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Romoss Type-C USB PD & QC 3.0 18W 26800mAh Power Bank $34.40, 20000mAh $27.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/$39+) @ Romoss Amazon AU


After repeated requests Romoss finally have the 26800mAh power bank on sale and at a lower price than before. Also on sale is the same power bank in the capacity of 20000mAh and 3 other power banks.

The 26800mAh (SW30 Pro) and 20000mAh (SW20PS+) have multiple fast charging technologies including 18W USB-PD via USB-C, Quick Charge 3.0 via the blue USB port and 5V/2.1A via the white USB port. For recharging they have USB-PD via USB-C, QC 3.0 via Micro USB and and 5V/2.1A via Lightning. Other fast charging technologies supported include Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC (excl. S9/S10), QC2.0, MTK PE and Apple 2.4A. They both support pass-through charging.

The remaining 3 power banks are standard charging power banks (5V/2.1A) and do not feature the 18W fast charging found in the 2 above. Please See each individual listing to see the differences (battery level screen, dimensions, capacity etc) between each.

AU stock, AU warranty, free shipping with Prime (or orders over $39).

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +3

    Bought another 26800mAh one. Gr8 price and product.

  • Was gonna buy the 20000ma from eBay yesterday. Glad I waited. Happy for the 26800 for an extra 6 bucks :)

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    this 2600mah also doubles as a self-defense weapon.. its pretty solid and on the heavy side

    • +1


      I don't think it's going to be heavy.

  • +6

    Didn't really need this, but I couldn't resist for the great price.

    I needed something to make me feel happy, I'm currently living on the SADS diet (Sadness, Anxiety, Depression & Stress).

    • +3

      2nd that …

      • +1

        3rd that …

    • +10

      I feel you. Isolation is tough! Always happy to chat over PM if you need someone to talk to :)

      • can you get some 40000mah powerbank?

        • +2

          Romoss have previously made a 40000mAh power bank but I believe it's discontinued in favour of more airline friendly capacities like 26800mAh.

          • @Clear: i only use it during home. so the more capacities the better.

      • Thank you, but I actually have a very different problem to isolation, although ironically my situation makes me feel both isolated and claustrophobic at the same time.

        I think life may have finally broken me.

        • +1
          • +2

            @garbagetnt: Thank you, but even suicide wouldn't solve my problems (meaning there are others sharing my situation who depend on me, so ironically that would never be an option).

            I appreciate you taking the time to write your message, regardless.

            • +1

              @McMoots: Sounds like you're going through a lot.

              Mensline Australia: https://mensline.org.au/
              Beyondblue: https://www.beyondblue.org.au

              Just talking to someone can sometimes help make the load that little bit lighter.

              • +4

                @Tpyin: Thank you; there's no harm in taking a look and I'm man enough to accept that I need help and there's nothing wrong with talking about my feelings.

      • The only therapy we need are more deals :D

    • Get L-Tryptophan and Lithium Orate. Right now, your body wants 3g L-Tryptophan per day, split into 2 doses, for 4 days, then drop to 2g for 10 days, then drop to 1g for maintenance. Lithium Orate 10mg for 3 days, then drop to 5mg for 10 days, then about 2mg for maintenance. Both needs to be taken away from Vit C.

      I'm not a doctor, and those two are not medicine either. But I'm happy to give you your money back if it didn't work :)

  • My past experience with Romoss were not great, both died witin a year, whereas Xiaomi ones are still going strong. But I'll give it another go.

    • Agree. I have the 20000mAh, and it works and charges only when it wants to, power discharges when not used. Never had any of these issues with multiple Xiaomi's. Sticking with Xiaomi from now on.

    • May I ask which Xiaomi one you would recommend? 15000+

      • PLM06ZM, or more commonly known as 2C. They were posted on OZB before.

  • +1

    18 watt wall charger not included.

    • +9

      That's correct. Like all other power banks by other brands.

