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Nintendo Switch Console - Grey/Neon $469 + $7.90 Delivery (Free C&C/in-Store) @ Big W


Get the gaming system that lets you play the games you want, wherever you are, however you like.

Includes the Nintendo Switch console and Nintendo Switch dock in black, with contrasting left and right Joy‑Con controllers—one red, one blue. Also includes all the extras you need to get started.

This model includes a battery life of approximately 4.5-9 hours*.

Some users are reporting some stores have stock available for pickup your mileage may vary good luck!

Delivery is now showing as available again as of 15/4/20 1:39PM | Sold out again I'll just leave the title as is as it seems to be changing all the time

Standard Delivery - from $7.90
Estimated delivery: 23rd to 24th April. **

Back in stock for delivery

Standard Delivery - from $7.90
Estimated delivery: 14th to 18th May.

Also seems some more local stores have stock for click & Collect pickups

Updated deal from neon to Grey as only Grey in stock 6/5/20 1:30pm

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  • Back in stock on BIGW!

    • damn that was quick, not anymore :(

  • +1

    Got the email for tax invoice and shipment confirmation already….

    • sounds like your confirmed!

      Good to hear

      • TBH I don't even know why I bought it. Send the confirmation to my Mrs and she is rolling her eyes…

        Just seem a safe purchase no matter what.

        So I heard Ring fit is good and AC I can now go online and become HK protester…

        What else is fun fir a non gamer?

          • +1

            @Gomo: OMG Graphics power has come a long way since PSP. Amazing they can pack such processing power in such a tiny device. It look it will take a lot of brain and reflex to play though which sadly I don't have LOL!!!

            Mrs are really into games like Taiko no Tatsujin, any such thing for switch?

            • @syswong: Not sure what that game is I'm still all new to the range haha

              • +1

                @Gomo: There is actually a Switch version :)


                For now the mission is to score a non jack up price of Ring Fit which prove to be harder then getting the console.

                • @syswong: I can wait for ring fit it does look cool , I'd say eb games pre order and waiting is your best option

                • @syswong: The drum game would be hard me thinks haha, speaking of the ring fit I myself have done 100+ days of doing 10km walking every day consecutively! I've lost over 16kg! So amazed! My message is keep motivated

  • Delivery is now showing as available again

    Standard Delivery - from $7.90
    Estimated delivery: 23rd to 24th April.

  • +1

    I was just able to order one at my local store (North Qld) for pickup. No stock this morning but in stock now. Also showing delivery available.

    • Mine showed delivery for a minute then its greyed out again I just like checking it :P

  • Looks like many stores, JB included got stock a day or 2 ago, but it was practically depleted by preorders for the consoles.

    I managed to find the last one available at Parabanks BigW in SA.

    Now to sell on eBay/gumtree for a massive profit. Jks I’ve been looking for one for my son for a while now.

  • random question, but if I want to play 4 player Mario Kart am I best off getting another pair of joy-cons, or a couple of full wireless controllers?

    • +1

      A set of joy cons can be used as separate controllers. So 2 sets would let you play 4 player

    • +1

      Two wireless pro controllers will only set you back a little more than another set of joy cons and have the added benefit of not being ergonomically garbage.

      • Apparently you can't use them for all games though. Is that right?

        • +1

          Granted, you can’t use them for a ringfit…

          But you can use them for Mario kart, Zelda, katamari…

          What else is there?

  • +1

    In stock at big w Winston hills

  • Wonder why so many OZB neg interest of resell. Its not a essential item like baby formular or surgical mask (which I am against price gauging). Its a game console and if someone wants it bad enough and willing to pay more than RRP, so be it!

    • Can't please everyone :P I only posted the deal because clearly they have some stock vs JB or EB Games etc

      • +2

        Sure a great post man. People lack the understanding of market changes and all still stuck in the early $400 days. Someone said there are stock coming. Mark my words they will be no special or may be even a small price hike. They will still get clean up in no time and ship back to Asia by profiteers.

        I wonder what would OZBs says about the price of melt blown fabric (the middle layer of masks). It gone up from $4500 a ton to the current $135,000 a ton…. LOL!!

