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LG 65" C9 OLED TV $2900 @ The Good Guys (in Store)


Spotted at The Good Guys Nunawading.

Not sure if across all stores as it's still $3995 on the website.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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        • Well done on 2288, was this listed on the website or did you need to haggle? Mind sharing a receipt so I can try to get similar? Thanks

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    wasnt this 2400 2 months ago?

    • 2600 I believe

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        i definitely saw it for 2400, too lazy to look it up

  • this or the samsung q80t for 900 dollar less?

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      This. You will regret it if you don't go OLED.

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        not as much as the regret from getting a burn in right after the warranty is over.

    • Where can you get a 65" q80 for $2000.
      Answer: you would need a time machine!

      • Check the stores that have slow sales, high margins and don't advertise inventory online… Like Harvey Norman and their clearance stores, sic.

        April sales are gone. But people are holding off for good reason and the stores aren't desperate.

        Yet. Expect a further push in June for EOFYS and clearance models to show up in sales.

        IDK, I have found an E9 and a C9 still available as of last week, but planning to save for the CX or even a GX in July/September,

        I still have a 2015 LG 65" non-HDR that's… Good? And a 2005 Sony Bravia that's hanging on, that will be murdered or exchanged in the future for the CX

        Q80r is a good, but mediocre choice IMO, but good luck finding one out there. The Q90R is the brighter and better option due to the anti-glare layer, but YMMV. I did see a Q900R on Thursday, but the price was ridiculous still

        • It's a very bad time to need a new high end TV. I went to a few JB stores and no one would budge on sticker prices, just getting them to chuck in free delivery was like pulling teeth :(

          • @harthagan: Don't NEED a 65" high end TV…but sure would be nice to have

            • @albanyson: True. Never can actually say you need a high end 65" TV but I could mount a pretty strong case lol

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    Iv been ringing a few gg in vic best I got was $2500
    But I had to send the pick of nunawadding price befor they could go any further

    • Which store as I am looking for 1 as well

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      Can I also have the store? I am looking as well.

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    I also rang Nunawading. No dice. Said it was yesterday only.

  • Any deals on the 77inch?

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    When I called the new GG Store in Springvale, the TV salesman claimed the price was for an ex-display model and then when I offered to send the pic of the five models marked at that price, he said “Well, you can go to the Nunawading store if you want that price” so YMMV.

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    this or the wife for $2900 less…hmm

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      You selling the wife?

    • This!

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    No stock at Nunawading and no one wants to price match

    Edit - Harvey norman Nunawading were able to price match. Speak with a guy called Anthony

    • Hi, did you have to provide any proof or reference to the price?

      I'm hoping to try get a price match somewhere in Sydney

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        TGG Auburn offered 3k

      • I showed this ozbargain thread and also took pictures at the Good Guys

    • Don't think they have stock anymore nor there is anthony in store

    • HN Nunawading showing no stock. Is he ordering it or have they sold out?

      Also was this floor stock?

      • It wasnt floor stock, I already have it at home. Brand new in the box

    • Called and they said they could do that for display model only. Asked to be put through to tony but he was on another call so left my number.
      Best I've been quoted was $3200 at GG no-one else matching or budging.

      • Here goes Harvey in shep $2999 tgg Melton $2990
        Thomastown gg $2900 Harvey Taylor’s lakes $2900
        All costcoes sold out gg hopers $2900

        • Spoke to Thomastown gg they stated $3200 and only 2 left and were aware of the $2900 at nunawading gg but said they have no stock and the sale was yesterday so won't do that price.

        • Taylor's lakes display model only

  • I have the 55", just buy it. No regrets.

    Once you go OLED, everything else looks trash.

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    While a exceptional tv c9,(the b series does offer the same) personallly I'd hold out a bit longer since LG is hammering hard) but the best TV for your buck is the 65 w8 signage TV, it's paper thin, w8 2017(4997$), also signature edition w9 2019 (7999$) all support hdmi 2.1. but the most expensive model with same panel technology.

    While the signage is a killer TV, mounting it requires two screws into the wall and that's it while can be easily sealed up to holes, and the sound bar has Dolby atmos ect included. If the TV blew up I'm sure replacing it would be easy.

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      I don't see that as fair justification for a neg. For people who don't have 5-8k to spend on a tv, surely this is a good deal? In fact it's quite obviously not a good deal for people who only have $1500 to spend on a tv, but that's also not a fair reason to neg it.

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          You negged this deal based on the fact that if you had a much higher budget you shouldn't buy it. That's not what the rating system is about. People have different circumstances, so it's just about if you had just enough for this tv, should you buy it. Obviously if you're Richard Branson, it may not the TV you'd buy personally, but that does not make it a bad deal for what it is. The rating system is all about whether or not this is a good price for this TV. Maybe if you had an objectively much better TV available for an even cheaper price then maybe you could downvote this deal fairly, unless there was some niche aspect to this particular tv over the cheaper one.

  • The TV RRP$3999 and clearance price $2900 with profit of at least $400, so $2500 is the cost price.

    $1500 markup on the TV is a joke.

  • I wonder if NSW good guys would price match? This is in Victoria right?

