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Steggles Family Roast Chicken $2.80/kg @ Coles


Steggles Family Roast Chicken, haven't seen it this cheap for a while.

Bought two 2.9kg chickens with an expiry date of 28/04/2020 at my local Coles.

This deal should be nation wide by the looks of it.

This is a plain, whole raw chicken with no stuffing inside it.

EDIT: Confirmed it is nationwide. Thanks to voteoften for confirming it.

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    It is Australia wide. It was in my catalog for WA.

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      When I bought this before it had no stuffing, only some light seasoning/marinade on the outside. Or maybe I'm remembering some other Steggles chicken I bought

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        Yeah confirmed, there is no stuffing, let me add that into the description to make it more clearer.

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          Cool. That's good, because many people don't want to pay for stuffing anyway.

      • No stuffing and no marinade. I buy these regularly. Usually on sale for $3.80 kg so this is a great price.

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    For those of you with access to cheap milk, apparently Jamie Oliver has a recipe out there for chicken cooked in milk that is supposed to be fantastic.

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      I soaked chicken in milk for a day … it was like eating tofu!

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        Doesn't sound tasty

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      You lost me at Jamie Oliver…

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      I haven't cooked that recipe in about 4 years, but yes it's quite nice.

      I much prefer a chook cooked on my bbq rotisserie though

      • Even better with charcoal on the rotisserie.

  • Does anyone else get weirded/disgusted out when trying to cook or handle this chook. I usually just buy breast from the deli at $10/kg but this is so much cheaper. Considering buying but last time I tried, it was so eerie… You can feel the skin where all the feathers are plucked and it's just…. Off-putting.

    Anyone else?

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      As all the vegans would say meat is murder

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      Admittedly it is a bit disconcerting when you lay it down on its back and the legs flop out to the sides… >.>

      • I had to help the wife put the rotisserie rod through the chicken the other day, and yes through the head and out the butt.. makes you think hey, but still tastes good and it is a good source of protein for us humans

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      You really need to come to terms with the fact eating flesh is eating an animal.
      Buying breasts or nuggets still kills the bird

      • when ever I think about nuggets I just assume one nugget could well contain at least 5 or 10+ different chickens mixed together it's probably higher tho

      • Thanks for that. It was news for me. Learn something every day.

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          Are you freaked out that your meat resembles the animal it came from because that is icky? If you are, maybe have a think.
          Isn’t it more freaky to think somebody has stuffed the chook in a washing machine to abraid away the feathers, then peeled off the skin, cut off the head, trimmed away the ribs and spine to leave a fillet?

          I usually prefer to buy a whole bird, rather than processed cuts where I don’t have visibility of how it has been butchered, and it doesn’t hurt that it is cheaper.

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            @mskeggs: I’d rather someone else do it. Wouldn’t want my washing machine smelling like chicken.

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      Don't try butterflying it then. You cut the spine out with a pair of scissors, then flip it over and press down hard to crack the sternum.

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      No, eating meat is eating dead animals, I'd like to think all meat eaters have made that choice. The problem is we are far too disconnected from where our food comes from. I will point out that I'm supportive of people being vegans, and choosing not to eat meat for whatever their reason may be, I just think as humans we would do well to be more connected to our food (which vegans typically are).

      It wouldn't hurt if people had to kill a few chooks themselves every 5 or so years if they wanted to keep buying breast fillets at the shop. My personal view has always been if you aren't comfortable in killing a chicken for food, you'd be better off not eating them. The same could be said for vegetables, we wouldn't have so much waste of odd looking vegies if more people grew their own and knew that most of them don't look perfect.

      Ideal scenario is better animal management practices and a better quality of life for animals, that results in a higher price for the product which reduces demand and results in less animals being born and killed for meat production, with the ones who are hopefully living somewhat better for their very short lives.

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        I’m growing an avocado tree.

        Will wait the 15 years before I can smash it on my toast.

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    Promotional limit 12? Woolworths Online won't let me order more than 2x of any particular type of meat product

  • Thanks. Doing a bit of cooking in lockdown and trying a few new recipes. Was able to order 3 delivered. Going to try one in my new airfryer. Yum

    • Is Coles or Woolworths online now available for regular shopping?
      Last time I checked they only delivered to select group of people.

      • still not available.

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      However you cook the chicken you can save the carcass/offcuts and make chicken soup.

  • Damn already got a 2.7kg chicken when it was $3.50/kg the other day. Good find OP!

  • https://www.steggles.com.au/products/family-roast-chicken

    "Lightly marinated for tenderness" = roughly 10% salt water….

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      Probably to pump out the weight

    • I was about to say that. I prefer the normal raw chicken, not the salty water pumped up ones.

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        Same… though if you're just straight up roasting it, the brine does work pretty well.

        Not so great for fried chicken or other uses though.

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    just want to tell everyone i am cooking one of these stegles chickens in my comvection oven right now

    • And I'm going to be cooking one of them tonight!

      We usually just grab a Coles or Aldi chicken, so interested to see the difference between them and a Steggles chook :)

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    I'll be in to buy 12 of these today. Very easy to break down. The remaining off cuts make a great stock as well.

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    Easy way of cooking a whole bird is wash, pat dry apply spice rub or marinade. Cook on a rack (or balls of alfoil) in slow cooker 3-3.5 hrs on auto/low very moist and liquid in bottom makes a yummy gravy/sauce

  • Thanks for this. I made it with a garlic rosemary butter coating, with hasselback potatoes and carrot and pumpkin. Was PHENOMENAL.

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