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Xiaomi Redmi Band Smart Bluetooth 5.0 Waterproof Bracelet Touch Large Color Screen Wristband, AU $36/US $22 Delivered @GearBest


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  • You will be sorely disappointed with this band. Note that it is not the Mi Band.

    • Yeah also curious to know what makes it so much worse than the mi band 4.

      • From what I can see the battery life is worse and the UI isn't as customizable as of yet..

        However everything else is a slight upgrade

    • Never got an answer!
      You cant come on here and make a statement like that and not back it up with some information.

      • Sorry forgot to check back in.
        - Not AMOLED
        This is a TFT display. Every decent to high end smart watch uses an AMOLED display.

        Case closed.
        Oh and this can't track swimming.

  • S5 Max was just $542.23 2 months ago

  • Still waiting (7 weeks) for the last smart watch deal to be delivered from Gearbest


      Hi,I'm really sorry for the inconvenience caused. Please PM me your order No.so I will be able to follow it up for you.

  • Gearbest.com is a scam. I ordered kids xiaomi watch where it was advertised as english version total cost was AUD 140+
    it was only chinese. when contacted the store they dragged the resolution for over 2months still counting.
    the watch was also returned to them. I had to open a paypal dispute which is still under review as the store offered me $40 refund in place of $175 ($35 for return shipping)

    I later found another ebay listing by an individual who seem to have same problem but trying to sell the watch for halfprice in ebay (as it is only in chinese)

    I am also taking these guys to ACCC and foreign trade councle