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[Pre Order] Logitech G703 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse $52.90 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Pre-order for an awesome price for the Logitech G703. Not sure when it's being fulfilled.

Appears to be the non-HERO sensor version (has PMW3366), so as noted before in a previous post, is not as sensitive for the God gamerz amongst us and has apparently lower battery life, but still pretty well reviewed in the past.

Note the main product page displays as $90, sold by "Technology Titans", but this pre-order is apparently sold and fulfilled by Amazon AU.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +2

    Nice find. Even cheaper than the G603 that I bought last year.

  • +3

    What’s the point of a pre-order deal with no delivery date in sight?

    • +3

      Get it locked in at a great price. Amazon doesn't charge until it ships (and you can cancel it before then).

      And it's a really great price, it's $148 at Harvey Norman - https://www.harveynorman.com.au/logitech-g703-lightspeed-wir...

      • $79 at TGG.

        • -3

          I always wonder if you could do a sneaky arbitrage like this

          Today: buy from Goods Guys for $79
          Pre order from Amazon for $52
          Start using the mouse bought from GG

          In t days, receive product from Amazon and return it to GG and gets back $79

          So essentially buying at a preorder price but is available to use today

          Has anyone ever tried this before?

          • +5

            @ln28909: It's unethical and potentially fraud?

            • -1

              @itshammer: Okay so how about this

              Today buy from GG for $79
              Start using the mouse

              In t days, GG starts to sell the mouse for $70
              Buy the mouse for $70 and return it right away using the old receipt

              So essentially, you bought the mouse for $70 today. Similar to having a price protection credit card.

              Is this unethical and or fraud?

          • @ln28909: GG will have their stock tags on the box so not possible

            • -1

              @InternetExplorer: Not all of them I don't think, some comes without tags like coffee machine, Philips hue products, etc.

    • +1

      Because its $27 less than the last deal. and has free postage

  • Nice find, this should really get more votes

    • It was only posted 20 minutes ago, give it some time

  • +6

    Don't recommend, has scroll wheel issues, I had this mouse so I know, tried the firmware updates, tried dissembling it to fix it, doesn't work reliably, if others haven't had issues I'm glad but I'd stay away if you haven't bought. Went to a G903, no problems at all.

    • +1

      Contact the warranty team.
      I had scroll wheel issues with my firs g603 and they replaced the mouse without me even having to send mine in. All they did was ask for pics and details.

      Don't think I've heard of scroll wheel issues being too common.

      • +1

        Great advice for those that have already bought, for others this is a wide spread issue so suggest you just don't buy it in the first place

    • +1

      I had the scroll wheel issues too, firmware update fixed it instantly for me. This was only a few weeks ago mind. Maybe check if a newer version has come out since you last tried it? Besides that one fault it really has been a good mouse, though I do like my Asus Gladius II one better, just for the feel of it. For this price though, it's a steal!

    • +2

      That's like saying you don't recommend your local Dominos because you went one time and it wasn't good.

    • Do logitech mice still suffer from the double click bs that appears later down the track?

      • +1

        My G602 and G403 both developed double clicking.

      • +1

        That's a mechanical issue. Happens with all mice. If you've got good eyes and steady hands, you can open up the micro-switch and bend the switch in place to fix the issue.

        • It’s particularly bad in models that use poor quality switches in the first place. Logitech seem to have a habit of skimping on switches in even their high end mice.

        • Can't say it's ever happened to my $10 basic MS mouse.

          Yeah I have considered opening up but it's just not something I should do so I kind of live with it lol but I don't game with it.

          • @ippy: Have you tried the blowing trick? Don't laugh but try blowing into the mouse where the mouse wheel is when no one is watching. It worked for me for a few months. Something about the air and static electricity.

    • hmmm I thought it was just me, I gave up on the damn thing and went back to my old sidewinder gaming mouse (wish MS they still made that). Still have it in a drawer, I just thought I was unlucky.

    • I got a g903, loved it until i used it for about 2 months and it got the right button double click issue, which is apparently very common.

    • +1

      I know the issue you're talking about, but that happens only to the early releases of this mouse. The later stocks switched to another supplier and this issue's gone forever. I've read this from a professional review but sorry I can't remember the name of these suppliers as well as the parts model number, but only the story itself.

      • Good to hear, when I get around to it, I'll see if Logitech can replace it for me. I've heard their customer support if great so hopefully I wont have any issues.

