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Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Purifier 3 $219.94 (Sold Out) | Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Purifier Pro $299.95 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay

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    How many of these do people have in their homes? Do you need 1 per room or will 1 cover a smallish 2 bedroom home. Id be interested in getting 1 but only if it will have some impact.

    • I have the 3H in a large lounge/kitchen/living area - about 60m2 - and it works great.

      • Isn't the 3H designed for 25-44m²
        Do you find it still works ok in 60m²?

      • Thanks Im thinking I could put 1 in 1 room and hope it covers both as they are next to each other or in the hallway

    • I have connected the exhaust of the pro (top part) into my gas ducted heating air duct.

      Fresh filtered air from outside (from attic), no need to open windows - less dust, some smoke protection (they have carbon hepa filters) if we happen to repeat last summer bush fires scenario, controllable, automated, etc.
      Also got ClearGrass monitor to control air quality inside and automate based on CO2 level (or any other metric).

      Though this basically targets my 3 small bedrooms. Which are altogether are under 30 squares.

  • Do people have genuine uses for these? I don't think I do, but I want to buy it for some reason.

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      I find it great for allergies.

      Normally if I flick my sheets whilst making my bed, this will give me hayfever for the next few hours. With this on, it reduced hayfever symptoms significantly.

    • but I want to buy it for some reason

      That's what I did a few weeks ago when it was $179 on eBay. It's still in its box, sitting underneath packaging from a handful of things I purchased from Amazon.

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      Unless you suffer from breathing irritants currently you'd be best saving your cash IMO.

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      It will come in handy during bushfire season.

      It's crazy how fast people forget - air purifiers were selling out everywhere during the bushfires a couple of months ago.

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        This +1

        Back when we had those days of hazardous air quality, it was a blessing to be able to breathe normally indoors with an air purifier

    • see my comment above ^^

      • Cool, so every couple of years it may come in use haha ;-) Also interesting for allergies.

  • Is this the same as the 3H?

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      • Absolute superstar.
        I just hope I get home in time after work and it's not sold out.
        Thank you so much !

      • In the ad it does say global version, and the ad has been changed to reflect this!
        Thank you for it.
        I managed to get the 3rd last one.

      • Hi there!
        can you check your pms?
        i put the wrong address on my order!

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      NO! I have no idea why OP said it was. 3 is the China mainland version, whereas 3H is the global version.

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    I just noticed Kogan are doing knock-offs of these. How sneaky.


    • Reckon they're any good or just junk knock off?

      • Big difference in size. The Xiaomi 3 would be many times the volume of the Kogan linked above. That's more on par with the smaller Breville models.

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          The Kogan one linked does 16m2.

          The 2H does 21-37m2.

          The 3 does 32-48m2.

    • What's the difference between the Air 3 and Air Pro exactly? The Pro does more m2?
    • Is this compatible with Alexa? *edit Without having to download Xiaomi app or registering via Xiaomi chinese backdoors etc.
    • What's the noise like comparatively
    • Can this be maintainced cleaned for longer life or is it a straight filter replacement only?
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      1. Air Pro shifts more air. The 3 is fine for normal sized rooms.
      2. You'd need to go through something like Home Assistant to get voice support without using the Xiaomi app.
      3. On night mode, virtually silent. On full bore, it is noisy but not anywhere near as bad as a cheap oventop extractor. Other settings are everything inbetween.
      4. Not sure what you mean. Maintenance is replacing the filter, although some claim you can vacuum the filter to extend its life.
      • I have a Winix Zero 4 which has a washable pre-filter, along with replaceable carbon filter + hepa filter.

        I find it to be invaluable for extending product life as a vaccuum or wash of the pre-filter gets alot of the particles out — getting much more life and utility over replaceable-only components.

  • Can I use these Global versions with other ones I have which are AU. I've been seeing people commenting about the AU models use AU servers, grey import ones using Chinese servers. Does it mean that I have to run separate apps/logins if I use a mix of AU and global models?

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      This is global version, so they are no different with au model(same model no),it come with au plug, you can choose Au server without any problem. You only need one login.

  • Is this a air purifier 3 or 3H?

    • 3 and 3H is same product.

      • So does the one on sale here come with a HEPA filter (as it doesn't say in the description).

        • Yes, gery HEPA filter.

  • Hi Rep, can you list the 2H version too?

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    Stocking up for summer.

