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40% off @ Blunt Umbrellas ($10 Standard Shipping)


Originally found on choicecheapies here: https://www.cheapies.nz/node/23300

Seems like it works on the .com.au store too though!

For some reason their domain seems to have changed from bluntumbrellas.com.au to bluntumbrella.com.au. Old deals can be found under bluntumbrellas.com.au

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Blunt Umbrellas
Blunt Umbrellas

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  • $129 for an umbrella… I rather get wet.

    • hahahaha

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      I guess it is a sharp price.

    • Me too daddy

    • I rather get wet.

      That was rather…blunt?

    • This umbrella only goes well with your LV handbag.

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      Or rather, I WILL get wet.

      “There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing under the eaves of houses, you still get wet. When you are resolved from the beginning, you will not be perplexed, though you will still get the same soaking. This understanding extends to everything.”

      ― Tsunetomo Yamamoto, The Hagakure

    • Well said! $129 is way too much to pay for a brolly

  • I've had a Blunt umbrella for about four years now. I think they're worth it for the quality, unless you're the kind of person who forgets their umbrella on the train.

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      Totally. After years of those cheap'n'cheerful "Woodworm" umbrellas (from oo.com.au) I finally lashed-out on a Blunt Golf G2 umbrella about four years ago during one of Peters of Kensington's sales.

      Absolutely brilliant piece of kit - especially in high winds.

      About a year ago, I noticed a couple of small holes in the fabric. I contacted the Australian distributor and they asked me to send it to them to inspect. Within a week, I had a brand new replacement unit - including a heavy-duty carry sling that was not included with my original umbrella.

      Great product and sublime after-sales service, too.

      • I think this happened to mine as well (near the velcro stitching)? Only small at the moment though.

        • One hole was near the velcro strap and the other was up the top near the peak. They did not tear/split/grow further but it was annoying to get random drops every now and then. #firstworldproblems

      • Oh man, I miss the woodworm umbrellas 😭

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      That’s me, so far in the past 5 years I have broke 2 umbrella, lost 3 some where I just couldn’t recall.

    • I agree - these umbrellas are absolutely worth the money. I find that paying a bit more for it means I'm actually more conscious of it and therefore less likely to leave it on a train.

  • Did some research and turns out, they are just strong and blunt.

  • I hate to be blunt but those umbrellas are expensive.

    My Xiamoi one for $25 still goes strong and I use it everytime it rains to work for the past 2-3 years.

    • For some reason, my Xiamoi's button developed a crack with minimal use, in just a few months. I bought one of these Blunt and very happy so far.

  • Thanks! Mother day gift for the wife sorted :)

  • Always wanted one, now they offer a decent price when everybody is trying to save money :/

  • These umbrella's are stylish

  • Strange that the website doesn't accept Amex nor Paypal.

  • Have had one for about 6 years now. Love it, and they look great.

  • They used to be 5 years global warranty and now only 2 years. May be I will check out Davek umbrella as they have lifetime warranty.

  • I've got two of these. They're excellent, though noticeably heavier than the typical umbrella, though this is typical of premium, strongly wind resistant brollies.

  • It would've been nice if such an expensive umbrella was designed to be windproof.

  • Timely deal - all umbrellas broken here..was watching some on eBay but this from official website with full warranty is a no brainer.

  • Had one for years, love it, solid gear and love the big XL size.
    Getting a second especially at the reduced price.

  • I prefer Fulton umbrellas, which are also used by the queen.
    If it can survive UK weather then its a good guage of quality.

    • I bought a Fulton umbrella for GBP 28 inc shipping 8 years ago. Still working fine today, although the handle is worn (but expected after 8 years). It travels with me every day in winter/autumn time.

  • And again, buying something I really don't need. .

    • For the past 2 hours since OP posted, I've been trying to convince myself that i don't need an $81.40 umbrella, but i figure that i buy a crappy $20 umbrella every winter that breaks anyway…

  • Shame they stopped selling the largest Blunt Golf. Bought mine in 2014, still going strong till this day. Survived so many windy wet days in the CBD and just refuses to collapse on itself. Highly recommended.

  • I own a bunch of these in all sizes except the gold. Love them. I've watched so many people on princess bridge have their brollies turned inside out from the wind as I walk by with my blunt going strong.

  • Still using Woodworm umbrellas…

    • Still have two going okay. One got rusty around the joints and failed.

    • My 3 pack is still alive as they are allocated to home, work & car. For the more ‘serious’ weather days, the $10 Bunnings umbrella has seen at least 3 years of use.

  • Do people like see a deal they don't like and go like yeah I'm gonna click on it and hate on it and let everyone know how much i hate it, comment on every post that says they like it, yeaahhhh, i feel so good now about myself now, tap myself on the back!???!!!

  • I prefer curved handles - seems only Lite size has this?

  • What have I done… Just got a $70 delivered Metro in grey.
    Will be interesting to compare to my current $25 Xiaomi unmbrella

  • YASSS, just bought two! Pity I only saw this now, and all the darker colours for the largest umbrellas are all sold out. Sigh.

  • i have a blunt for maybe 4 or 5 years now, still goes strong and use it for shade heaps in summmer. such a fantastic umbrella

  • Damn, all the XL sizes are sold out!

  • I have the classic and it's a great umbrella and I wanted another one. But bought the metro because it'll be easier to take it on the train commute to work after the coronavirus.

    • same got the metro too ! Sad that there's no Navy and Black available tho :/

      • I have a black classic and to be honest I felt a bit dull having seen someone else with a yellow metro. So got myself a yellow metro :) brighter colour will brighten your mood on a rainy day. So the out of stock may be a blessing in disguise!

  • Wish they still had the XL in stock but a great discount regardless.

  • Bought a Blunt Houndstooth :) I have been looking for a non-folded umbrella which I can carry on my back (https://m.facebook.com/BluntUmbrellas/photos/pcb.1898549833526405/1898552603526128/?type=3&source=48&tn=EH-R) and this seems a good deal.

    I do suspect the carry on part will probably not be as sturdy as the umbrella though!

    • i wouldve loved one of these, but they appear to be all sold out!

      • Oh I was a bit surprised it was available when I tried to buy it… as it is the only one I really liked.

        It seems because a lot of people are at home, so we are all doing some kind of group retail therapy…

  • Can't believe I bought an umbrella for $80.

  • For $100 umbrella it should be free shipping

  • Well all the shoppers coming up in the bottom left… spot the OzB'er :D

  • Why is an Australian website "adhering to the NZ Ministry of Health’s advice"?


    • Blunt is a New Zealand company. I think this site is a mirror of the New Zealand site.

  • Thanks for posting. Rapt as I've been waiting for a good deal to purchase a Blunt metro in mint…and now I have.

  • Of course the UV and XL models are sold out.

    Can anyone recommend an Australian brand making umbrellas with a similar quality and price?

  • bunnings umbrellas are nice and $10

    • Where are you able to get one? I've seen many people carrying it around but can't seem to find it on their website

      • I've seen it in most stores I've been to (Sydney) near the entry/exit. Try ask the staff if you can't find it

  • Damn.. my wife just said that when the delivery comes in, she's gonna throw it in the bin.. just because i splurged and had a little retail therapy the past week..

  • If I have a Dyson, airpods and these will I finally have made it in life?

  • These umbrellas are amazing. It's worth the price.
    It's one of those things that you'd happily pay for at full price if you're old one broke.

  • I live in WA and haven’t used an umbrella for the last 4years. I’ll pass

  • Have been using the classic for years. Wouldn’t use anything else. Great customer service too, the retailer replaced mine without hassle when I accidentally broke the tip

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