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LG 65" C9 OLED TV $2900 @ The Good Guys (in Store)


Spotted at The Good Guys Nunawading.

Not sure if across all stores as it's still $3995 on the website.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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      My 2.5 yr old C8 has some pretty bad burn in. That said it does anywhere from 8-16 hrs a day on a windows desktop.

      Time to buy a new one in a few months..

      • My C8 55inch is flawless. No sign of burn in. We used to watch maybe 2-3 hrs a day and were careful not to leave the same image or logo on the screen for too long.
        Now that we've been in isolation, we've been flogging the thing and it's simply as perfect as the day we got it delivered.
        True story.

        • how lame, let me now stop watching this show as it has a logo, ill only watch it for a little bit so my tv does not get a burn in, to hell with my requirements i only cater for the wellness of the tv, after all i didnt get it to enjoy watching shows at my disposal at my desired time and duration..

          this technology is not where i want it to be, im the type that keeps a tv for 5 plus years. if there is %5 change that it could get a burn in, i do not want it. id rather settle for a high end qled from Samsung or sony.

          • @striker5950: Almost as lame as not understanding the constraints of the equipment you purchased and then complaining after you've abused the thing.

    • You could get:

      • 3x OnePlus 7 Pros (3x 6.67 inch = 20 inch)


      • 1x LG 65" C9 OLED TV (65 inch)

      You decide.

  • Did you happen to see any B9s?

    • I saw B9's still on display. I don't recall the price but they weren't going for a good deal.

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      Grabbed a 65" B9 for $2450 a few weeks ago from Moorabbin TGG.

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    It's a great telly for gaming but motion handling on this (movies, streaming, FTA etc) ain't too good I must say. So unless you game a fair bit is it worth $3k that's a no for mine.

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      Really? I thought gaming would be much more demanding as far as motion?

      • Well I have the One X hooked up and in game mode I have maxed out the sharpness and it looks and plays beautifully. Absolutely stunning no issues there whatsoever. However sports and fast action movies etc the motion handling is really bad probably the worst I've come across. Leaves visible trails especially when it comes to sports (not just FTA either it's the same thing when watching sports doccos and movies). I have spent hours playing around with different settings but nothing has helped. Rest is watchable with motion handling options enabled but has that soap opera effect. So mainly only game and watch non-fast action stuff on it. Not really sure if it's an issue with my panel but that's just my experience. Also thought I mention that it's not too good with reflections either (windows, lighting etc). Other than that can't really fault it. It's a great piece of kit but as I said for $3k unless you game a fair bit it might not be all that great in terms of value.

        • I watch sport and fast pace car racing and it's perfect on the C9. Adjust your settings.

          • @hppart: What are your settings I've tried pretty much everything. When watching the footy for instance (FTA and Kayo) there are like two footies going around and the players leave visible trails. Same when watching sports doccos and movies on Netflix/Prime etc. Maybe it's my panel I don't know.

            • @dins: Came across this on RTINGS

              Stutter of TVs

              OLEDs have done the worst on that test with the C9 getting a stutter rating of 5. Maybe that's the issue.

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                @dins: The same website advises the settings for this particular model can be adjusted to avoid this issue - https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/c9-oled/settings

                Have you tried playing with these settings?

                • @tight-ass: Cheers boss will have a crack at those settings this arvo.

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                    @dins: Let us know how you get on.

                    Also on the home page for this TV on this website https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/lg/c9-oled directly under pros/cons it states this "Update 5/2/2019: We've retested the input lag of the C9 with the firmware update 03.50.31. The input lag measurements in SDR game and PC modes have decreased. We haven't retested 1440p @ 60Hz but we will retest this in the future." - might pay to check what firmware your TV is running

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      Yeah this doesn't even make sense. If anything I would say the opposite.

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        Hey guys, I think he's trying to say the "true motion/ clear motion" (extra frames) modes don't work properly, which is true. And you would never use those for gaming.

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          Motion handling isn't good on any TV. I turned it off on the LG OLED as well as the Samsung before it. It leads to the "soap opera" effect.

          • @skid: Didn't like the soap opera effect initially but have gotten over it. Not sure you can watch anything without it tho on this the blurring and juddering is too much. Have Sammy, Sony and Hisense LEDs as well in other rooms and they are ok tho.

