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Dettol Instant Liquid Hand Sanitizer Refresh Anti-Bacterial 200ml $6.98 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


With Aloe Vera Extract. Helps leave hands feeling soft and refreshed
Dermatologically tested.
Directions: Squeeze 1/2 teaspoon amount of Dettol instant hand sanitizer in your palm then briskly rub hands together thoroughly until dry.

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  • this is $5.99 at my local chemist warehouse. And they have heaps of stock.

  • slowly getting back to good old days

  • cant wait till coles doing half price and i just walk passed and dont even give it a look.

  • +19 votes

    It may not be a deal to most of us because we are surrounded by chemists and supermarkets but this is a good deal for those who live in rural or remote areas without access to a store close by or ones that don't have any stock

  • +2 votes

    just bought 1 bottle not the same brand from Kmart Fountain Gate for $5/236ml.

  • These deals are largely irrelevant with stock returning to normal. Should never have been bargains in the first place

  • Good price for 200ml, originally read this as 50ml

    • No it really isn't a good price for 200ml, it is basically RRP.

      • Prime member so Delivery is free, great for getting delivered to regional areas where my parents live.

        • sure, if they are no where near a local supermarket. These are pretty much back in stock most places now and if they aren't where they are they soon will be.

  • My local Woolies is selling at 3.50 for 200 ml. Quite a few in stock. It's Balnea brand.

  • Grabbed a bottle for $6 at my local chemist. No deal here.

  • Trusted brand, but doesn’t specify alcohol content

  • $7 shipped is ok with me, even if it's $6 at chemist warehouse (the closest being 45 minutes each way from me, which would be a few dollars in petrol)! Shit has been so hard to get for a month. Grabbed a bottle thanks OP

  • anyone know the alcohol percentage for this?

  • YES as more things like this get back to stock, we win and the price gougers lose!! Sweet karma

  • best smell

  • Can't ozbargain start to filter out or allow users to filter out these non-bargains ?

    • I want to filter out certain products so it stops spamming my bargain feed. Or allow users to filter out certain categories they’re never interested in.

  • Do some of you just spend all day looking for hand sanitizer “deals” to spam this site with?

    • nope, i got a notification from camelcamelcamel that this was in stock. spent 0.2% of my day on this. thanks for asking :)

      • Only 3 minutes. That’s pretty quick actually. 🤪

      • +3 votes

        got a notification from camelcamelcamel that this was in stock.

        This is OzBargain and not OzInStock

    • Typical cnut. :D

      EDIT: Wait! Can I change that to username checks out?

  • Aldi have their usual 250ml 72% sanitiser back in stock for $3.99


    I even got the grapefruit and yuzu flavoured scented one.
    All the sanitiser price gougers can now officially go and get stuffed.

  • Hand sanitiser is everywhere now. I saw an entire untouched shelf at my local supermarket today, $9.99 per 500mL.

    • Yeah I popped into my local Coles tonight for some washing powder and they had a huge pile of 50mL hand sanitiser for $3 at the entry to self check out. Nobody was buying wheras two weeks ago as soon as it hit the shelves the vultures were swarming.

  • Thanks op! Bought one for my grandparents who are unable to go out to the shops to look for hand sanitisers.

  • +2 votes

    Dettol Instant Liquid Hand Sanitizer Refresh Anti-Bacterial 200ml $6.98

    $5.99 is the normal price…

    no deal…

    • Not available online at chemist warehouse and not delivered for that price
      Good try

  • Local Miniso is selling their store branded 500ml bottles for $28, soon they will be $2.80 :D

    Seriously hand sanitisers are no longer hard to find, no need to post this sort of deals.

    • I've found it hard to find for a reasonable price. I was happy with this post.

    • It's serving a different market though. In Adelaide this stuff is really hard to find, and my folks are in their 70's so I don't like them driving from store to store trying to find stuff. This lets me easily buy them stuff even though I know it's a couple bucks more. I'm willing to pay that though!

      • Same same. I live in a COVID-19 hotspot suburb. I don't have a car, and I have multiple risk factors as well as being over 50. All of my friends in the Sydney region who are over 50 (about 8 of us) have converted to shopping almost exclusively online, barring a grocery shop at an odd hour ever week or two. Anything we can get online without paying a huge premium, we'll buy online.

        This has led to my actually getting to know my local postie. I've never seen him, but I talk to him every day when he rings the buzzer around 8:30am for me to open the building door so he can drop the day's Amazon delivery in the lobby.

        This works optimally whilst everyone works from home or is between jobs, but once the economy goes back to its usual way of working, deliveries will get a whole lot less attractive for many of us. For example, I won't be home to unlock the door and my local post office, where packages are left, has only limited hours.

  • Not a bargain

  • People down voting but where can you buy it cheaper delivered? Chemist warehouse you have to waste your time and petrol going there.

  • If you think getting in your car, driving to a pharmacy and buying this locally to save $1 is a good idea, you definitely don't need hand sanitizer.

  • My offer is $1.99, delivered.

  • You know when things are headed the right direction when deals for these products get so many negs