      Most people who have phones with fast charging will have a fast charger. Or perhaps one of the countless BlitzWolf chargers posted here ;)

    • +3

      i never seen any power bank come with a wall charger lol

  • What's the difference between all the different models (besides the mAh)? I was looking to buy this one before you posted this deal https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B07QPYJVKC/?coliid=I1WOM436UJBV... (because i prefer black) but im just confused at all the different models. Is there a quick explaination of the differences or a link someone can post that goes through this? I'm referring to real world usage differences.

    • Yeah it can get confusing. In the deal the SW30 Pro and SW20PS+ have the 18W fast charging, while the rest don't.

      The Ares 20 you linked also doesn't have 18W fast charge.

      • Does PD mean this can charge laptop too via USB-c?

        • Yes but I would recommend something with 45W or higher for laptops. Romoss have a 50W power bank several months away.

  • Hi guys,Does it QC 3.0 on S20?

    • Unfortunately not. The S20 requires USB PD with PPS.

  • +2

    Tempted but realise I can't leave home so don't need to worry about battery life haha

  • Can you charge a macbook 15" with 26800mAh one?

    • You'd want something with 45W or higher for laptops/Macbooks.

    • Xiaomi ones probably do. I have one of those bricks that charges my 12" macbook.

  • Just read the description properly… sorry

  • Bought one and excited to use this powerful equipment

  • +1 bought one

  • -1


  • +1

    I love their features, but my last 2 of this brand have exploded while at rest…. I'm a little shy of them…..

    • They exploded?! After how long?

      • 13 months. Luckily I store all lithium devices in a metal toolbox when not in use.

        I was also lucky they only 'smoked out', but thats a dice roll, a smoke out can easily be a fire.

        • +1

          Are you for real or joking about it. Do you have a photo or something?

          • @AussieGargain: In what way would this be funny?
            They're LiPo power banks, not LiIon, gotta treat them with care.

            I'm not surprised they burst, I was just surprised they did it so early in life.

            • +1

              @MasterScythe: 2 power banks of the same brand exploded that’s a serious safety issue. Not sure why you’re not surprised, but I definitely am surprised. Was it caused by external force or just exploded through normal use? If what you said is real, you could ask for refund or any damage caused, or they could sue you for wrong information affecting their sales and brand image.

              • @AussieGargain: First of all, lets sort out a common misconception.
                An individual cannot be sued for slander of a business. Jesus, talk about 0-100.

                Secondly, they were both a month past their warranty, so I wasn't going to try and ask for refunds, they'd lasted their expected lifespan.

                I'm not surprised, because I use Lithium Polymer batteries literally every day.
                Tens of them!
                I do a lot of RC hobby.
                Inside the banks, they're a soft-pack LiPo, just like RC. Their charge controller while OK, didn't seem to fully disconnect the cell when flat.
                I still have the charge circuit, I can connect a LiPo at 2v and it will still pass a charge; it should have marked the cell as 'dead' by then, and not allowed you to try and charge it (like laptop batteries usually do).

                There was nothing shocking about it, they bhaved exactly as an overly depleted and recharged LiPo cell should. As I said, it's why I keep all my LiPo's in a metal toolbox.

                I have powerbanks I'll happily carry anywhere I want, but they're LiIon, not LiPo.

            • @MasterScythe: Wait exploded like they burst in flames or just popped and unusable?

              I keep a 26,800mah romoss power bank in my leather bag I use for work at all times so now I'm scared to take it with me outside.

              I have been using my phone a lot less I find concentrating on just using it for work stuff like calls and text messages so my battery lasts longer but if there is potential for it to catch on due e while in the office while I'm out working and cleaning then maybe I will stop using it at all and maybe even sell it away as I dunny want to leave it at home and find my room on fire when I come home.

              So yeah when you say exploded was it due to time or maybe lots of collision and bumps.

              Mine is still less than six months atm but yeah the thought of it catching my bag on fire or house is scary so what do you recommend I do with it or maybe just get rid of it.

