunity.

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