    • Never mind. Read previous comments. 👍

  • If anyone has any questions about this TV, shoot. I've been using my 65" C9 for about a year now, best TV I've ever used for cinema / Netflix / gaming, you name it.

    At this price it's an absolute steal, for reference I bought it at around $5k last year.

    • How does FTA sport look in terms of motion? Particularly AFL / NRL? And is it really that bad in a reasonably well lit (ambient daylight) room? Any hint of burn-in?

      • Sports is kinda unwatchable on mine. The motion handling is terrible for sports no matter what settings I use.

        • If you like watching sports with TruMotion activated, I've found the User settings to provide the best compromise between Smooth and Clear settings is to go half and half:


          De-Judder: 5
          De-Blur: 5

      • Sports

        Sports broadcasted at native 50hz look great with the default TV settings - the higher the broadcast resolution the better. If the source video is 60fps or higher, the TV displays that's perfectly. Optimal settings to view Sports, especially AFL is already set by default with the C9's TruMotion settings turned off. It's only if you want TruMotion / de-judder or smoothing applied to the picture where you'll notice interpolation artifacts between moving frames, like when the ball is in the air.

        Vincent Teoh breaks down this in more detail in his 2019 review (go to 9:56)

        Screen Luminosity

        My living room is brightly lit most of the time, at max brightness settings the C9 does amazingly well - I frequently need to turn the OLED brightness down more than max it out. If you have an ambiently lit room, this TV will be plenty bright for you. Obviously it's max luminosity is not as good as conventional LED / LCD, but it's more than enough to counter moderate glare.

        Also factor in that half of your viewing will be at night time - if you've ever had an LED / LCD you'll know that even though they work great in bright room settings, at night they have terrible 'backlight bleed', unable to display blacks properly. You'll not have that issue with OLED tech, and especially with LG's C9 - the contrast and blacks are flawless.

  • Thanks Cretin,
    Tried local gg in Cranbourne they offered $3200,called up Nunawading and reserved at 10.30 am in the morning,had to go there and pay $2955 including delivery .

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    I went to GG Morayfield Qld and they said no way but picked up the Pana GZ1000U for $2600 delivered - last one in it’s box. They did this price as they had 2 of them on display and offered them for $2420. GG have a deal from head office for delivery of the GZ1000U for free within 30 klm til 26/4. One of the display models had only been out of the box for a couple of weeks so would be ok for burn in. The other one had been out for a while.

  • Why are OLED above 65” have such a massive price difference? Is it due to yield or demand?

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      manufacturing difficulties. much harder to make a bigger piece of oled compared to led panels. think crocheting an area vs laying concrete for the same area. no real difference in laying concrete for a half sqm area vs 100sqm area. big difference if you were knitting it.

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    The new OLED 65CX TV is available on eBay with $300 discount for $3950 which is pretty good

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    Can I justify driving the 25k to Nunawading to buy a TV? Does it make any difference if I'll be driving and not a learner driver? 🤔

    • *25km

      • Lol sale was yesterday, if you go, you’ll waste time, petrol and win a big disappointment

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            @DisabledUser102420: I don’t know what to say but ‘’good job’’ and a little jealous too :)

            • @Bubbleshark: The missus got it on the way home from work as a surprise for reward for good behaviour for the kids and I 😊

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    Did anyone actually managed to buy this for $2900 with a receipt they can share? Might help other negotiate the price

  • I managed to score one for $2900 at the Chadstone store

  • Happened to be near the Nunawading store this morning. Just confirming none left there. The guy checked and said all sold out. He would do something around $2,6xx for the B9 if anyone's interested. (I can't remember the exact number as not interested in the B9)

  • Confirming they are now all sold out at both Nunawading & Bayswater (probably all stores now) :(

  • I'm surprised this got so many upvotes at $2900
    Other Ozbargain posts at 2950 over a month ago didn't fare anywhere near as good or as many votes

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      I think you'll find lots of people are currrently looking to upgrade their TV due to COVID-19, hence it's popularity this time around even though it isn't the cheapest price to date - plenty of people out there with dumb TV's too (got 3 panna's myself - 2 plasma & 1 LCD). I would love one but don't need it.

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    Probably reported earlier, but select stores my have leftover stock L, but you'd be hard pressed to lock in the manager special price at th is store anywhere else. Apparently THIS OZB post made Nuna store sell 12 units in 1 day when they only had 9 in stock; so they needed to source from other stores. Good price, but am negging this deal based on the C series quality itself. I own a C7, friend owns a C8, both are 65 inch panels. Both with <1000 hours of use. Both exhibit multiple vertical dimming bars that us noticeable in different areas of the picture. Have tried troubleshooting, but this cannot be fixed. It's the panel… C9 would be no different. All manufactured in same warehouses.

    Oled picture is by far best image quality, but advertised lifespan and durability is waaaay off what LG promote. Mine is outside warranty so I'm left stuck with a faulty TV that I just have to put up with. Don't buy if you're a gamer - as these bars are super noticeable after a few hundred hours of gameplay at 4k resolution or on plainer backgrounds.

