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Nintendo Switch $469 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Back in stock!

I’d admit it’s not a deal per se. But I’m sure people will be keen to buy even at rrp given market prices and limited stock.

Update: 8/5 Back in stock, (thanks ColstonAUS)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +6

    If Amazon could price match JB Hi Fi that would be a great deal $449

    • Agreed. More of a PSA than a deal until then.

  • +2

    I'm not one of those people =€

  • +5

    Conspiracy theory: Jeff Bezos started covid-19 to kill off retail.

    Well played Jeff.

    (You heard it here first, I just made it up - I think)

  • +4

    As OP said themselves, its not a deal. Please post this kinda stuff to the forums.

    • +78

      I disagree about not caring about being in stock - I've been waiting for anywhere to say they've got stock of Switchs for weeks.

      Thanks OP.

      • +33

        It's always interesting when people lose sight of context around why things are posted.

        • -6

          When you make a post on this section of the site it clearly says "submit a deal", OP stated themselves that this is not a deal.

          • +56

            @Vinodra: The mods on this site have literally stated on the record that stuff being in stock when it is in short supply constitutes a deal.
            As has been the case recently for Toilet paper, Hand Sanitiser and so on

            So by that reckoning.. this is very much a deal.

            Thanks OP

            • -46

              @jimbobaus: Still isnt a deal, its a product listed for sale at full RRP, I paid $315 for my switch like 2 years ago, that is a deal.

              • +28

                @Vinodra: Yeah and good on you.
                This is very much a deal.. the deal is that you can get one.

              • +1

                @Vinodra: *was

          • +16

            @Vinodra: When you see the Switches that are 'in stock' on the second hand market for $600-700, this looks like a deal. All the capitalists will just tell you it's supply and demand… which in this situation means RRP happens to be a cheap price

            • -22

              @aragornelessar: Something being listed second hand for $700 doesn't mean people are paying $700.

            • -27

              @aragornelessar: Might I add even overpriced second hand video game stores such as CeX are selling this for $460 with plenty of stock, people overpaying on ebay have nothing to do with the market value of an item.

              • +15

                @Vinodra: Maxed my negs for today on your comments

                • -5

                  @lilkid28: Doesn't make what I said any less true though.

                  • OP stated themselves that it isnt a deal, but posted this in the "deals" section.
                  • RRP is not a deal
                  • Someone being a moron and buying this for $700 on ebay doesnt make this a comparativly good price, most people aren't that stupid.
                  • The second hand price for these aren't $700, there are plenty of stock at second hand stores such as CeX at the normal price.

                  Neg away, will be sure to return the favour for any comment I see from you in the future.

                  If this site is just going to become a PSA that stuff is in stock, its days are numbered.

  • +9

    Well i appreciated it. finally got one.

    thanks OP

  • Thank goodness this isn't ozbdeal!

  • +18

    Should we create another website OzBackInStock or just different type of deal here? :)

    Some people are getting annoyed but I personally grateful for "back-in-stock" posts when I was chasing things for weeks.

  • +1

    Imagine actually paying $600+ for one on eBay/Gumtree… especially when there's more stock on the way.

  • "I’d admit it’s not a deal per say" hmmm

  • +4

    Still better than all those toilet paper-hoarding Scumtree grubs flogging them for $600+.

  • +7

    While I'd typically agree with those saying it's not a deal, it's OOS at most places so this would definitely be helpful for someone not checking every site every 5 minutes. I think you should look at context in these scenarios. 450 clicks in 20 minutes as well - lots of people using this.

  • +3

    I bought one from Big w ebay for 360 when it was released last year

    • +4

      Do you want a biscuit?

    • +1

      if only time travelling was a thing. hindsight is wonderful.

  • +8

    Not a deal but please take my upvote. finally got it! thanks for posting it up.

  • +1

    last year

    Catch up with the times !

    Anyway will sell out fast act quickly for those who know they are selling $100 + more :)

  • +7

    Finally got one! Thanks OP. I admit this isn't a "deal" but, for many items, people are just happy to be able to source certain products.
    Also, friendly advice, the saying is 'per se' not 'per say'

    • +2

      Good spot! Updated. :)

      • +1

        Happy to help! Thanks so much for the post :)

  • +6

    i agree that this is a deal. sure it's not at a bargain price that you can get from a year ago or so but you need to look at things in today's context.
    Finally being able to buy one is a deal for sure!

    Thanks OP!

    • +8

      I think the amount of people that click on it says it is a worthy post

  • +12

    I think the neggers are being too harsh.

    Whether it's going for RRP or not is irrelevant.

    In the current climate - it's a good deal.

  • +6

    In-stock + free delivery + Easy returns/warranty support - take my upvote!

  • +7

    Deal - to take part in commercial trading of a particular commodity.

    Let me check. Money will be exchanged for goods. Yeah pretty sure it's a deal.

    There are three reasons to downvote - Cheaper price elsewhere, Issue with product or Issue with retailer.

