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Dettol 50ml Hand Sanitiser $2.99 + Delivery (Free with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Amazon deal, limit one per customer.

Dettol 50 ml hand sanitiser.

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  • Down, down, price down.

  • Bought one thanks

  • Grabbed one, thanks OP.

  • +5 votes

    Got one from the same last week, doesn't look like you can buy again

    • Same. Sent one to my parents last time, wanted to get one for myself this time but no luck. Glad to see their restrictions work.

    • -2 votes

      Yes. Was Gona order one for my Nona and because I have ordered before seems you can't again. Completely stupid

  • Thanks OP. Got one.

  • Question: if I have Amazon prime & I buy this. They will send it to me or will they wait if U buy anything else during the month?

    As I see things says free delivery for a pack of shapes. Seems like a waste of packaging & delivery person.

    • I think they send it separately unless you buy from the same seller? Not sure though, I've only recently joined Prime and made one purchase.

      • They will group items where the can but will send it within one day from my experience

    • If you buy a few things before they send it then they send the items together. I don't think they wait

    • From my experience. They normally pack and send within 2 days.
      If they haven't sent the item and you purchased something else, they pack send it together( if the item is from same warehouse).

    • Unfortunately they don't seem to combine shipments very well. In fact I've actually had a number of orders separated.

      I suppose this is a consequence of Prime, you're getting fast shipping rather than environmentally-friendly shipping. And maybe they're trying to clear space in their warehouses too.

      Personally I just want the free shipping, I'd be happy to wait a little longer on most things if they'd batch it.

      Heck, they even put their boxes around other boxes, e.g. some of the recent soft drink deals.

    • If you dont order anything else at the same time they will ship it straight away.
      But even if you do order other stuff at the same time, they will still ship it straight away, it just may come in the same package as some other stuff.

      I ordered this and it was delivered in less than 2 days. I have Prime as well.

      I'm doing lots of my grocery shopping now from Amazon, especially for the bulky heavy items like drinks and canned goods. Prices are pretty much exactly the same as Woolies and Coles. Shipment is fast and free. Always delivered by Aust Post.

  • They gave me a $10 voucher yesterday because they couldn't ship it to my location for an unspecified reason. Time to try and order again to see if that happens again ;)

    • Are you in Tasmania? Got the same.

    • Has to be sent by road, Hand Sanitiser is considered a highly flammable dangerous good from a shipping perspective (even a tiny little bottle of it). Before COVID19 every time I ordered a carton of it for work a printed MSDS would be stuck to the box without fail alongside a Class 3 flammable goods sticker.

  • And it’s gone (South Park reference)

  • what a joke! bought one thru Amazon the other day for $3.49 delivered FREE, ok, great! but only restricted to one product, bubble wrap satchel arrived, easily could have fitted 8 to 10, I just don't get it postage and parcel would've cost a small fortune!

    • Apparently Amazon deliberately uses oversized boxes so it fits into delivery vans better, to stop packages sliding around and breaking.

    • They're banking on the facts that you're gonna buy other stuffs as well and then fits them all in a parcel

  • Those who missed out and really need one, check out your nearest Coles stores. I saw them in thousands in Health and Beauty section at one of the Coles in WA @$3.50 each. Along with several pallets of Quilton 20 pack toilet rolls for $10. Good to see life returning to normal :)

  • Back in stock today $2.69