              • @AlienC:

                Wait exploded like they burst in flames or just popped and unusable?

                With Lithium Polymer, each one is just as likely as the other, and each one can turn into the other.
                I was lucky that mine shattered the casing, and just smoked the hell out; but that gas is flammable.

                Also, relax.
                Don't panic about it.
                Use it, they're just as safe as ANY LiPo product.
                If you're the type to worry, buy LiIon not LiPo.

                Mine was never bumped, it lived in a small neoprene padded pouch, it just passed it's warranty period, and was allowed to be charged when I had fully discharged it.

                I assumed (silly me) that the charge circuit would stop the cell charging if it had ever fallen below 3v, but nope, it let it come right back up.
                I tested the circuit using a spare LiIon i had lying around, and it lets it charge from 2v! So of course it's going to damage the cells over time.

                Just remember that Lithium Polymer is NOT a user friendly battery type, and you need to practice proper battery care.

                There's nothing inherently wrong with these power banks IMO (besides letting you charge them from below 3v, that's ridiculous); just practice safe battery practices like you would with any LiPo. Dont drain it too low, dont leave it charging too long, and if it's going into storage, make sure it's fire proof.
                This is just LiPo 101 my friend.

                As I said, if you're the type to worry, LiIon is much more stable.

                My hesitation is based around life-span, not "Will it blow up!?!?"
                I'd still store ANY LiPo in a metal box or fiberglass bag; as an RC hobby guy, I've had too many fires to ever relax.

                • @MasterScythe: Ok so I need to get lilon so what's a good lilon high capacity power bank.

                  It's just got my entry level phone so doesn't need any high laptop specs or PD or QC just high capacity safe power bank I will store on my every day carry bag for work and grocery runs.

                  Maybe I'll give my romoss away.

                  • @AlienC: Check yours first; if it uses 18650 cells in there, then it's LiIon already.
                    My two, were the 5000mah slim ones, which use LiPo

                    Those EXTREMELY high capacity ones, could very well be 18650 cells, which are quite safe (being their own metal container, inside a plastic container).
                    Find a disassembly video and check; Don't freak out, just be educated :)

                    If you want to be paranoid, get an '18650 power bank' from ebay, and buy some good brand name cells, like Sony or Panasonic.

                    I didn't expect anyone to get worried about this, it's (some models at least) a LiPo product, of course it's risky.
                    Laptops, Phones, Wireless KB\Mice, all use Li-Ion for the stability and safety, but it's why it's capacity is a little lower.
                    You want the biggest capacity? It comes with the greatest level of care needed.

                    Personally, my phone lasts a day, and if I need more, it's usually only 2 or 3 hours.
                    As such, I just carry those cheap 'lipstick' style banks for like $5 from kmart, because it's just a single 18650 cell, with a voltage booster circuit.

                    Otherwise, I make my own out of old Laptop batteries; I have a cell checker, and discard the one that failed, leaving me with a bunch of good cells to make whatever :)

                    • @MasterScythe: Just to be clear, are you saying two of your Romoss power banks 'smoked out' due to them having dodgy internal charging circuitry?

                      • @Jabba the Hutt: That is my assessment.
                        Since they only smoked, I was able to salvage the charging circuit.

                        Attaching the charging circuit to a single 18650 below 3v, I was still able to charge it.

                        It's my educated opinion (shared by most who meddle with LiPo) that if a LiPo battery goes below 3v, it's unsafe to recharge them.
                        Not always!, you can manually monitor them, I've revived a few 0.1v cells with a 0.1c charge rate and a capacity test thereafter.
                        Had a few of my Drones fall from the sky with 8v across a 4S pack….. eep!

                        However, I personally disagree with the results of letting the usual full xx-Amps of charge current, into a battery below 3v, on a consumer device.

                        I'm an educated hobbyist; Ive made my own battery banks, lithium soft packs, and mini UPS's for my modems and such; so I like to think I know what I'm talking about, buy I'm no engineer or anything.

