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Ultrasone Signature DXP & Studio $269.10 Delivered Each @ Addicted to Audio


Great deal on these high end headphones, two flavours, a flat signature style and a more enjoyable DXP (consumer listening style)

Whilst stocks last!


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  • Asked on one of the headphone forums about Ultrasone:

    "every Ultrasone I've heard have been shite"
    "Ultrasone and good don't belong in the same sentence"
    "Ultrasone not good"

    Probably avoid unless you know they are what you want and I honestly don't think these headphones are really worth the $799 RRP. Sennheiser HD6XX cost $288 right now, get those instead.

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      Personal preference to be honest, most haven't reviewed the newer ones and these are closed back, studio type headphones - very different type and would blow away competition such as the M50X!

    • In terms of audio gear it's always best to listen to it yourself, car speakers, home speakers, headphones, earbuds etc. Though i guess you can't exactly do that these days. For me I have heard the Sens HD6XX and tbh they don't sound that spectacular, sound the same as the Phillips Fidelio X2HR, and they only cost around $150.

  • Can you explain the difference between the DXP and studio?

    I will just be using these at home well on a computer plugged into a DAC.

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      The Studio is very much like the name, a flat sound with not much added.

      The DXP has more bass and is a little brighter too, more v-shaped, a bit more exciting in its sound.

  • Just a general question why are most of the things on sale at addictedtoaudio?

    Not that I am complaining :)

  • I have the Pro 900's which I really like. I've had them since 2012 and they're getting a bit old now so wouldn't mind getting a replacement. I've found the Pro 900's good for my use which is EDM/Rock and video games, primarily. The base is particularly satisfying on games like BF5.

    I was looking at upgrading to the 820s, but with my short time with them in the store they didn't blow me away for nearly two grand. Given I've been happy with the Ultrasones, would these be similar?

  • I hope the model in the deal doesn't cause this LOL

    My pick would be the Focal Clear Professional B Stock

    Hats off to A2A though, I ordered some Focal Spheres on the weekend, and they arrived today. Great service as always! Had to catch up on some podcasts with them, so won't comment on music SQ yet. But, a quick listen seemed like they have the Focal house sound I like so much…