  • Can someone explain what this TV cost so much say compared to a 1.5k 65inch samsung?

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      It’s organic.

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        So when the I run out of food should I eat my toilet paper or my TV first?

    • Do some youtubing on OLED vs LED/LCD.

    • Go into a store and compare. OLED TVs have richer colour, and true blacks, since the LEDs produce their own light, as well as colour they can turn off individually to get really good blacks.

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    They can go $2700 if pushed, maybe lower. Call Up, say a friend was offered X price and see what they say.

    I got the tv from them for $2800 pickup when it was on sale for $2995. Have seen people get $2755 delivered/$2700 pickup

    • -3

      I got it for $2295 stacking price protection and bonus giftcards back in November :)

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    Who has got $3k to drop during these times? Even mr billions is conserving cash at the moment…

    • +15

      With 2 fortnight Jobkeeper payment you can :)

    • If you're forced to stay at home, a nice new TV might save your sanity and who can put a price on that.

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      If your income hasnt been affected by Covid - which for a huge amount of people it hasnt been. Then youll find a lot of people are actually saving a heap of money at the moment. I know for me working from home - No Myki, no Gym, no coffees at work, lunches or dinners eating out (occasional take out on the weekend) and a big one is no social drinking and partying etc. Im saving a good $500+ a month on just expenses i would naturally burn by leaving the house. Lets me spend it on things i can actually keep!

      • Yeah I'm seriously going to push for a certain amount of days working from home when this is all over.

        I do feel sorry for those that can't work right now, and am wary that the jobs that can be done remotely are generally higher paying than those frontline jobs that have been suspended. It's almost re-enforcing a "rich get richer" narrative that I'm unsure how to fix.

        • +1

          I expect all the jobs that have now been proven to be possible to complete remotely, to be outsourced to the Philipines, India etc. One of the main proponents against remote working (which has been possible for the past 20 years for pretty much every office job) has been management not believing people would actually concentrate on work if they were at home.

          • @gizmomelb:

            management not believing people would actually concentrate on work if they were at home.

            And this is why we cant have nice things because some take advantage of it.

          • +1


            management not believing people would actually concentrate on work if they were at home.

            Many people I know are still having deal with this mentality unfortunately. It’s driven by narcissists needing people around them to bully and feel important. People working remotely starves them of this.

            Edit: and Scomo is putting this out saying people are less work productive and find it hard to teach their kids at home. Myself and many others I speak with are experiencing the complete opposite. Much more productive and school work has adjusted to cater for remote school lessons. He just needs people back in the office to stimulate the economy which I get, but doesn’t mean he has to say WfH doesn’t work for everyone.

            • +3

              @cheaponos: I can honestly say I've done more work at home versus the office over the last couple of weeks. Far less interruptions and pointless meetings.

              • @tight-ass:

                Far less interruptions and pointless meetings.

                This. A billion percent this.

              • +1

                @tight-ass: except in my job they've replaced them with pointless video conferencing meetings…

          • +2

            @gizmomelb: The flip side is that many companies that outsource customer service roles in particular to asia have discovered just how fragile that can be.

            I think there'll be a few employers now who will maintain a larger on-shore presence having suffered massive disruption during Covid-19.

            • @dct: Yeah my previous job outsourced my I.T position (and most I.T. related positions, world wide) to the Phillipines last year (and made me redundant) - one of the critical areas I kept pushing to management was to have tech literate people (particularly networking) on the remote helpdesk. Of course that didn't happen and they wanted me to do things like flowchart how to identify and fix various network issues, so the remote support staff could read through the script to "assist" customers. With COVID-19 I learned work has been cut down to 3 days a week at the previous employer (a multi-national retail security and building management provider).

            • @dct: @dct we can but hope so. more local employment possibilities and better SERVICE for customers (where the whole service part of service industries appears to have been forgotten over profit margins for the past decade or so).

          • @gizmomelb: Ain't that a crap scenario but plausible. However, that has worked well for Telstra etc and their customer service division..

          • @gizmomelb: Surely not all the jobs, but some consumer or admin roles potentially? I don't see lawyers, for example, being outsourced to the Phillipines.

