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Nintendo Switch $469 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Back in stock!

I’d admit it’s not a deal per se. But I’m sure people will be keen to buy even at rrp given market prices and limited stock.

Update: 8/5 Back in stock, (thanks ColstonAUS)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      • Hahaha

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        Yes, what was a shit comment has become a good comment now because of the hoarders

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    Guys cool down, for those of you who have not followed recent Nintendo Switch developments, the Switch has been in great demand worldwide in the last couple of weeks. Apparently Nintendo had production delays and in combination with delay in logistics and mass quarantine has led to mass shortages. Getting your hands on one instore in next ti impossible. EB Games have preorders for June…. It is more than a deal even a RRP, trust me and as you have noticed out of stock on Amazon in no time…

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    How come these non deals keep appearing on the front page after a handfull of negative votes?

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      Because clicks and advertising

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      (2664 clicks) 106 upvotes.

      But should be taken down because of the 10 down votes eh? Bit selfish.

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    Can we focus on real deal OK?

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      Do you mean Evander Holyfield??

      He definitely was "The Real Deal"

      • Lol, sounds like a good Ozbargainer name too!

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      Why don't you post one for once?

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    a few months ago i paid 360 or something from Gamesmen so not sure how this is a bargain

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      This would be like Boomers refusing to buy property cos 'back in my day a house cost $50,000'

      • +1

        very irrelevant example.

      • -2

        a few months is the same as a generation's difference? K..

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          If you can post any deals for in stock, for $360 please go ahead , otherwise we can all reminisce around a fire about what things used to cost

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    Oh, miss again

  • +2

    Post a listing for jacked prices on hand sanitiser, everyone jumps on the neg wagon, post jacked prices for Switch, everyone loses their minds.

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      Seriously, what happened to this site.

      If its going in this direction, its days are seriously numbered.

      • -1

        It’s just becoming a stock tracking site…

        Sick of the;

        “bEiNg iN sToCk mAkEs iT a DeAL!!!1!1!!1!”

        • There are plenty of other ways to track stock on specific items, I dont get why people are wanting to use OzBargain of all places for that.

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    Nintendo = the Masters of keeping stock low to boost prices on hardware.

    Anyone else remember trying to get hold of a Wii in 2006-2007?

  • Catch of day has them in stock

    • Where?
      Nevermind realised all sold out :(

  • Item is back in stock as of 24/4 10:45AM

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    If anyone is still waiting for theirs to arrive , Amazon credited me $20 difference as it is now listed at $449

  • Just wondering if anyone else is still waiting in theirs? Last tracking update was 22n April in SYD (Destination Adelaide)

  • Forum post not a deal

  • what happened to the "this is OzBargain - Not OzInstock"?

    • -1

      The quarantine has led many bored normies to OzBargain and they upvoted stuff like this.

      Whatever floats your boat, but goddam I hope things get back to normal. Might be a sign of what's to come i.e inflation of everything.

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        'The quarantine has led many bored normies to OzBargain and they upvoted stuff like this.'

        More like people want Switches and they are hard to get at the moment.

  • Wow this is not a good price, I bought mine for $380 with Mario Kart before Christmas

    • Got mine for $350 Black Friday with $35 back from afterpay then sold Mk8 code for $45. We probably won’t see it at $400 or less until next Black Friday.

      • +1

        How good is hindsight?

        • How is that hindsight?

          You mean he wouldn't have bought it on Black Friday when he knew there is a severe shortage in 2020?
          Or someone only just realised that 270 for a switch was a bargain now that RRP has become the new bargain?

  • Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP. Save me about $100. Was going to buy one from Gumtree for $550.

    • Stop supporting these people!!! That's why there is none in stock anywhere!

  • Looks like grey is also available for 95c more than red/blue

  • +1

    Thanks for the update, got one today.

    Bought with 28 degree MasterCard so can claim the sale difference when they go on special.

  • For those coming in the May restock, the GREY has price matched JB at $449 (post link will go to neon)

  • Thanks OP - just bought. Thanks to Prime coming next Thursday!

  • Order one late Friday afternoon, received it last evening. That was super quick delivery from Amazon. Thanks OP.

    • damnit i bought mine 1:30 friday as well (early afternoon), hasn't even shipped yet! not due until next week :(

      maybe because i bought animal crossing too!

      • I only bought the console around 3:15pm. I am based in Melbourne maybe that is why it was quick.

        • so am i, arrived yesterday, YAY, daughter was ecstatic :)
          i gotta say fast track is doing a good job recently. next day delivery on stuff ive ordered recently.

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