        • That's exactly why I have two of them: G602 developed double clicking while it was under warranty. Logitech sent me G403 as a "repair" which developed double clicking much sooner but outside of original warranty.
          I am looking into disassembling G403 and replacing switches with Japanese made Omron switches.
          This deal was a good alternative to this exercise. But I missed it. :(

    • I have this mouse, no issues with scroll wheel. But definitely issues with using the wireless dongle for me. I have this and a wireless Corsair keyboard, and I can't use this mouse at all in games without massive lag spikes

  • I need to stop buying logitech mice. Got an mx master 2s, G502, and M510 on my desk and bought a mx518 legacy.

    • +1

      same…g502 hero, g502 lightspeed, g pro wireless and been wanting to give the mx master series a try lately :/

      • Mmm, I've got CoD G9x at work and packed away a G700s.

        I'd recommend waiting for a decent sale for the mx master. Compared to the g502 it's a bit taller in the middle which is nice but the horizontal scroll is gimmicky for me and the back/forward buttons are too close(fixed in the mx 3) and it loses the snipe button and two buttons next to the left click. The new scroll wheel is super nice (automatically hyperscrolls if you spin fast enough).

        • F for the G9X,

          I only stopped using it as it ended up dying after a good long run, i've thought about getting a repair kit for it off ebay but i wouldn't use it anymore.

          Was a great mouse for its time though

    • +1

      same… G PRO Wireless, x2 Glorious O, G502 Spectrum, MX Master 2, SS Rival.

      I do actively switch between 3 of them though depending on what i'm doing

      • Same. I use the mx master 2s for work. It's nice to switch devices. How do you find the mouse with airholes?

        • +1


          It's fine honestly, and so light weight it's great for FPS games like CSGO/Apex etc

    • +3

      Thanks to OzBargain, I unnecessarily own the entire MX Master trilogy

    • Lol, that’s cute.
      G602,G403 Wired,G403 wireless,G703,G102,G402,G502,G Pro Wireless, G703 HERO

      • Wait, aren't some of those mice practically the same :P

        • Only the G403 wireless and G703, The wired is well wired, and the G703 hero is Lighter and much better battery life.

    • +1

      You just interested me to check on what I have: G9, G9X, G400, G302, G3, G300, G700, G502, G Pro wired, G Pro Wireless, 2X G903, MX Master, MX Revolution

  • Price showing as $90 for me.

    • Looks to be sold out

  • Thanks going to order one for when my current one dies :)

  • Can't seem to add to cart. Out of stock?

  • +2

    All sold out boys?

    • Girls.

      • -3

        I thought majority of us are males..

        • Settle down Karen.

  • Does Anyone have problem adding to cart?

  • No longer shows up under "other sellers", was there a few minutes ago and I hesitated :(

  • +1

    Literally went to get the clothes off the line and now its gone.

  • Looks like in stock now but price reverted

    Edit: never mind from another seller

  • +1

    Ffs i have alerts enabled for mice as i need a new one but by the time the alert came out it was sold out, why is there a delay with alerts? Feels bad bcuz this is the exact mouse i wanted as well and i doubt it will ever be anywhere near this cheap again

    • Same here, i have been looking for a new mouse for few weeks now. And the prior weeks when i didnt need, there were a few mx master deals. Sad panda

  • damn too late

  • +1

    I always miss deals like this.

  • Damn. I've been looking to buy this particular model for ages and I missed out :(

  • It's in stock for $90. Is there a code?

    Edit: it's in stock (versus pre order in the description here) so has the link in this post changed?

    • The link is the same as before. The seller listing has just changed (to Technology Titans instead of a pre-order straight from Amazon), so the pre-order likely sold out/got removed.

      • Thank you kind Sir!

  • +3

    I love this mouse except for the scroll wheel issue.

    • I read before that this was fixed with a firmware update.

    • what is the issue?

    • +2

      It's a hardware issue, I believe.

      See below video on how to fix:

      Essentially when you scroll down, the mechanism thinks you're going up. It's intermittent, so you can be scrolling down a bit, then all of a sudden the page will go the opposite way. It's frustrating.

      • Yep, i Had this happen with two G703 Lightspeeds before i gave up and went to a G903 (and then a Wireless Pro). Real shame because it was definitely my favourite size/shape out of the range.

        • How do you find the Wireless Pro compared to 703? I love the 703 shape (came from the old G700).

