This was posted 1 year 5 months 25 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$10 off in-Store with QR Code ($10 Minimum Spend and Membership Required) for Existing Eligible Members @ IKEA


We have received our first quarterly $10 reward from IKEA today. The coupon codes (QR and online: IF84Pk7u) are the same for both accounts (see screenshot attached). To shop in store you have to scan your IKEA Family membership card and get the discount verified by the staff.

$10 minimum spend applies.

Update: Delivery and click&collect may sometimes not work for some IKEA stores "due to unprecedented demand"

Update2: the code doesn't work online unless you are logged with an eligible account. Must work with IKEA membership, if spent over $100 from 21 Feb (start date of the campaign) to 31 March 2020

Update3: it has been confirmed - the code sometimes works online, no membership required, min spend $10

Update4: QR code can be used multiple times with any IKEA membership number

Update5: online code has become invalid after it got ozbargained

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    • yes…..i tried 3 times then gave up….good luck :)

    • tried incognito mode dice

  • Payment is not going through and keep on failing

  • confirmed it worked for multiple times. even after logged in

    • when did u place the order

      • just now

    • If you use it multiple times they will cancel your order. It happened to a number of people from the recent Ikea deal.

      • Oh, just saw this.

        Damn, thanks for the heads up.

        I wonder if they'll cancel both.

  • Tried multiple times. Payment not processing page time after time. Issue with Retailer.

    • Did you pay cash?

      • I really didn't want to neg the deal.
        I tried on multiple items even over the minumum spend:(

        • Might be the system is down now. Will see tomorrow.

        • Try on mobile?

          • @alexshel: Yeah tried on mobile and laptop.
            Same MSG.
            "Hi there, The page you requested is not available. Apologies for the inconvenience

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              @DisabledUser289534: Tried again on my mobile! Got through. Revoked the vote. Thanks for checking up on me OP

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      I bought some batteries C&C at Rhodes just now. Worked fine.

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        Dumb neg. There are lot more dummies and negative people at ozbargain lately.

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    Thanks. Just ordered on mobile.

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    Got it thanks op

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    Thank you.
    Some things I’ve wanted and this is a great discount.

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    Got it, Thank you

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    working fine for me!

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    Due to unprecedented demand we are currently unable to offer delivery or click and collect from this store or postcode, please check again in 12 hours.

    • Updated the description. Thanks.

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    Thanks just ordered with click and collect from Rhodes. Tried it again but but seems that click and collect has been disabled in Rhodes and Tempe store now.

  • Anyone else getting, "Due to unprecedented demand we are currently unable to offer delivery or click and collect from this store or postcode, please check again in 12 hours." for Tempe and Rhodes?

  • "Due to unprecedented demand we are currently unable to offer delivery or click and collect from this store or postcode, please check again in 12 hours."

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    Thanks op. Bought a 10 dollar item and paid 50 dollars for delivery. Awesome deal.

    • Haha Ikea is nasty. 🤣

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    Thanks OP

  • We going to need to show a family ikea card on c&c?

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      You can register one anytime with your email address

      • Thanks:)

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    Thanks op.
    Ordered with a click and collect from Marsden Park.

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      Same 😀👍! Thanks Op!

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    Seemed to go through fine for me as a click and collect order for a few spice jars I've been eyeing off, we'll see if they'll actually let me pick them up, thanks :)

  • Anyone having success in Adelaide ikea?

    • Yes a couple of orders for c+c all good at my end

  • +3
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    Worked for me, twice!

    Thanks OP

    Picked up a set of AA and AAA LADDAs

  • Does anyone know what their clear acrylic display risers are called? I swear I've seen them in store but can't seem to search for it. Want to use it for displaying figurines in a detolf display cabinet.

  • No click and collect available at the perth store still.

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    “Unprecedented Demand” is right. I think the whole of Melbourne was inside IKEA Springvale yesterday! No social distancing concerns there…

  • Will they cancel the order if you dont pickup at the selected time and date?

  • do you still need to print out the email attached form for the order and sign it to collect item or do i just show the photo id?

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    I managed to do one order that went through successfully. Tried to do a second, and the coupon was accepted on the first screen, but then failed on the 2nd saying "Invalid Code". Tried clearing cache, different browsers, different computers - Nada. Is it over?

    • Same here, fixed…

  • Can't get past checkout. Stuck on cart redirect

  • I think the discount code duplicate has been cleared up now (no longer working for multiple / no family membership), damn was going to order a dining setting.

  • Nice, will try at the physical store, could use some more cube storage

  • Could I use it multiple times?????!!!!

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        Probably because you sank the boat with your nine orders

  • still no luck for adelaide store. even created a family membership but the site just seems to crash or doesn't let me proceed.

