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Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm (Rose Gold and Black) $399 + $4.99 Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Posting this because this is the only discount for Australian bricks and mortar retailers I've seen on these, which is $100 off ($499 RRP).
Realise there's other grey market and online deals which are cheaper, but with this type of purchase I much prefer to be able to go back to the retailer physically if there's a problem.
Not sure when it expires, doesn't say on the website.

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    Also, Galaxy Watch 46mm - Bluetooth (SM-R800NZSAXSA)
    $384.30, Save $165.00 (Was $549.00)

    Via the Samsung Education Portal - If available to you.

    • thanks for the tip, I guess you only see the discount after signing up?

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    Beware the silicon straps on these - a LOT of people are reporting rashes caused by the strap, myself included. No previous allergies, but something about that silicon gives a lot of people grief. Thankfully replacement bands aren't too pricy!

    • Thanks. Part of the reason the wife is looking at these is that they take a "proper" watch band, and not some special thing. She has been using one of the fitbits, and the bands are made of cheese and fail in 3 to 6 months, and they are a particular fit and can't be replaced with an off-the-shelf band.

    • Yeah, same problem here… (no prior allergies etc) rashy still.

      Which band replacement would you recommend? i've been looking recently, but not sure! and can't find a nice colour, white etc maybe?

      • I ended up buying a steel band off Amazon, any of the non-silicon bands should work fine.

      • Literally any watch band, so it's totally up to you. Metal bands, fabric, leather. It's a standard spring pin in a standard width (20mm I think from memory)

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    I just got the silver 4g 46mm from Optus for $396, I think they have the 42mm for cheaper. However it's not advertised to purchase outright on their website

    • You had it in a plan then cancel right away?

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        Nope just walked in and asked to buy outright.

        • Do you already have a phone plan with Optus? If not were you able to set up with your carrier easily enough? I'm trying to work out if I can buy one and pair it with my Optus work phone

          • @Mzrshy: I'm already with Optus but honestly didn't set it up for LTE since I'll always have my phone with me anyway. The reason I chose to go with Optus was it was cheaper than getting the Bluetooth one from anyone else. It however doesn't seem locked to Optus as far as I can tell.

            Edit: They got my mobile number but no ID so I think that was just for the receipt.

            • @Switchflo: Thanks for the response mate - just figured out I've got an old uni email I can use to buy the bluetooth one cheap anyway from Samsung Education.

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    Definitely buy local and not grey import for warranty postage costs. I got one from tobydeals and it was a POS. Ended up flogging it off cheap with buyer aware of issues and bought an amazfit GTR.

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