                        Take my experience as a nerd sharing his hobby, not an engineer assessing a circuit.

                        That said, both packs did last beyond their (manufacturer) expected warranty period.

                        • @MasterScythe: Interesting perspective, seeing it as basically a longevity/warranty annoyance. Don't know what it is you get up to that's led to you having had "too many fires to ever relax", but it does feel like there's something missing from the story, especially given it happened to two. These are Joe Consumer products, and if something like that did in fact happen in the absence of misuse, it's just common sense to handle the matter as a potential product safety issue.

                          • @Jabba the Hutt: I agree, something doesn't add up here

                          • @Jabba the Hutt:

                            Don't know what it is you get up to that's led to you having had "too many fires to ever relax", but it does feel like there's something missing from the story, especially given it happened to two.

                            I already told you, RC hobby, Drone racing specifically. Where abusing soft-pack lipos (120+A) is common; when you throw 5C and often over discharge, they like to go boom.
                            Lipo's are beautifully stable when you care for them; unstable when you ask their limit of them. That's exactly why LiIon, and LiFe exist.

                            My power bank was used to run Raspberry Pi 2's, so only about 1A or so power draw; the draw expectations weren't abusive, but they DID drain to flat a few times. That, IS lipo abuse.
                            I just expected their circuit to cut them off sooner (like, phones show 0% @ 3v, and won't power up); I should have checked.

                            Just like if 'joe consumer' goes and buys a car battery, it says it contains acid; it doesn't then go and list the millions of things to not do with acid.
                            If you tip it sideways on you shirt, before educating about Pb Batteries, then you're going to end up with burns.

                            I've always felt that way; The manual did say it contained a LiPo battery, so the consumer was educated.

                            People own tens of LithiumIon products (laptops, phones, earbuds, etc), that's pretty safe, if they decide to start bringing home Lithium Polymer (hoverboard fires anyone?)? Well, that's up to them.

                            So long as a product is upfront about what it contains, I'd argue the consumer needs to educate about what they're buying.
                            I'm sure that's a less popular opinion, but to each their own.

                            I got exactly what I paid for, including the lifespan. My original comment wasn't because I was mad, it was because if I know to only expect a year out of them, perhaps I get a DIY 18650 bank instead.

  • Really hope to see some slim designed power bank , these are just chunky as

    • Cant really expect the slimness of a 10k mAh powerbank on a 20k mAh powerbank.

      It's to do with battery size. There's hardly any wasted space in these powerbank if you watch any teardown videos.

      • In my experience the Romoss extra size is a pain. The Ravpower 26800mah battery is actually more powerful as it's got 30W power to charge a laptop (Romoss only 18W) but it's thinner AND weighs less. I bought the Romoss on a similar deal but it was like carrying a household brick. I sold it. The Ravpower can fit into a jacket pocket and be comfortable enough to carry. The 5mm extra thickness really does matter. Yeah that's what she said.

        The Ravpower is 23mm thick and weighs 640g.
        The Romoss is 28mm thick and weighs 689g.

        Here's some comparisons of other 26800mah batt: https://www.powerbankguide.com/best-high-capacity-powerbanks...

        • +1

          It's also more than double the price assuming you can find one.

          20,000mAh unit @ $86


          Its hardly comparable for this pricepoint.

        • +1

          49 grams? Really.

          • @Pootie Tang: 5mm and 50g makes a difference. It's the size of a small packet of cat food. Do you really want an extra packet of cat food in your pocket? Do you have a cat?

            • @freelife: What is this? A powerbank for ants? How can we be expected to charge USB C devices if it's 49 grams and 5mm bigger?

    • +1

      I think that miniaturisation effort could go to the batteries inside mobile phones first… Then we won't need power banks. Or they could make smart dumb phones that last for a week on a recharge and won't need protective cases. I miss the old days.

  • Literally bought a 10mAh one for $20 about 30 minutes before this ad popped up.

