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Uber Eats - $5 Cashback with ShopBack ($10 Minimum Spend, Activation via App Required)


Hey OzBargainers, saw this deal on the landing page of my ShopBack app - $5 cashback with $10 minimum purchase, half price meal if you can find something for the $10 mark!

You will need to activate the cash back first on your ShopBack account.

Ensure you've claimed this offer before ordering! Once claimed, tap here to start ordering at Uber Eats. This offer is in addition to the regular cashback you receive for Uber Eats orders 😁

Offer Terms and Conditions

  • This offer must be ‘claimed’ via the banner displayed in the ShopBack app, or promotional notification sent via the ShopBack app. This offer is valid until 30 April 11.59PM AEST or until the maximum number of claims have been received (whichever occurs first).
  • To qualify for the $5 Cashback Bonus, you must then make any order ($10 minimum spend, excluding delivery) from Uber Eats through ShopBack between 12:00AM and 11:59PM AEST (inclusive) on 30 April 2020.
  • While the claim must be done on the ShopBack app, the purchase can be made on any other devices including the ShopBack desktop/mobile site or ShopBack Button browser extension.
  • The $5 cashback bonus is in addition to the usual cashback you receive on orders from Uber Eats.
  • Limited to one bonus per customer.
  • The $5 cashback bonus will not appear in your account after a few days. The bonus will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 30 June 2020.
  • This offer cannot be combined with the $10 food delivery bonus for new ShopBack customers offer.

Referral Links

Referral: random (2412)

$15 for referrer and $15 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • Looks to be targeted

    • Available to all if you have made a transaction in the past. Try updating your app to the latest version if you haven't yet.

  • Another shopback crap!

  • It doesn't state anywhere, so I assume we would still qualify for this promom even if:
    a) Pre-order for another day
    b) Use the 15% off pick up code (

    • The 15% pickup code would fall under their usual “promo codes not listed by ShopBack”

    • You can check here under Don'ts:

      • Orders Completed after 2 hours of clickthrough from ShopBack (so no for pre-ordering)
      • Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack (code isn't listed on our end, so it's not guaranteed)

      We have ordered recently using that pickup code and cashback has tracked, but it's not a guarantee that it will be confirmed later down the track.

  • Does it work if you pay with Uber Eats gift cards?

  • No pick up option, no deal.

  • Anyone know if Shopback cashback stacks with the ING free delivery offer? I know in theory it shouldn't stack, but wondering about whether in practice it has.

    • Same question here. Hopefully Shopback can answer in time for lunch.

    • Might work as $0.50 (standard, not first time user)) is paid on using promo codes such as Ing one. So hopefully as not a first time user this $5 bonus will apply.

    • Need to know this too. Hope to hear from rep soon. Otherwise only option is to order from the 1 or 2 places which pop up on "shared delivery".

    • You can check here under Don'ts:

      • Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack (code isn't listed on our end, so it's not guaranteed)

      It's not guaranteed that cashback will be confirmed later down the track, but we have ordered with the ING free delivery offer this month and it has tracked fine.

  • Warning: Shopback will not guarantee that it will provide a fault-free service.

    For example, see comments at the following:
    * Dan Murphy's
    * BWS

    I was personally burnt by the BWS issue.
    So proceed at your own risk - you may not get your shopback amount.

    • Jeez that's a bit harsh, I got my BWS and Dan Murphy cashbacks just fine. I have over $800 of Shopback credit and all have tracked properly (I keep an excel spreadsheet to track my purchases and the discounts myself to verify)..

      • That's a bit harsh? For warning that their system might fail and you might not get any cashback? Are you saying just because YOU were lucky enough to get your cashback that there wasn't an issue for others? It was THEIR system that failed, yet they won't take responsibility for it and they need to be held accountable.

    • +2 votes

      Agreed. Once bitten, twice shy. Downvoted :)

    • Yep - Burnt by the Dan's offer. Sorry OP negging on account of ShopBack's dodgy antics

    • Didn't receive CB from The Iconic upsized cashback and many other users reported the same issue.

      I don't think there are any upsized CB deals from SB posted on Ozbargain where people don't have issues - and it's not like we aren't familiar with how to use Shopback.

    • Yup, I was one of the many users who got caught out by the recent Dan Murphy's Shopback fiasco. Super unreliable company.

    • Hi shkippy,

      I'm still trying to get to the bottom of things but as you've received the same response despite responding back to that rejection email you received initially, can you please inbox me your registered email address so I can escalate your case with the team?

      • Thank you for offering to escalate this issue for me personally. I have received the same response as everyone else with a rejection in the form of an 83% reduction ($5) of what was promised in the promotion. However to put my email ahead of everyone else I don't think would be fair. Please I urge you to resolve this issue with everyone who has been caught up in this debacle, not just the person who makes the most noise.

        • The team's been slammed with many queries this week around this debacle so this is definitely one of our priorities to resolve. No worries though, I'm here if you need to message for a follow up (the same goes to anyone else reading this).

  • If anyone's wondering, new users get $15 at Cashrewards

  • Where is the rep these days?

  • I checked with Shopback chat, and they confirmed that if used in conjunction with any other deals on Ubereats, the cashback is invalid. Also, you cannot enable the cashback on the Shopback app, then switch to the Ubereats app. This means that you won't get the pickup option or the free delivery (by sharing a delivery partner with a nearby order) that is only on Ubereats app. Since you are basically forced to pay for delivery fee, the cashback is cancelled out by the fee.

    • Someone said above that you can change to pickup using desktop browser?

    • I was able to select pick-up at the checkout screen on my mobile, you edit the delivery/address portion and select pick-up. Shopback app opens up it's own browser window when you click through to Ubereats. Although I haven't received any confirmation acknowledging the cashback for my lunch order yet…

      • Took 2 days for my previous ubereats cashback to track, longer than other merchants. So I would expect the same this time as well. Hopefully no issues with the bonus.

    • -1 vote

      For pickup - find restaurants that offer pickup in the Uber Eats app, then once you've picked one - activate cashback, get redirected to the Uber Eats website and then search for the restaurant you picked.

      If there's no option to switch to pickup here still, continue on, add everything to your cart then once you reach checkout there's an option to "Edit" your delivery address and then switch the order to pickup.

  • Will it work for restaurant offers such as spend $15 and save $3? It’s not a promo code.

  • Amazing that sophisticated tech companies like uber can't track from app to app, but little old Hey You can do tracking with no problems

  • The expired status on this deal is just regarding the availability of claims right?

    I claimed this morning already and haven't done my order just yet…

  • Anyone's order tracked? Bit concerned not receiving a tracking email yet with all the issues recently despite it not being 2 days yet.

  • Takes 2-3 days for cashback to track from Uber Eats.

  • Mine just tracked

  • Mine too, but at 0.50c at the moment.

  • I got 50cents back. Are we lodging a complaint?

    • Bonus will be added separately by 30th June

      • By then you'll probably forget and Shopback will have not paid out anything… just my prediction.

        • If it tracks, then the bonus always pays out from my experience. But if it doesn’t track properly, then the bonus won’t get paid either. Just put a note in your diary as a reminder.

  • 50c just credited, but no $5. Anyone else?