    • The vertical bars were there since the TV left the factory. Google "vertical banding".

      I too was disappointed with the vertical bars as I didn't do enough research before buying and was expecting perfect uniformity.

      • No, for me, this gets worse. Wasn't there from The start.

    • I have a B7 and obviously have had it for years and have never noticed such a thing. I also don't play games on it or watch anything with a logo on the screen at all.

  • Does anyone have a receipt from purchase at the store or for similar price. I took some photos of that deal on Anzac Day for price protection on my credit card but they won't accept it without evidence of the date on it

  • Nunawading is all out, anyone knows anywhere in Melbourne offering a similar price?

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    Im not sure if this is already shared here. This is a good burn in test by hdtvtest.


    No screen burn in after 6months for 20 hours a day. Key advice here is leave your tv on standby mode after use for the auto screen refresh cycle to start doing its thing while on standby.

    Got my c8 for almost 1 year and a half. With approx. 10 hours of use per day. No burn in.

  • Harvey Norman in Shepparton was willing to do it for $2900 for me today. They had 3 left.

    • My local HN still wanted $3995
      Down from $4400 apparently…

      HN Website now shows $3395

      • Yeh, it was difficult as most of the stores wouldn't do it so I figured that it was worth the drive to pick it up from Shepparton due to the amount being saved.

    • Asked 4 stores in HN in Adelaide and they weren't wwilling to do it for 2.9k :(

  • Bought the display at Harvey Norman (Melbourne) 2880 yesterday. Paid 378 for the 5 year replacement warranty. (Peace of mind, already spending 3k)
    JB-HI-FI Chadstone Shopping centre has their display for 3495 when I asked them today they said they would do 2995. Guessing by me posting it here, it will be gone tomorrow lol.

    Edit: I showed them the picture of the 2900

    • Unfortunately they won't even let me come down one bit. Even for display at JBHIFI. Sigh..

      • Just got to keep trying I guess, so much easier to go in person and then just name a price instead of beating around the bush.

  • I saw the same boxes at my local TGG today. The boxes are lined up on the floor with a clearance sign. looks like a bargain but the price is $3999

  • Looks like the LG C9 is now discontinued. Just spoke to HN and TGG and they're not getting any more stock in. Shame as I was just about to order a 55 inch.

  • Did anyone use Acrylic screen to protect from kids handmarks ? Our tv bench is the ikea one, and its reachable with 4 and 3 y.o.

    • We had our 65" panny oled delivered same week as a TV unit. Need to return the TV unit due to fault, and now our TV is on the floor… we have two boys, 5 and 3 years old. I live in constant stress.

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    Just be a little careful. I bought a B7 55 about 2 years ago. Three months or so ago I noticed the channel 7 red bar/logo burnt into the TV. Now we are in our 60s never do gaming ( rather weed the garden) , never pause or freeze the Tv. Was really disappointed as have a Pioneer Kuro and a MXE50 both over 10 years old and had read about potential burn in on Plasmas. Both plasmas still work fine daily and never showed any signs of burn in. So now the good news, LG came out after i had emailed them and replaced the panel for free although it was well out of warranty. We didn’t purchase any extended warranty. Fantastic TV, great picture, however if its anything like our B7 burn in occurs easily. bout 4000 hours on the set at the time. Maybe the newer ones have fixed this. Would i buy another one?. Yes love the picture however not sure how long they last.

    • Mind sharing the LG email address?

      • +1

        mailto:[email protected]
        Sent them an email saying that i was disappointed that the TV was showing signs of what i thought was burn in. I was nice just stated the facts. They asked for copy of receipt, photos of the screen. They were very helpful,and as I mentioned the TV was well out of warranty. Could not fault the service. Didn’t go through where i purchased it as i thought that as it was out of warranty it was a waste of time.

  • Anyone found stock in Sydney stores, looks like it’s been ozbargained!

    • Please let me know if you find one.

    • When I phoned earlier, only Blacktown and Campbelltown had display models left.

      You'll have to drive to Tuggerah to pick one up BNIB.

  • No longer on HN website either….

  • Thanks! I can confirm that this deal is still going, even if not advertised in-store; I just got home from the Marsden Park TGG store with my new 65" C9. They honored the price after seeing the clearance picture.

  • Whilst the C9's are no longer on the Harvey Norman website you may still be able to pick one up in store.

    I ordered one in-store at Nunawading on the weekend - they said they were getting some in from Morwell or Moe. When I picked mine up today it had come from Mornington.

    So there may still be stock floating around the state if you can find someone willing to help move it for you.

    • How much at H

      They wouldn't budge on the previously online price at all, later was updated to an online price, but still$500 more than costco

      • +1

        Not the $2,900 TGG price. He did $3,100 which with discounted gift cards that I had, it came close enough to the $2,900.

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    Finally got JBHIFI to accept $2900 after a few weeks of trying a few stores. Just find the right person and keep going to different spots. Be ready to walk away even if they offer $3000.

    • Kudos to you. I didn't have the patience. Probably paid a couple hundred $$ extra for my laziness lol

    • $2900 is g8 price. Care to share JB store receipt? Could help in price match. Thanks!