  • Was able to pick up one from Browns Plains store. Ordered online using pick-up. Girl at the counter said I was very lucky as it was the last one. Thanks again OP.

    • Good one, enjoy! what will be your goto game now?

      • +1

        The switch was for the missus, not myself. Got her Animal Crossing.

        • My wife is now addicted to animal crossing as expected haha

  • Has anyone tried the JoyCon Droid app to use their Android phone as a controller. Is it any good?

  • +2
    • Sold out again ! 🤭 This product is sold out online and in store

      They cancelled my order last week :/

      • Looks like the closest target store to me with stock is gympie !

  • +1
  • Hmm wonder how much my modded switch is worth with all the current price gouging going on in the 2nd hand market.

    • Probs alot however modded consoles can't play online can they?

    • What mob? Android pack? Homebrew?

      From my research modding Switch is no such a good idea. They can ban you Switch on a hardware level.

  • Has anyone received a shipping confirmation email for their order?

    • I ordered yesterday around 9am and only received the Acknowledgement email, order status on their website is "Awaiting Processing"

      • I haven't received a confirmation email but looking at the order status on their website, my order has changed to packed and ready to go .. hopefully yours too!

  • Picked up my click and collect from Big W today. Winning. Went to JB Hifi to buy Mario Kart and the girl there said a shipment of switches arrived yesterday and they were all gone within a couple of hours.

    So if you're still looking for one I'd go to my local Big W and Jb Hifi and ask them to double check if they have any left. Good luck.

    • Which store?

      • Willows, Townsville

  • +2

    Big W, JB Hifi, and EB Games just had shipments arrive today in Perth, WA.

    Thankfully I was watching the website stock count at my local Big W store because of this thread and managed to snag one from Big W at 12:30! The lady there said we got the third Switch of the 10 that they had received in. Animal Crossing had also arrived and was going fast. Animal Crossing is an awesome game so the hype is well deserved.

    I had preordered a Switch from JB Hifi about 10 days ago as well, but shipment was due in late April so I wasn't sure when it was coming and didn't want to risk missing out. Checked with JB Hifi before getting the one at Big W and they didn't have any in. Figured what the hell and grabbed the Big W one. Cue 3:30pm and I get a text from JB Hifi saying my Switch order was in! Whoops haha. Went and picked it up and there was a few on shelf still, but not many and likely be gone fast. Gonna give the spare one to a friend who missed out.

    Good luck to anyone trying to grab one! People are crazy after them at the moment.

    EB Games get their next shipment of Switches in on the 29th April according to a staff member when we asked a few weeks ago, so I would take a guess that JB Hifi and Big W may get more in around the same time, so hopefully that helps some get one!

    • good news :) mate. i am hoping switch and animal crossing stocks in NSW

      • Thanks mate! Definitely check via calling stores in NSW around the 29th of April as NSW will be the first to get stock. If you decide to get from Big W, I highly recommend getting a 5% off eGiftcard and purchasing via that! Saves you a bit of cash. All you need is a RAC membership :)

  • any stock in NSW guys? thanks

  • +1

    Just to let you guys know, I placed an order for delivery of the Switch Neon from BIGW on 15.04.2020 at 9.10am, had only received the acknowledgment email and the website order status is still "Processing Order". Just got a knock on the door from AU Post with a BIGW box with the Switch:) I'm in Sydney so good luck to anyone with a pending order:)

    • +1

      Enjoy! Hope my post made it all possible!

    • +1

      I ordered mine on the same day but at 8.48AM, and it's currently in "Packed and ready to go" status via the tracking tool. Hopefully the same thing that happened to you will happen to me too, fingers crossed.

  • Back in stock on Amazon for $469 free with prime or $7.99 for delivery if anyone is interested


    • Says not available again now didn't last long

  • This is back in stock for home delivery again be quick!

  • Back in stock again.. I know some JB HiFi stores have stock but not many.. at least Big W let you do a click & collect

  • Back in stock again ;) I just randomly checked heaps of stores in QLD must have received stock

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