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Cottee's Ice Magic Varieties 220g $2 @ Coles


White Choc


Choc Mint

May Be Present Oats, May Be Present Sesame, May Be Present Peanuts, May Be Present Soy, May Be Present Tree Nuts, Contains Milk, May Be Present Wheat

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  • +2

    I wish they did a Choc Coffee :(

    • oooh… that'll be nice :)

    • Chocolate topping with coffee ice cream?

      • That'd work too! The trouble is finding plain coffee ice-cream.

  • +1

    did they used to have honeycomb, or was that the homebrand version?

  • +4

    Feels like these are going on sale more often nowadays…! Time to relive my younger days (or desires since my parents didn't believe in ice magic).

    • +2

      So much this.

      I bought a fair few a while ago…. I swear they are half empty though…

      • +3

        Definitely some type of weight at the bottom giving a false sense of magic.

        And to 'jace88' I say "Hell yes" - ice magic might as well have been called ice gold made from real gold. Not a chance in hell that would ever make it home. No frills chocolate topping or if super lucky cottees chocolate topping.

        • I'm so glad it wasn't just me… this, along with various other groceries like Coco Pops were never going to make it home, and now that I'm an adult I can finally afford to buy all the goodies :D

          I don't know about the other people who buy into this deal but at $2, I can finally try the other flavours as well.

    • +2

      Makes ice cream even more magical if you sprinkle over 100's and 1000's too.

  • Ohhhh no…I did not need this right now! (Actually I really do)

  • Mmmm sugar !

  • If I find oats in my ice magic I won't be pleased. Peanuts, I might let it slide.

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