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[Used] Apple iMac 21.5" 4K (Late 2015) - Core i5 5675R / 16GB RAM / 2TB Fusion Drive $849.60 Delivered @ eBay Computer Now


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Apple haters, you can stop reading here. For people shopping for a good used iMac, this seems to be a good deal with generous specs (over the standard iMac 21"), considering lesser spec units are selling $1K used. These iMac 4k monitors are worth the price of admission. It has colour gamut range for sRGB, Adobe RGB and DCI-P3, which are only available on premium 4K monitors, even now. If you run Photoshop, Lightroom or the likes, you will appreciate the sharp colour reproduction.

Seller's Spiel:
Apple iMac 21.5" 4K Late 2015
Fully tested by qualified technicians to ensure this is 100% fully functional - Please note the condition of these units is classed as A Grade - There may be minor marks around where the units were secured by a Kensington lock but overall each unit is in excellent condition.
These machines are from a national buy back program designed to utilise End Of lIfe machines that have come from some of Australia's biggest businesses and educational Institutions, it has undergone thorough testing by qualified technicians and has passed several tests designed to ensure 100% functionality.
PLEASE NOTE: This machine does not come with a keyboard and mouse but are available from our store in a seperate eBay listing

Intel Core i5-5675R 3.1Ghz
2.12TB Fusion Drive
21.5" 4K Screen
Includes:- Comes in genuine Apple box with Brand new Power cable
Includes full tax invoice and 3 Month Warranty

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  • Used ebay listings are deals now?

    • but it's got brand new power cable though!

      • Nice. At Apple accessory prices the cord is probably worth $400 on its own.

    • Used ebay listings are deals now?

      Interesting comment, considering that you posted a refurb deal here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/333718 ;-)

    • I'm no Apple fan, but oh please, there are deals on used Dell Optiplex boxes almost every few weeks.

      • Factory refurbs are fair game. Anything with a manufacturer warranty is fair game.

        Used ebay listings verge on advertising unless it's stupidly cheap. Not sure this qualifies as stupidly cheap.

        • The Optiplex boxes are not factory refurbs either

          • @p1 ama: Bit of a different repair proposition to an iMac

            • @0jay: You're really clutching at straws now. Either refurbished is allowed or not allowed, you can't have a case where certain refurbished things are allowed because they're repairable. Otherwise, where would you draw the line?

              • @p1 ama: I agree they’re two seperate issues. Factory refurbs are fine in my view, used (with or without shop warranty) not so much.

                As for repairability the point stands: a Dell box is less of an issue with repairs than an iMac. I’m not suggesting used Dells are therefore a great fit for this site.

                • @0jay: I think this is a moot issue. Clearly people find the Dell Optiplex deals useful given their popularity. If you don't find them useful, don't click. Not hard is it?

                  • -2 votes

                    @p1 ama: So far as I'm aware, these comment threads are a legitimate venue for expressing an opinion. I've expressed mine, if you don't like it you can just keep scrolling. Not hard is it?

        • This seller had 30+ of these available, that’s more than your typical deal here for new items in this price range. Also, you don’t often see eBay 10% off deals on 2nd hand items - this makes it a very good price. With so many people working from home these days, I think it’s a very relevant post. Apple products are popular. I can guarantee you that you’ll be able to sell this back to someone in a year’s time (post-Covid) at a profit.

  • For a 5 year old used computer it seems a bit much to me


      I love how they smoothen the deal, comes with”GENUINE BOX” With brand new power cable. Like those things and the iMac are remotely related

    • But 4K monitors are not cheap either…


    Yay free box, that’s exactly what I am looking fir in a Mac.

    • You can always try and post it in a paper bag I suppose.

    • Don't laugh but Apple stuff have good resale value, even used boxes! Do a search in Gumtree, they are selling for $30-40 ;-)

  • Should run Logic Pro nicely.

  • this is a bad deal

  • Great price with a warranty. For reference I sold my Mid 2015 Model for $600 recently which was only 1920x1080, 8GB Ram and a 500gb hdd (Not SSD)

  • $944 for me, am I missing something here?

  • Holy bejeebus.

    Quick, Scotty, print more money.

  • For a five-year old computer, I thought that was crazy pricey, but that 4K monitor is pretty damned good…

    • I have a Samsung 4K monitor (average model) sitting along side the iMac retina screen, the former pales in comparison (pardon the pun) when you look at high resolution photos/videos.

  • Great monitor but its a 5 years old used computer
    its pretty sad that iMac is all built-in and component is not upgradable

  • FYI - when these die, they are a prick to repair.. And you can't even just use the monitor - you have to boot to the OS to enable "target display mode".

    • These don't support target display mode.

      • Lol even more useless then if they break! 😂

        • Good thing they don't break easily. I have a 2015 Retina iMac that is still going strong, no dead pixel on screen, running current versions of Mac OS, Photoshop, Lightroom, Microsoft Office etc. Judging by the number of people selling and buying iMac's on Ebay (some as old as 2007), it should last me at least another 5 years…

          • @Buy2Much: do you know if this one can run autocad or 3d modelling software?

          • @Buy2Much:

            Good thing they don't break easily.

            Solid state electronics are pretty hard to break. I still have stuff from the 80s and early 90s that are working.

            It's more about upgradability. I personally wouldn't buy an iMac just because my monitors and computers have different upgrade cycles. A good monitor can last much longer than a computer is relevant for what I do.

          • @Buy2Much: Each to their own. I do work for a company that had 2 out of 2 die within months of each other.

            Also, the hybrid drives aren't solid state, so you'll get mechanical wear and failure. Checking power on hours would be a great start.

            • @ryang: Yep - I wouldn't buy a computer in this day and age without a SSD. If you're getting one, I'd suggest to get it cheap (I.E this, arguably) and swap it to a SSD.

              Hybrid drives are definitely a step up from a full mech drive, but not much.

  • the only thing worth is that screen. might as well get the mini and add external ssd+gpu

    • What do you mean? You don't think it's powerful enough? It can easily outperform some entry-level Macbooks and even Macbook Pros and has a beautiful large 4K screen in an aesthetically pleasing package.

  • OK deal considering the Apple tax. FWIW I had good experience with warranty and service for a used iMac from Computers Now.

  • Good deal, thanks OP! I had my eye on one 2 weeks ago with only half the RAM and storage which went for more than this (and without warranty). Also, as an FYI, 'late 2015' refers to the model type, it's still a current model so could be less than 12 months old.

  • Apple people are weird.

  • What a pity, expired

  • anyone bought these? any good? looking for iMac to buy

  • The production date of mine is Dec 2016 according to this serial lookup tool.