This was posted 1 year 7 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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4 Months Free NBA League Pass (Premium) @


Spotted this deal on HUKD

Enter code WATCH30 to get 4 months free premium subscription. No credit card details required.

According to HUKD, offer ends in ~11 hours so get in quick :)

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    Thanks OP. No need for credit card to sign up as well.

    • Have updated post :)

    • Cheers, signed up and working right away.

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    Does it indict that this season ended? lol

    • apparently it’s gonna start soon.

    • Might be a Vegas tournament.

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        Florida did just deem professional sports to be "essential".

        • +10

          Thank god for Americans and their stupidity.

        • Professional Sport can be very useful for the vast majority of people to have some joy while they are stuck at home as well as keep them at home watching it on tv rather than going out to the beaches etc. Professional Sport also has the capabilities and resources to actually do it in a safe manner by using some of the ideas that Wayne Bennet / NRL had been proposing. Small Country town in a warm climate, only the players / teams are there, they are not allowed to leave the town etc. There are options out there.

          Of course they shouldnt do it if its not safe but they have the resources to come up with ideas to make it safe as long as the people involved are willing to be subjected to their own lockdown etc.

          It can provide a lot of support for mental health with people stuck at home as well as even create something the people can have chats about with others and create a social interaction about something fun and positive rather than all chats just be about the virus.

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    Awesome, hopefully they incorporate Linius tech into it

    • What exactly is it? Just read the media release about it and it offers personalized virtual videos. What's the virtual content?

  • Thanks OP, got my account setup

  • Thanks!

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    I really don't watch basketball but free is free. Thanks, OP. :D

  • Thanks OP! Got my account

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    Good offer if you don’t have the pass already.

    Anyone noted if League Pass has offered paid up members any extension to their subscription? Got another good deal this year, as did many fellow OzBargainers, but not much value without the games!

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      NVM: you were asking.

      As far as I know, we didn't get anything so far.

      This is a really nice thing to give 4 months, but I'd wish they would do something for current users like 30-50% refund or you guys get next year free or a discount code for next season etc..

    • We received a partial refund…about 30% was refunded.

      • I haven’t been offered a partial refund yet. I got a great price on my league pass thanks to a post on here last year

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    Are you able to watch classic games from previous seasons?

    Aside from highlights I could only find games from the current season.

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      From what I have read in the past on r/nba they nuked all archived games and it is only this seasons

      • +1

        I just signed up and found there are some classic games and features in the “video” tab. For instance 2003 TMac and Kidd dueling triple doubles, which will be a good watch!

  • Time for some classic Patty Thrills!

    • +1

      Actually the Aron Baynes goes downtown game might be funny.

  • Thanks OP!!!

  • Omg me and in law love basketball! Thanks!

  • Thanks OP! Now just to wait until the season resumes.

  • Where do you enter promo code for this?

  • Thanks op. Signed uo

  • Nothing to watch…. this season is over see you in 2021.

  • How do you get this to work, where do you sign up and plug in the code?

    I am trying to sign up for it but keeping getting asked for Credit Card and no option for code

    • Same with me

    • same here

      • I assume you needed to apply for the last round of free 30 days and now you get extra with code?

        In which case this deal doesn't work for many people?

    • +2

      I had the same issue but this link worked for me:

    • Tried on laptop works…didn’t work on my iPhone

    • Log back in —> goto my account —> subscription and enter code manually

      • Thanks working now after sigin up via phone instead of laptop.

  • Got it cheers 👍

  • Thanks op. Got it no problem

  • Thanks OP signed up.

  • perfect thanks OP!

  • i'm only just getting back into nba since the 90s, nice timing my friend

  • Works thanks OP !!

  • Thanks OP! Worked smoothly without a CC

  • funny i got it about 10 minutes ago not knowing the expiry was 9 am, luck is on my side

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    Jokes on me, I already paid for league pass for this year :(

  • +1

    This still works at 9:14am AEST

  • Still works for me. Did it 1 min ago.

  • Still working, thanks!

  • Still working as of 10:05 AEST

  • still working

  • this is crazy deal thanks op

  • how can you tell its for 4 months?

    • +1

      Sitting under Current Subscriptions:

      Bill Date: Apr 22, 2020
      Access Through: Aug 31, 2020 23:59

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    Still working :-)11.04am

  • Can't see anywhere to put in the code, no matter what link or device I try. I only 4 options to buy and each one of them takes me to a screen where i have to input a card. I see a try free preview where i can't see a place to do a code. Anyone have hints?

  • Thanks OP!!!

    Can you get access to the Jordan series Last Dance on there??

    • I don't think it's on NBA League Pass or Kayo. It's definitely on the American Netflix but not sure about the Aussie one.

      • What's to watch …. i can't find anything good …

  • Still working 11:20 AEST

  • Thanks OP! :)

  • Already paid for a yearly subscription and watched about 3 games. :(

    I don't know why this is a good deal when there won't be any games for the next 4 months.

  • +1

    try this direct link if you already have an account / signed in.
    You may need to manually click 'Apply' to apply the promo code in order to get rid of the credit card.

  • Good find, I signed up and downloaded the app.

    I was wondering initially why they'd make it free to watch with no cc required. Then I thought about it some more. American sports are mainly made up of adverts (2 hours and 17 minutes in regular season, 2 hours 40 minutes in the playoffs in the case of the nba - the sport is actually 48 minutes of play).

    • Because there's no live sport going on in America and this NBA season has been cancelled. You will have to pay again before the time the next season so all you are getting is repeats of an incomplete season but it brings new users who may like the service and pay next season I guess would be their thoughts.

      • How do you know the season has been cancelled?

        • well it's not officially cancelled but i can't see them letting billion dollar athletes fly around to 30 different states in the middle of the worst hit country on Earth, it's highly unlikely they will finish this season. it's suspended indefinitely and there is no sign of any move for it to come back, players are not even training.

          • +1

            @rudiger1234: Yes I don't see the NBA season resuming anytime soon. The only way they can go around it is if they begin the playoffs with the current standings as it is. In terms of travel almost every team these days fly private jets to their next game. Isolate in the team hotel, only go to and from the practice facility and venue they are playing next. Obviously games are played being closed doors, condense the playoffs from a 7 game series to 5 games and hopefully the season ends around September with the possibility of the next season beginning later in the year like in December. Just an idea but most likely the season will be cancelled.

            • @Limz02: Yeah that is the only way they could do it but the US response overall has been staggeringly lax and they are still pushing to reopen things despite being the worst hit in the world by far so you just never know what they are going to do but I guess they will weigh up is it worth playing games in empty stadiums. I just read the mayor of Vegas recommended her city to be totally reopened right now as a test case for the world to see what happens. They are just not getting it some of them that they are going to have to lose some money so you never know with them but I can't see the risk/reward scenario stacking up for them to come back this year. It would be awesome if they did but I can't see it as things are so bad right now in America, they have little control of it and their people are the most stubborn about ignoring social distancing and closing businesses and stuff despite that, including many of their politicians. It's a shit show over there right now, they should focus on saving themselves.

  • Still works!

  • Thanks OP.

  • Still working, cheers!

  • Pleasantly surprised to find this still working

  • Thanks OP nice find!

  • still works!

  • The Last Dance

  • I had to create an account first and then go back and choose the $150 option. You then apply the code and it goes to $0

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