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    Tells me : Discount entered is invalid

    • Still works on 3 x C&C from Rhodes
      $1.98 to pay.
      Doesn't work with IKEA Tempe (unprecedented demand)

      • it shows up in cart page with the discount but once you continue it said code invalid on the payment page.
        i wonder if the barcode works in the physical store or not?

        • Worked for us yesterday, though both IKEA family accounts where eligible for the reward and we had to scan the membership barcodes

          • @alexshel: yeah yesterday night definitely works (I had stuff in my carts too) but not this morning, sigh…

            • @kenneth88: I am talking about the physical store purchase. We used the barcode in store and had to scan IKEA family code too.

            • @kenneth88: Have you received the confirmation for pick up?

  • doesnt work for me, both incognito and mobile :(

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    So what's the point of spending $xxx per quarter to get a voucher if it's the same voucher for everyone any way???

  • damn, miss it.

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    Can't get to my IKEA account details now. They must be fixing something. The code doesn't work online anymore if not logged in and if logged in with ineligible account.

    An error occurred, please try again

    We are currently experiencing technical difficulties retrieving your order, please try again later

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    It is safe to say that this deal has officially been OzBargained!

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    until another Ozbargainer shares his/her quarterly code …

  • Do you guys received the confirmation for pick up? Or order cancelled?

    • No confirmation email.Looks like they will be cancelling the orders or atleast those who have used code multiple times.

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    Scanning that code worked in the store, then they Just scanned my membership card (had a screen shot). Mind you, must have grabbed the high gloss version of the shelvings which were $15 more ffs

    • Did you spend more than $100 in the previous quarter on this membership card?

      • Can't recall sorry, perhaps not, don't think there's a history if log in, but weren't any hassles so who knows.

  • I purchased something last night for pick up between 3-5pm today. Haven't received an sms or anything to say my order is ready for collection. Not sure if my order is still ok? My credit card was charged last night.

    • Can you log in to your account to check the order status?

  • just received email phone call
    family card + use of barcode once = order will go through
    no family card and using barcode = cancel order + refund (this is whats happening to me)
    my friend did multiple orders and use the barcode all time = all being cancelled

    • Have you received email about canceling orders?

    • Barcode supposed to work in-store only. How did your friend use barcode multiple times?

      • it was working online for click and collect pickup before IKEA caught on

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    I used the code yesterday and it worked fine. Now, if I check my order online using the below link

    It shows me that I have to pay cash (Full Amount of the order neglecting what I have paid using my card and $10 discount voucher) when I pick up my order.

    • Same, except I received an email requesting full amount with no mention of what I've already paid.

      • UPDATE: Didn't pick up product in the end. Requested refund for $4.99 paid and haven't received response.

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          I called them a couple of days ago and they told me to wait for the 'ready to pick up' email. More than a week since I placed the order and still not ready for pick up. Gonna ask them to give me a refund tomorrow as well. This is getting ridiculous.

          • @AussieDaddy: Just got an email saying they're processing my refund, so all is well lol. Hope it all works out for you too.

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    Dear Customer,

    Unfortunately your IKEA orders have been cancelled due to the improper use of the quarterly IKEA family reward code. As a result a refund has been initiated.

    We apologise for the inconvenience,



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    I picked up the order and now got email its cancelled and your refund has been processed. Do not know what happens now. But i do not mean to buy any freebie, i paid 9.99$ and 10$ voucher used.

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      Congrats! So you got a freebie after refund?

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      Same here, collected.

      • +1


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    Never made any purchases with Ikea membership but code worked. Order confirmed for click n collect

  • I can confirm that I had 4 C&C orders at IKEA Adelaide fulfilled and 2 cancelled (4 AA’s and 2 AAA’s). Picked up the 4 today, no questions asked, but I got in very early on the deal last night just before it blew up.

    Edit: I checked out as guest each time and after 6 times my orders couldn’t be placed.

    • You have used the code 6 times and 4 were accepted? I wish I did the same thing. I bought only one, but haven't picked it up yet. They never send you 'Ready for Pickup' email so I might just show up at the store tomorrow. Did they send you an email or you just went there?

      • I got some emails and some texts, with no correspondence on the 2 cancelled ones. First wave was the order confirmation email, then an email that the order has been picked, and then I got a text for 2 of them saying they’re ready to pick up. Seemed pretty inconsistent though.

    • Did you get a text or email to collect? Mine was due yesterday to collect but got there and they told me have to wait til text was received & will be Atleast half hour! I haven’t received any cancellation emails etc and it is now the morning! Paid with a prepaid MasterCard so not sure if I’ll get the refund

      • Well, to be fair they do have a 6 hour window to do it. I got a text for 2 of them saying they were ready, but nothing for the others.

    • Have you got the cancellation email regards to the battery order? I only made one order which is battery, due to collect yesterday, but I haven’t received any notification about collection or cancellation yet! :(