    Anyone downvoting shouldn't be. This is the best available price

    • +11

      When the word deal is used around here i.e. "is this a deal?", it's usually shorthand for "Is this a good deal?*
      No need for the smart arse semantics

    • +1

      So if everyone sells Switches for $600 and one is selling them for $590 would your case still stand?
      Cheapest available price doesn’t mean good price.
      I wouldn’t count a nintendo switch as an essential thats needing to be purchased.
      I mean everybody paying this obviously is fine with paying RRP sure. Chuck it on reddit, or whirlpool or in the forums.

      Where will the paying RRP posts stop? At this point, what would people not be happy with paying RRP for?

      I mean, at this point we’ve seen posts for Target, Big W, Kogan and Amazon paying RRP for a switch.

    • +1

      Actually, unless it is one of the verbatim phrases listed on the page you yourself linked, its a valid negative vote if a explanation for it has been given, I only see 1 invwlid megative vote on this post.

  • +9

    For all the RRP haters out there the RRP is actually $469.95 not $469 according to the nintendo site. So given its limited availabilty and below RRP price it's a bargain in my books!

  • +2

    I mean, I guess yay to those who were wanting stock that are finally able to get some but when did we stray from the “friends don’t let friends pay RRP” approach?

    I preferred it when this site was a bunch of tight people looking for a deal worth brodening.

    • If one really wanted to, these could be brodened these - buy here, sell them on ebay for 550-600.

      Also please don't anyone actually be scum and do that.

      • Are people honestly buying them for $600?
        We’re talking about the Switch released in 2017 yes? How dense are people to be paying more than they could at launch.

        Or the flip side, the brodens find people come to their senses and are stuck with a whole load of Nintendo Switches?

        I don’t have a switch but if people are actually buying them for $600, that cost more than 3x the amount my Xbox One S (1TB) did.

        • +3

          see this ebay link

          Note this are actual sold items on ebay, not stuff currently for sale.

          credit to aragornelessar: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/8583341/redir

          • @Domingo: One went for $945?!?! I know it was bundled but still.
            Funnily enough the Switch Lite is going at about the price expected.

            • @pennypincher98: I think it really boils down to how only one kid/grown kid can really play the Lite at a time while multiple kids can play the docked switch on the TV during lockdown times

    • when did we stray from the “friends don’t let friends pay RRP” approach?

      I would say when the whole of Australia went into quarantine due to Coronavirus and this became as rare as rocking horse shite.

      Let everyone get back to work and social distancing rules get relaxed and then we can all get back to getting our knickers in a twist about RRP on a Nintendo switch.

  • +6

    Too many cranky people here. I'd avoid this but the switch is one of the better forms of entertainment in these current times.

    • +1

      My kids only really use their switches when we travel. Its the xbox and pc that they using now.

      • +2

        Very true.. Switch was a life saver for the travel/convencience.. My switches battery has run dry 3x since lockdown simply by leaving it in standby because i havent had a need to turn to it. I've been getting all my entertainment through xbox/pc/phone.

        If this virus carries on i might end up selling it.

        • I'm the opposite. Switch use has gone up so much.

        • Opposite for me. Barely use the Xbox anymore, I can't be bothered to sit through the menus, and it's better to play FPS games on PC anyhow. People are used to being free from the restraint of having to sit in front of their tv and the Xbox feels a bit quaint in that regard. Plus there's the Nintendo exclusives you're not going to get anywhere else.

          • +1

            @cannedhams: Same here, I had PlayStation for years but after going to the masterrace I've got no need or want to play a weaker, non upgradeable PC (PS and Xbox) but the switch is just so different.

  • +2

    In other news… My local woolies store finally restock some toilet paper at rrp… Im gonna post as a deal!!!

    • It's not at RRP. Its less. Check the Nintendo website

      • +1

        OMG 95c OFF!!! DEAL OF THE YEAR!!!!!! BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!!

  • +1

    This deserves to be posted in OzRRP site.. try again pls..

  • +2

    Thanks ozrrp..

  • This needs to be posted somewhere else, RRP "deals" just devalue the front page.

    • +10

      Cute flex, acting like you’re somehow different

      • how do you know?

  • +4

    I'm glad this was posted and wasn't out of stock at the time! thanks. My GF has been asking for one for a while now. Good Mother's day present! :)

    • +8

      Your GF is your mum?

      • +5

        Hey we don't judge here man

  • lol really? all of us sudden everyone wants a unit.

    • all of us sudden everyone wants a unit.

      This is because all of a sudden a virus came out of Wuhan, China. Wouldn't have been all of a sudden had they not tried to cover it up.

      • +1

        If only that man did not put the bat in soup.

  • Sold out. Just missed it

  • It's oos now :(

  • How long does it usually take for delivery to Sydney?

    • +1

      Ordered indicate about 3-5 business days

  • GONE

  • +4

    Considering RRP and being in stock is considered a "deal" these days, I'm just glad I managed to nab mine back when you could score one for $299!

  • the neon doesnt show as unavailable but you also cant add to your cart

  • +10

    For the time it took for the whingers to click in and comment "NoT a DeAL! RRP!" you could have scrolled through to the next deal and moved on with your life.
    The amount of people thankful for it to come in stock to pass some time in lockdown should make you happy for your fellow people you miserable twats.

    • Not everyone feels the need to consume gaming products during the lockdown.

      • +8

        Where did I say they did exactly?

    • +7

      ^ Same goes for stupid comments.

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