            • @AlanHB: why not? there are already many lawfirms where you deal with them electronically, no need for face to face - the lawyer only needs to be up to date and aware of specific Aus. laws.

              Heck even more doc visits are handled electronically now.. so why can't they also be outsourced? (I'm sure some accountants will have bliss fits thinking about how they can save money by doing this.. but yeah accountants outsourced as well).

              But the main thing is hopefully management will take notice that oursourcing is great for the bottom line and investor returns, however loss of business and customer churn because of lack of service will make them keep local service teams and specialists.

  • I bought the CX last week, but this is a great deal. C9 is still a great TV, and anyone looking to buy an awesome OLED will not be disappointed at this price

    • +1

      Nice. Did you get the CX over the C9 for any other reason other than being new? I know the LG CX has a newer processor and WebOS is updated which I don't believe the C9 will get.

      I'm considering holding out for it

      • +2

        I just wanted the latest and greatest. There’s are a couple of incremental updates, some of which you already mentioned, but definitely nothing revolutionary.

        • Thanks,that's pretty much my train of thought - enjoy your CX.

          For now, the CX pricing is not at the price I'm prepared to pay for the 65" so the sooner these C9's disappear the better.

  • +1

    Ive have one of lgs first oleds, the 1080p 55ec9300, still going strong after 5 years. I’m surprised how well it has held up. The only issue is slight burn in from the black 16:9 top/bottom strips but you can only see it with a grey full screen image. Still very happy with my purchase.

    • Mine still going good as well, and was a shop demo. Colours still look great. Unable to measure it, but do think the brightness is lower than when new (well, new to me)
      Worst thing about the unit is just the slowness from WebOS, particularly from power on.

      • Check the energy saving preferences if you haven’t already, it changes the brightness.

  • +7

    can't wait till this is out of stock so I can stop with all this self control nonsense and just focus on my true passion in life, being sad :(

  • Wife was telling me last night that I'm allowed to buy the 65' CX, and now this… which one should I go for???

    • So little difference, that I went and bought a C9 this week instead of the CX. In the end, I was $700 better off for a negligible difference. If I could get one at $2900, I would have been $1000 better off for as far as anyone can tell, no real difference. Go do it!

      • Very tempted, going to do some research on the advantage of CX over C9, if any, for next gen gaming

  • +2

    What's good about c9? It's still running webOS not Android right?

    Still got LG led 3D few years back

    • +2

      WebOS yep. Which is actually quite good.

    • It's hdmi 2.1 complient, where all other TV are not, Samsung struggled to fill out the application form for their TV to support it.

  • +8

    decided to withdraw super to buy this. After all I need to keep the economy going. cheers OP

    • Very wise choice if you've lost your job and are now sitting at home watching netflix.
      My C8 is still awesome thankfully.

    • Haha! Why do here though, do you need a surround sound system? Beer fridge?

  • +1

    Guys, for anyone that has this, can you confirm it has the Foxtel App? Thanks in advance

    • +1

      My C8 does so I'd be certain the C9 does.

    • +1

      Yes it does I own a C9

  • Has anyone got this price or lower from a different store or by phone?

    • It's been hundreds lower afew times at good guys.

  • have a Samsung 5 year-old 55" non OLED TV which I'm very happy with I can't believe there are possible issues at this price point, I had no idea and never really looked into it . when you spend this kind of money everything should be flawless… burn in, motion blah blah, really surprised me reading your concerns.

    It's like I'm going to buy a top of the range car but it might have issues with the engine if I a) drive too fast… b) sitting at red lights in traffic too long , C) use the dashboard nav system while not talking on the phone while looking at a hottie crossing the road? 😣 wtf , sounds bloody crazy to me

    • Dude, it's crazy world

    • Interesting.

      For me I really want OLED, and right now 3k on a feature packed highly regarded LG OLED set represents better value to me than a 65 LED at 1.5k. I can't even find one on the market right now that I would be happy with looking at every day (RU8000 or X80G). I would be thinking about OLED every day. Therefore I would have wasted 1.5k. Buy what you want, if you can afford it :)

      You could argue that Samsung and iphone flagships should be perfect. They are far from and can have issues too.

