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[NSW] Unleaded 98 Fuel $0.879/L @ 7-Eleven, Arncliffe


Great price for 98ron, lock it in now!!

Not yet on projectzerothree

Address: 28 Princes Hwy, Arncliffe NSW 2205

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    Jumped in my heli to lock in, but my driver informed me no such price yet exists. Had to double check the post to see if it was available.

    • you mean piolet?

      • Nah it is a convertible, heli with wheels you know?

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          You 'fly boys' crack me up!

  • Locked in, thanks!

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    Not showing up on the 711 app

    Cheapest is 101.9 at Bankstown

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    Just came back to Melbourne on my supersonic jet, price is valid, thanks op

  • great price! but it's 20mins from home and would be further than I've driven in the last 2 months … :P

  • Postcode is 2205

  • Lock lock lock it in eddie, thanks OP!

  • +11

    lol… locked in… but most likely will go waste as WFH fulltime and nowhere to go ;p

  • brilliant! just did the fly over myself… that is almost 50 cents cheaper than my local!

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    Would anyone have the link for the latest apk? My app keeps crashing =(

      • Would you know for an iPhone?

        • Unfortunately don't think it'll be possible for iPhone unless you're planning to jailbreak it.

      • thanks!

      • My 7-11 app keep crashing everytime I click find my best local store.

        I'm using GPS Joystick.

        • -2

          Same here. Using Mocklocation. Tried after reinstalling apk but no luck.
          Update: Change fuel type to 95 and search. Go back and and change back to 98. Worked for me.

          • @Hallaj: No need to use mocklation with the latest APK. There's location mocking built into the app. Read the comments on the thread to find out how.

  • phew, was 96.9 yesterday, but couldnt lock due "System is down for maintenance."

    now locked at a lower price

    • same here :-)

  • Locked in, thank you! The company still not allowing me to WFH…FML

  • thanks!

  • +1

    My tank is full :(

  • had my tank filled in morning too at 96.9 :(

    • I filled my tank up on Sunday for 97.5..

  • Cheers

  • Heli got it, thx

  • Geez… I just locked 0.969 yesterday…

    • +3

      just create a new account
      you no longer need to load balance in the new 7-11 app

  • Nice. great timing

  • Winning.. now just to try burn off my current fuel..

  • Thx OP! And it's updated on projectzerothree now.

  • +6

    What a time to be alive.

  • Just came up on 11-Seven.

  • I’m surprised they’ve run out of U91 with ever decreasing prices and lack of demand.

    • Is that why the price of U98 drops to the price of U91?

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  • -3


  • awesome..never ever seen such prices..
    thanks OP! locked in

  • For all of you near Costco in the Epping area, the have the cheapest fuels if you don't want to or cant use the app. Diesel is 93.7c and 98 is 96.7c

  • at this price should I fill with 98 even though my car only needs 91?

    • Yes as you get more mileage from 98

      • +4

        The incremental improvement (if any) in mileage normally doesn't justify the price.

        You would run this if you feel your fuel system would benefit from the additives in the fuel, much like injector cleaners. Of course, a proper ultrasonic injector clean (costs a few hundred at a mechanic) is the way to go if your injectors are dirty.

        • I get around 8-10% better mileage (less with a lot of stop starts). I found best value based on mileage is 91 then 98 then 95 then e10. With 98 being simular price to 91 at this price 98 is a clear winner 😁

          • @Yabadabadoo: It really depends on cars tho. I got the best power response and mileage is e10 lol.

          • @Yabadabadoo: Hmm I still have a lock in for 91 @ 78c though…

  • I have not topped up in a while… What happened to the 7 eleven card? Is this being phased out?

    • i think it might have been hacked or costing too much for security to keep the prepayments secure

  • +1

    So now you lock in just the price. And pour as much L as you can in one go and pay the locked in price?

  • I've locked in the price at 87.9c/L with $0 credit…
    When I go fill up, do I just have to scan the barcode and the price will automatically adjust at the register?

    • Yep

      • cheers. Beats the deals I usually get from Shell, just a pity that I filled up a couple weeks ago, and have more than half a tank…
        Time to drive like a hoon for the next couple days

  • +1

    welcome back 1980

    • -1

      what about Maccas? Woolies? Coles? JB HiFi? Grill'd? Even Aldi?
      Every big multi billion dollar company has some sort of Wage Theft…

      • I'm happy to look at the evidence for all of the companies you listed and put them on my do not shop list.

    • +4

      That's fair enough but I think that buying their 98 at 91 prices is stitching them up a little :)

    • +1

      This is interesting

      Are you alleging that the franchisee of this particular 7-11 has engaged in - or is engaged in - wage theft?

      • Their franchise model requires it to make profit. So yes.

        • That's all I needed. Thank you.

          • @[Deactivated]: Are you just going to take someones word for something so serious without a quick facts check?

            P.S. They are guilty of wage theft, but good to check first before believing random people.

            • +1

              @ozhunter68: I think you might have misunderstood what I meant.

              'Flyerone' has alleged that particular Franchisee has been engaged in wage theft activity. They were, to the best of my knowledge, NEVER involved in the 7-11 wage theft debacle.

              I tried, as subtly as I could, to have him/her consider their statement. But, they chose to stand by it and not delete or retract their assertion before the page was indexed by search engines. This has defamation claim written all over it now.

              • +1

                @[Deactivated]: Oh,…I was just referring to 7-11 in general and not a specific franchise. Thought this was from the top down, but was ages ago I covered info from that case. All good, my apologies then.

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                  @ozhunter68: No need to apologise. Internet. Sh*t happens ;-)

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    Do you have to be around the area or is there a way people can get this lock using some sort of software?

  • I’ve locked it.

    I’m in WA. Can they not honour it ?

    Has this happened to anyone ?

    • I don’t think anyone cares. Only one attendant in NSW asked me where I found the cheap price but he was merely curious and wasn’t prying at all.

  • +5

    Its actually 83.5 Cents right now.

    • You beat me to it! I just locked it in thinking its still 0.879 but my app displayed .835 and thought I accidentally selected U95 😆

    • How low can we go! 😁

  • -1

    Hi can anyone shed light on how an android might teleport as tried a few but all come up fake GPS detected when I go to app

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