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[PS4] PlayStation VR V2 with Camera & VR Worlds Bundle $368.01 Delivered @ The Gamesmen eBay


Been looking for one of these for a while and even second hand units on gumtree/eBay have been more expensive. Great deal IMO

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  • is it a deal looks like over$400?

  • $368 I think

  • Comes to $368.01 with coupon which is quite cheap,

    • I remember the Mega Bundle for less than $300…

      Is it because no supply or just no specials?

      • Not 100% sure - probably a supply/demand thing. I cant find cheaper than $399 from most retailers now,.

        • I bought it with $200 a year ago. It is not cheap at all. surprisingly, you will keep it in your garage quite soon because there aren't many games having a good quality.

          • @McJungle: (facepalm) you love being a clueless gamer wannabe don't ya!?!
            Where do I begin…
            blood and truth
            until dawn rush of blood
            beat saber
            firewall zero hour
            red matter
            bow to blood
            dirt rally
            resident evil 7
            the room vr a dark matter
            shadow legend
            the mage's tale
            the solus project
            xing the land beyond
            batman arkham vr
            raw data
            space pirate trainer
            doom vfr
            the separation
            I expect you to die
            everybody's golf vr
            borderland 2
            gran turismo sports
            arizona sunshine
            the persistence
            mortal blitz
            blasters of the universe

            And you have to be a nutcase monkey to say psvr isn't cheap!!! Compare to PC counterpart and an awesome lineup of diverse genre games, it's super cheap!

  • My bad - updated with price.

  • love the PSVR, great device for the price

  • Need some deals on PlayStation 4 Pro consoles!

    • i agree! Thinking between getting a 2nd hand PS4 OG for $200 or waiting on a new PS4 PRO deal?! Anyone knows when retailers will have stock back?

      • Yea man. I was looking at the pros in the weekend and there was no stock anywhere. What's the go?

        • there were sales a week or two ago for low $400 prices and now they are back to full price.
          Cant justify the $500+ (white console does look good tho!)

  • Wasn't this like $230 or something a few months back?

    • +2 votes

      Yes but then a virus came

    • Yeah. What is going on with the gaming console price increase? It was like $200 new and $120 used on Gumtree. Self isolation can’t be that badly affecting the price increase right?

  • Jeez I didn't think the prices would go up that much

  • Best deal on this ever was this bundle with Astrobot was $229.00 at jbhifi Dec 2018. However a sellers market for stock holders in corona times. I totally recommend you get some "move" controllers and beat saber. If you buy just for that you are in for some fun and exercise.

    I also read that this gen vr will be compatible with the ps5 when it comes out.


    Noob question:

    Does it need PS4 to work? Or is it standalone?

    • Needs PS4

    • You do. Better with PS4 Pro.

      • I have both consoles. Both consoles run the game the same but they say graphics are marginally better with Pro, but I struggle to see any difference. It's definitely not worth upgrading an existing PS4.

        Move controllers are a must have. Also the old PS3 move controllers will work with the PS4 and PSVR.

        • Must depend on the titles, my experience has been night/day. On the standard many objects and characters just don’t appear. But sure the core of the game works

    • It does need PS4. No Pro necessary.

      Additionally, 2 PS Move controllers would we great.

      • Without Pro the experiences are very limited and a bit blurry. (Same res though).

        As a. Example on a standard ps4, while it works a lot of the objects are missing.

        • Can you cite some cases, please? First I've heard of this.

          • @DrThomas: Skyrim and worlds are the obvious ones.
            As a specific example the diving experience on slim lacks many of the sea creatures and is filled with more gaps of inactivity as the module dives. On the pro lots of colourful sea creatures swim by.

            Some of the other experiences you will encounter more objects such as birds on poles which are absent on the slim.

            If a game is’t pro enhanced the experience should be the same

      • I wonder, how would you aim if you don't have the move controllers though?


    Does it induce nausea?

    • For some it does cause nausea. In the beginning it can be a disorientating but it's heavily depended on the person. It does go away for most people when you get your "VR legs"

    • It can depend on the game - Wipeout is more likely to than Beat Saber.

  • Is this is worth it? Especially with ps5 around the corner. Are there any decent games available?

    • Looking at other prices. Yeah. It's compatible with the PS5 as well. Sony has already said don't expect PSVR 2 till a few years after the release of the PS5.

  • Glad to see the price has gone back up on VR. I might finish Wolfenstein finally and sell my kit while the price is high.