      Also, this is LG's mid level OLED… not top of the range :)

    • There's problems with just about everything at every price point in tech. Just need to compromise on what you can live with.

      PS: Burn in isn't an 'issue', it's a limitation of the technology as it's based on an organic compound that degrades.

    • -1

      Top of the range tv are well over 10k. Wtf you talking about? Also some people value picture quality, you clearly don't, so win for you?

    • -1

      But your TV doesn't support hdmi 2.1, and Samsung will not be able to update a firmware on it, meaning future consoles will not support higher forced 48gig data transfer boasting resolution in 4k, with 120 FPS out performing any 8k led series TV's, so yes this TV is a bargain.

      Oh well only LG series offer it from 2017 selected tv's Up words.

    • +1

      current state of the world usually dictates that the more expensive a tech product=more advanced and less tested tech=more problems. apart from the "bespoke or "artistic" factor of course (b&o, etc)

      if you're gonna refer to cars, you'd be surprised how less reliable mercs and BMW are compared to a corolla. don't even go there with Ferraris and lambos. McLaren has reliability issues that a Chinese car manufacturer would be ashamed of.

      people now just want the latest and greatest features and looks, reliability has become a negative in our current disposable culture.

  • +1

    Have a B9. Watched Joker on 4K the other night. Outstanding. Now I watch anything on an LCD and it looks terrible. If you want to ruin yourself for any other TV, buy an OLED. At this price well worth it though.

    • +1

      OLEDs are the absolute best for movies in a darkened room.
      In a bright room / daytime viewing, having 1/2 to 1/3 the brightness vs a decent LCD TV really does begin to bite.

      • I don't see issues with daytime viewing myself with OLED. The brightness is pretty good, are you sure that 1/3 number is accurate? The other thing is that the blacks are blacker, so the contrast is pretty amazing, which makes a big difference. Plus the fact that one pixel can be maximum brightness, right next to another pixel at full black, right next to another at maximum brightness. So I don't think just having a tank LED backlight provides a better daytime viewing experience.

  • +2

    My good old Panassonic Plasma is still going strong in the living room.
    The newer LED still looks a lot worse in the family room. So OLED is the way to go nowadays.

  • +3

    So want this but the mrs tells me that a new dining table takes priority. D'oh

    • +10

      Oh feck. Are we married to the same woman?

    • +3

      DIY $120 dining table.
      Let her know you looked for DIY OLED but didn't find any so you had to buy this instead.

    • +1

      The old tv can be used as a dining table

    • Mrs believe handbags take priority.

      Also she hates gaming

      Think I marry the wrong wife

      TV upgrade is no place here. Sony LCD still not broken after 11 years

      • Yeah my 4 year old FHD Sony still going strong

        • We still have a Soniq LCD from JB HiFi that's still going strong after about 9 years. It's in the bedroom now haha. It cost $599 at the time, so definitely can't complain. I do remember the advice at the time being that they were actually LG panels inside.

  • +6

    My National Quintrix CRT tv has wheels, this feels like a downgrade as it loses the mobility feature.

  • Why the rave about this c9 model? Pretty seen plenty of good branded 65" way less than 2.9k?

    • C9 has been 2.6k many times. Best rated as far as overall picture.

    • +2


    • +1

      Please research OLED before commenting.

  • +1

    I am at TGG in Homesglen and they are saying that the Nunawading store is not selling at that price. They called them. Better avoid going to the Homesglen store.

    • I called up Nunawading store and they declined it all they could do was 3800

    • I was able to pick one up there for $2.9k just then. Pretty stoked. From what I can tell, they have 4 left in stock

  • +4

    Bought this as a carton damaged unit from the LG Factory Seconds store. Had full warranty, had a $200 store voucher included, and only cost $2288. It is a brilliant TV and I have had no regrets whatsoever.

    • Link please?

    • Thanks. Does this mean the just the box is damaged?

      • Yes, it was just the box that was damaged. Their products are graded as A, B, or C. They each have different warranty conditions as well. The carton damaged products are considered class A, and have a full manufacturer warranty. Worth keeping an eye on these to see if they drop in price again. The last time they were at $2288 with the $200 store voucher, was in late February of this year.

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