          • @iRMonkey: The wireless pro is a great mouse in a lot of ways, and has better build quality and battery than the 703's had, but it is a bit smaller than i would prefer.

  • What's the problem with the scroll wheel? I play a game that requires an insane amount of scroll clicking so I need something that's not too hard to press but durable. Tried the g502 but it had a wonky scroll wheel that didn't go so well.

    • +1

      i have 0 problem with my g703, what is the problem?

      • Above comments but probably just empirical evidence

  • i got mine years back for 69$ from JB.

    Weight reduction(83gram, shell mod+smaller battery), replaced the switch(to cherry DG4), feet(hotline), better potentiometer(stiffer).

    love this killer mouse.

    • how'd you get it so cheap, did you wait for black friday or something?

  • +1

    Amazing mouse. My mouse of choice as a developer who uses it 10-12 hours a day.

  • I got the g703 hero for 100 at jb hifi a month ago. Love it. Took out about 10g of internals to get the weight right for me.

  • +1

    The G703 doesn’t have “side scroll“ on the wheel.
    I know it’s not essential, but I find it really useful in gaming.
    For this reason, I prefer the G903.

  • I have the G603, barely 4 months of use, and the middle click automatically clicks 2 or 3 times. Tried all the static stuff, firmware etc. Time to send it back for replacement/repair.

  • +1

    Anyone else just have their order cancelled?

    • Just got a notification saying it's cancelled

      • Yup, cancelled, citing that they don't have stock. Got a $10 credit though

    • Yeah I think all have been canceled. $10 credit though so I guess that’s something

  • Update: Amazon cancelled the order claiming no stock
    I argued that they where still selling on their website and I would be lodging an ACCC complaint over the $66.10 price difference as they had advertised a grantee of their price, they issued me with $66.10 in Gift Card credit on top of the $10 promo credit.

    The $10 promo credit is limited to only Amazon AU direct products, but the Gift Card balance is anything.

    • such crap! will try for the same!

    • Screenshot of credits

      • All i could get was $10 because the one listed is sold by another seller not amazon - you got lucky i guess!

        • Hi there, I am contacting Amazon to see if my dispute can be resolved before escalating to the ACCC.

          I made this purchase as a pre-order via Amazon with a Price Gurantee, the product is now being sold for $66.10 more than my Guranteed price on Amazon.com.au.

          Today Amazon chose to cancel my order due to lack of quantity, despite having stock available from a different merchant on their retail website. This product is still available for purchase on Amazon.com.au, the same retailer who advertised to me with my order a Price Gurantee.

          It is my belief that Amazon's refusal to honour what was advertised as a Guarantee of price on their website is not only unprofessional conduct, but at odds with both my Victorian and Australian Consumer Rights.

          I am speaking to you now as a final opportunity for Amazon to rectify this matter before escalating to the ACCC.

          The price is now $119, in stock and available from Amazons website.

          I am trying to explain to Amazon that by still selling it via Amazon at a higher price, Amazon is failing to provide me with what I believe to be a price that was advertised by Amazon as a guarantee, regardless of any excuses made about the stock provider.

          I am hoping that either yourself or a manager can address the $66.10 overcharge, without the need for ACCC intervention

          They tried to offer a post shipment refund of the difference after I pay the $119, I refused that offer saying that I didn't feel that fronting more than double the price was fair on me and they returned with an offer of gift card credit, I thought they would just offer to discount the order before charge/shipment but they offered the amount in advance which is amazing.

    • Best way to contact them? Reply to email or something else?


      • +1

        They have a text chat which is open until midnight.
        It is always hit and miss getting someone who is willing to provide credits, but you usually have to work the conversation into them offering as they are likely to refuse a request on the assumption you are working them.

    • +4

      Kind of feel it's a bit of a scumbag move. I think $10 credit is fair (didn't neg you btw)

    • You might have got lucky with the Chat Rep, as all other sellers are Third Party (even though it Fulfilled by Amazon).

  • Have this mouse. It's great, only 2 gripes are Logitech G HUB sucks and I use Logitech Gaming Software from last year. Also in wired mode it tends to freeze every so often.

  • Didn't realise my order was cancelled, until I went to buy something on Amazon, and discovered I had a $10 Courtesy Credit at checkout.

  • it's in stock now - no limit

    but price is $134.99 …. not cool Amazon

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