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Crucial BX500 1TB $150, MX500 2TB $329, Crucial MX500 1TB $169, Crucial P1 1TB M.2 NVMe $169 + Delivery @ Shopping Express

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    is the p1 any good as a daily use ssd?
    I've bought everything to needed this morning to replace my current pc to create a rendering+streaming beast, just need a good m.2 deal.

    • Yep, great value. Will do the job for daily use.

    • a rendering+streaming beast

      Not what I'd call daily use.

      I believe this SSD has issues (slow speed) doing large sustained writes but I could be wrong so you might want an SSD like Samsung EVO instead.

      Depends what your doing but if your working with large video files it may be a problem.

      • This SSD is not designed for sustained writes so if you’re planning on using it for rendering videos then look elsewhere at a TLC drive.

      • Not kidding.. from https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/crucial-p1-nvme-ssd-qlc...

        "Crucial’s P1 features a rather large SLC write cache. It helps the SSD to absorb about 73GB of data at a rate of 1GB/s before it fills."
        "After its SLC cache exhausts, the native direct to QLC write speed is just 60MB/s on average."

        That's worse than a spinner once you hit that cache limit…


        I shall buy a second m.2 that is better for a streaming right then :)
        I'll use this one as a storage drive.

    • is the p1 any good as a daily use ssd?

      It's alright to store files/video games on. I wouldn't recommend it for rendering or an OS drive.

      • I’ve seen videos where they use P1 and Intel 660p as C: and there’s zero difference in windows and gaming compared to faster gen 4 pixie drives.

        The specs sheet differ greatly, but the reality is the real world differences are sooooo small.

        • There's also 0 differences between the P1/660p and 860evo/mx500 in terms of speed for most real world applications because the bottlenecks are elsewhere in the system, but the TLC drives are better in every other aspect.

          It just doesn't make sense to be buying cheaper QLC drives when they're the same price as TLC.

          • @iseeyou1312: I’ve been eyeing off a QLC Sabrent Rocket 2TB. Performance is where it should be similar to TLC drives.

            $239 USD. Waiting for it to come back to pre covid prices of $220 usd.

      • Actually I'd say it's good for an OS drive.

        Not a rendering drive or a drive where you have to copy large 70Gb+ files

        • Constant writes will wear out the QLC and the speed benefit of being NVMe won't matter.

          It's really a second rate drive that shouldn't be considered when its the same price as TLC.

  • Any 2tb Nvme ?

  • These seem like great prices within current circumstances

  • P1 is on clearance with the P2 recently announced. Lower prices might be coming if you aren't in a hurry.

  • Crucial MX500 500gb 2.5" SATA $98 + postage is also not bad

  • I want to plug this into my Xbox. Would I notice the difference between an MX and a BX500?

    • BX is enough

    • For the price difference between the two, it would be stupid not to get the MX500 if only for the substantially longer warranty and predicted lifespan. This is without factoring in the faster speeds which I'm not sure how important they'd be on an XBOX (very worth it for a PC).

      It actually never really made any sense for the BX500 to ever be released in the first place.

  • Is the $30 off for first time customer code still working?

  • Haven't been following the ssd world lately. Are these good enough to replace an existing samsung 840 pro?

  • Crucial P1 nvme 1TB has been as low as $125. So, not sure if this is the best price.

  • I ordered a Samsung SSD last week from these guys and very impressed with their delivery times. Took 3 days to arrive to me door with standard postage. Thanks :)

  • Ordered the 1TB NVMe the other week, ready to be put in. Super quick shipping.

    • Hope you don't mind me asking but which state are you in? I'm still waiting on an order from 2 weeks ago that I thought was delayed due to COVID…but I'm not too sure anymore. I'm in VIC

      • I'm in ACT. It came from Sydney, so it was pretty quick. But i've had an order from another store in Melbourne take over a week to get to my family in Adelaide.

  • Just a note that the P1 uses a SLC Cache buffer. When this cache is filled when doing large Reads and Writes the speeds drop insanely.


  • Wow this is cheap. Not sure if i need it but i want to buy it :(

  • thanks OP

  • How is the P1 as a boot drive?

    • Not very good, at that price anyway. Lots of writes will wear out the QLC which isn't as durable and the extra speed won't be very beneficial. It does have a 5 year warranty though, so keep the receipt. QLC drives should have a steep price discount compared to TLC drives, not be the same price.

  • Thanks OP. I've ordered 1. There is 1% surcharge when paying paypal/creditcard so I opt out to use bank wire transfer to save a little bit. Just FYI

  • These aren't that good for endurance right? Compared to samsung etc

  • Any of these good for a cache drive for UnRaid server? I've got a 512GB Samsung 850 Pro, and 840 Evo sitting around, but can't hurt to have more.

  • Thanks OP! Bought Crucial MX500 1TB 2.5" SATA!

    All up was $181.75

    ($10.95 Postage, $1.80 Surcharge + $169)