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Free Unlimited Newsgroup Access for Block customers / 1TB Blocks for USD$7 - NewsgroupDirect


Hi All

Newsgroup Direct has just announced unlimited newsgroup access for block customers during COVID times

1TB Blocks can be purchased for USD$7

From their email:

We’re providing our valued block customers with unlimited usenet access during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who is This For?
Our free access is available for current NGD block customers. Current unlimited customers should continue to use the existing servers.

How to Access Free Usenet
The only thing you’ll have to change in your configuration is your NNTP address. You’ll need to connect to covid.newsgroupdirect.com with your existing username and password. Everything else will stay the same.

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    What, no enticing image? c.f. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/531676

    • Different provider

      • Yes; hence why competition for my eyeballs is important!

        • I misread the image which enticed me to click on it.

  • What does it mean? Downloads not counted during the pandemic?

    • +1

      Buy a 1TB block account for $7
      “ Free Unlimited Newsgroup Access”
      Ie: your downloads won’t count against your 1TB block during the pandemic, but will afterwards
      PS: I have been a member for 7 years and the block accounts don’t expire

      • What are their speeds like?

        • +2

          Using nzbget I max out my FTTN 50mbps.
          My primary is Tweaknews.

        • +1

          Maxes out my 100mbps connection

  • SSL not currently working for me on the covid server although non-SSL is fine.

    SSL connections working fine on their non-covid servers.

    • +1

      SSL working fine for me on covid.newsgroupdirect.com:563

      • Thanks, I'll contact their support.

  • Anyone got an invite for Slug or Dog?

    Thanks in advance :)

    • I have been looking for the same, if someone could give me an invite to slug/dog would be appreciated. Cheers

    • When you say slug, do you mean DrunkenSlug?
      If so I dont have any invites but I do have an account I dont care about (never had a need for it, just sign up to everything).
      So if you dont mind you name being PAEz (dont look like i can change it) then pm me an email and password (you can change it once you log in) and Ill change over the details.
      Whichever of you two that pms first gets it.

      • +1

        Gone, someone asked for it.

  • 1TB Block showing as $70 now. Is this expired or is there a page I should be looking for?

    EDIT: For anyone else looking, it seems like they're no longer doing the $7 for 1TB but they're doing $13 for 2TB here.