  • i already have 2 romoss power banks…but still want to buy more

    • I'm on the fence now after reading


      Mine will be 13 months old around next Christmas but definitely don't want any fireworks or a bang in my work bag.

      Definitely not when I'm at work.

      So considering if I should even keep my current power bank or not.

  • Great powebanks, however I can hear both my SW20s (the short and fat and also the longer slimmer) when they’re on.
    It’s like a digital sound, almost like it’s frying.
    Anyone else have this issue or is it normal? If not normal, is it covered under warranty?

  • What’s the difference between the S20WPS and LT20PS?

    • -1


    • SW20PS+ has fast charge and the LT20PS does not.

      • Thanks mate, bought one!

  • Are the 26,800Mah banks allowed on planes? I remember thinking there was a 20k limit for some reason?

    • +1

      No that's incorrect. As the 26800mAh is under 100Wh it's allowed on planes without approval. If it's above 100Wh and below 150Wh you need airline approval.

  • Thx clear, I remember being one who asked for a deal on this. Ordered!

  • Hey Clear, i got the older version of the QS10 and it only came with an iPhone adaptor, can I buy a usb c one? I have one that I kind of just jam into the hole but it's dodgey looking.

  • I'd stay away from the 26800mah version with the screen, it is so thicc and heavy compared other brands of the same battery capacity e.g. ravpower. Ended up returning mine.

    • Please link the Ravpower one that is as affordable as this.

  • Excuse my ignorance but just checking if there is any power bank available that supports wireless charging for my iPhone 11 pro or the Samsung S20+

  • I previously got the the SW20PS+, it's a beast and love the two way PD fast charging.
    Wouldn't mind if the smaller ones had that..

  • +1

    Regarding the 20,000mAh unit, keep in mind that this can be prone to turn into a brick. I was ecstatic when this last came about on here and got one. I had it for a few months, but one day at random the "computer" in it died and was no longer able to give charge. The LED screen wouldn't even turn on. I was able to get a refund from Amazon and they said I didn't need to send it back, so I kept it. I may have just lucked out with mine, so I wouldn't rule out maybe getting another, given the price.

  • -1

    Not that it matters right now but you won't be able to take this on an airplane in case anyone is wondering.

    • Why not? It's under 100Wh so it can be taken on without permission. If it's above 100Wh and under 150Wh you can tell Virgin at check-in and Qantas/Jetstar will give you up to 12 months of approval if you email.

        • +4

          Thanks for the downvote because that's incorrect. You're measuring the output of the powerbank instead of its capacity which is 26800mAh at 3.7 volts.

          Therefore… 26800mAh/1000 x 3.7 = 99.16Wh

          That's how it's calculated by the airlines, CASA, TSA etc etc.

          As CASA put it:

          If the battery is rated in milli-amp hours (mAh), divide your final answer by 1000 to arrive at the watt-hours. V x mAh / 1000 = Wh. For example, a 6 volt; 2500 mah battery will be 6 x 2500/1000 = 15 Wh.

          The battery is 3.7V so therefore 3.7 x 26800mAh/1000 = 99.16Wh

          • @Clear: Sorry I'm not here very often, I thought you reply or unfold by clicking on the symbols. Do you know how to remove?

            Where is the 3.7volts noted on the amazon website?

            • @Venatrix Nocturna: It's industry standard to have phone power banks measured as 3.7 volts. You'll find that to be case with all of them from other brands like Xiaomi posted here.

              The powerbanks themselves will have their Wh labelled on them and the instructions/box usually goes into more detail.

              • @Clear: Ok I see. Is this written on the powerbank itself in case they were to calculate? (I've had this happen in Myanmar and they have confiscated my 20000mha powerbank, that's why I'm asking)

  • @McMoots: You ok Buudy?

  • Finally pulled the trigger on one of these, thanks!

  • Has anyone used this for Nintendo Switch? I have read that Switch has some specific requirements and not all power banks are good.

  • Does the SW20PS+ 20000mAh use Li- Ion or Li-Po batteries?

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