  • I have one which seems to work fine, but auto mode always says the air is fine, so it won’t actually do anything unless I switch to manual via the app. My friend had a similar issue in the middle of the bushfires happening.

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    Can this kill airbourne virus ?

    • Absolutely not. The virus will pass through the filter as they can be as small as 100nm.

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    Does the Pro version come with grey HEPA filter ?

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    Will these be recognised if we use the mainland china server of mi home?

  • Thank you OP, finally pulled the trigger!

  • Got one for wife who has itchy nose at night. Where can I obtain replacement filter for the 3H?

  • Does this have the RFID or NFC tag at the bottom of each filter to ensure only their filters can be used and must be thrown out after 100% usage? Heard this somewhere is it true?

    • Filters have RFID but don't know about the rest.

    • +1

      This is true. It's to make sure you throw it out after its working life.

      Mine lasted 11 months of daily use until it had to be changed.

      But if you don't want to change it, block the RFID sensor and it will continue to work. It's easy to trick it.

  • Will you get any stock of the purifier 3?

    • you can get it from Allphones eBay store for $225 delivered. AU stock with the 10% off voucher (PSIGNAL as well I think)

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    I want the Pro but has been cheaper before https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/460247

    • +1

      Exchange rate was more favourable back then too though

  • Thanks OP. Bought the Pro last night.

  • Sincerely asking: why do people buy this? I live in Melbourne western suburbs and the AQI is constantly below 10.

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      Bedroom for those with dustmite allergy. It can ease the symptom.

    • Also Bushfires, cleared the smokey small from my apartment.

  • has anyone else needed to contact these guys because there was no tracking number - only to be told 4 weeks wait?
    now the Ebay coupon code has expired and can't purchase with another seller near this price..
    Anyone who purchased and forgot about it - contact them! see if your stock has been sent out or not

    • I had the same worry as there was no ebay update so i contacted them. This is the reply.Feels like CameraHouse with the eneloops all over again

      "We sincerely apologise for the late delivery. we need the handle day to process your order, but it will send out before next friday by express post, Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
      Kind regards

      Ordered on 20th and they haven't even sent yet. I completely understand AusPost delays but delays in sending it shouldnt be so bad. Many companies need a lesson in setting expectations with their customers so we dont feel so lost.

      • Just got that reply too, don't know how many people they're promising and where we are on that list. even more worrying because they previously said 4 weeks wait

        if we cancel the order - do we have the right to leave negative feedback on eBay? or do we not get the option the moment they refund us?
        from the buyers perspective:
        - they weren't sincere/accurate about their stock level.
        - they're holding the money now
        - buyer cannot reuse promo code with another seller as it has expired


        • +1

          Glad i put this on my credit card. I'm sensing I may need to give them a call.

          I'll contact the rep on OzB to provide an update on this post for everyone.

    • +1

      Purchased on the 21/04, sent out on 22/04 and received on 27/04. Guess I got lucky. There was a minor delay as it sat at the post office for a day or two – as I expected since auspost is "experiencing challenges worse than Christmas". I feel your frustration mate!

      Getting in contact with this store and possibly xiaomi as the unit that I received has a faulty OLED display…

      I just want cleaner air.

      • Ah you're proof that they had some stock at one point at least haha

        what's wrong with the display? I can only imagine the frustration of waiting so long to get a faulty display and have to chase up after sales….

        • Yeah, thought I wanted to leave a comment letting people know that it's not all negative experience with regards to receiving stock – been on both ends.

          The display worked at first, was able to see the air quality, temp, humidity, but then the screen just went kaput in a matter of a couple of hours and after resetting numerous times, just fails to display anything. Don't see this issue anywhere else so I could have received a lemon anyway. Fan still works but I have no idea of what the current status is. Contacted their eBay store but I may try here and Xiaomi support.

          Hope you get your unit soon with no issues!

          • @settings: Dang! that sounds like such a headache.. hope they don't give you the runaround.. update us on the outcome!

            • @5k: Contacted them via eBay and I promptly returned the faulty unit with a return label they supplied. Sent it out on Friday and they received it Monday.

              On Tuesday they contacted me saying that they will send a unit out via Express Post and now on Wed, I've received a new unit. Pretty seamless, kudos to Gearbite.

              Hope you have received your unit!

              • @settings: Yep, got my unit, it is a mothers day gift so lucky it came before mothers day!
                whew :)

        • Mine's delivered yesterday, i'm yet to test it.

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