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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 $279 + Shipping @ Shopping Express


Comes with 3 Months of Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Looks like computer part prices are finally coming down - cheapest the 3600 has been in a while.

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Shopping Express
Shopping Express

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  • 29th April, ordered 3600X for $344 from Amazon. 30th April cancelled 3600X and ordered 3600 for $296 from Amazon (delivery 22 May). 1st May, cancelled 3600 from Amazon and ordered from Shopping Express. Just how low can these go…

    • Shopping express will post it out much faster then Amazon. No take backsies.. My experiance you will have your CPU mid next week.
      End of the switcharooony for you buddy

    • If you have a credit card with a price protection policy you can just claim the price difference and save yourself the hassle.

      • this… soooooo good lol

      • If Amazon hadn't quoted 3-4 weeks for delivery I wouldn't have cancelled the second order as once you factor in shipping (free with prime) shopping express was only a couple of dollars cheaper.

      • Depends on the credit card company, some give very limited opportunity to be able to claim.

        For example, ANZ platinum say only if you find it cheaper in a printed catalogue….. If if if so many if's and but's

        • Agree. For example, St George,

          within 21 days …
          a printed catalogue showing the same personal good …
          from a store within 25 kilometres …
          price difference is greater than A$75.

  • What about a $180 3300x? Will that be a thing?

  • nice, looking at putting one of these in a new build for the family, might pull the trigger here

  • I think prices are only down due to new lineup recently being announced with stores trying to clear as much stock as possible. Either way, even at $350 this CPU is fantastic value for what it can do.

  • AMD prices will drop further due to intel 10 series desktop pricing being announced (slightly more competitive then expected)

  • -wrong spot-

  • Excellent processor for a decent price. I have had the 2600 for 1.5 years now, and very happy with it.

  • Never dealt with shopping express are they reputable?
    Pickup option?

    • I've bought many parts from them, never an issue. Can't speak to pickup as I live in a different state but Shopping Express have always done well with my orders.

      • Same.. I've used shopping express now for over 6 years and its been fine.
        upgraded every PC in our office from them haha

        Spent more then $20,000 :) "not my money"

        The few things I've got from them myself have been ok too.

    • Haven't had any issues with my orders from them in the past but haven't needed to RMA anything. They don't have a pickup option at this stage, delivery only.

  • Son of a …..

    I ordered one from them yesterday for $299.

    • I ordered today for $299. Checked SE yesteray and they were $328, checked staticice this morning and Mwave was cheapest. Forgot to check ozbargain :facepalm:

      Luckily I have 28 degrees price protection so I'll just have to claim the difference :D

      • I ordered last Sunday for $328 :( It arrived on Wednesday however, so still happy that Shopping Express ship fast! (I'm still waiting on Umart, but that's for the case)

    • I asked the same question on Whingepool regarding a PC upgrade/build I need to do. Was told that the Gen 10 lineup is just "racing stripes". A bit of fluff and not a real (worthwhile) upgrade from Gen 9.
      I don't have much $ to spend on a build so am looking at a AMD 1600AF to replace my 8 year old i2500k system.

      OP's price is def decent compared to Centrecom / MSY / usual sites.

      • Hi Maz - Can an amateur / never built a pc before / but decently tech savvy do a home build quite easily ? You got any threads of your journey / good info to follow ?

        • I know you asked Maz, but I'll throw in my 2c.

          Yes, it's easy. Two sites that you'll visit a lot in your research:


          Work out your budget and what you'll use it for - no point getting a 2080 Ti if you're just playing CS and web surfing.

        • yeh it's very easy now days to build a computer. I guess the hardest part would be deciding the parts. The pcpartpicker system builder is a great help with this. Though prices have already dropped quite a bit; if you can hold out a bit longer it would be better as there are lots of stuff coming out soon that should drop the prices a fair bit more (especially for the lower end stuff). Intel 10th gen, ryzen 4000, pcie4, rtx 30xx, ddr5

        • Thank you kindly for your responses and help. Was going to go with techfast but they seem to have delivery issues atm so think ill give myself an isolation project.

          • @Bigredkeg: im really happy with techfast but the only thing is after you swap out the parts you dont want (eg shitty power supply, better case, better ram) it winds up cheaper to do yourself anyway, but for what they are the prices are really good

        • As dpark88 and others have chimed in -> It's simple.. (Easier nowadays compared to the 80's when I was doing setups with jumpers/IRQ's, etc).
          Lots of videos and posts on youtube/forums to help. Like you mentioned - If you have a bit of tech savvy and can handle a philips head screwdriver you should be fine. :)

        • Youtube is your friend when it comes to building a PC..

          just dont only watch one video

          Hardware unboxed is good and so is Bitwit

        • It's simple until something goes wrong!

          Couple of key things:
          If you're a first time builder buy all key components from one supplier so they can't defer blame to someone else.

          Secondly you'll need access to compatible spares if you have a bad component. At a minimum to troubleshoot and isolate the bad component you'd want a spare mobo,psu, ram,(1 stick ok) and video card if no onboard igpu.

          My first build had a flaky motherboard which failed intermittently, was an absolute nightmare to troubleshoot and get swapped out. Worst part, it was for a very fussy client.

      • Honestly mate, I wouldn't even bother upgrading the i5-2500k, just overclock it and let it keep chugging along.

        I upgraded my i5-2500k to a 3600x which is a decent upgrade, but my i5 was still a beasty processor for gaming.

    • yes it should beat the ryzen 3000 series, since it's the same price as 9th gen but has extra cores.

      But it's not meant to be compared to that, it should be intel 10th gen vs ryzen 4000

  • Lowest it’s ever been was 259 just before COVID. Running like a dream, best value CPU I’ve ever used.

    • $259 is good! i got it at $271 in November

    • actual i just saw your username - have a question - i'm running a USB DAC and in this build, versus my intel build it replaced, I'm getting occasional USB disconnects. I googled Ryzen + USB disconnects and it is an issue (reddit threads etc). Are you running a USB DAC and have you come across this?

      It is notable as music would stop playing until the device reconnected - frustrating as I've checked Event Viewer and can't piece anything together yet.

      • Can’t say I’ve seen this no. Problem is there are so many motherboards it’s tough to isolate the issue . I’m using a gigabyte x570 itx pro Wi-Fi board.

  • Ordered one at full price recently and posted next day. Great service from the seller (even if I could have saved $40 doh)

    On the other hand, been stuck at aust post for many days.

    Another example of coronavidiocy.

  • Really good price for this cpu. Was going to go with this 2 month's ago paired with a b450 tomahawk but they ran out of stock. Ended up going for the 3700x. Both very good cpu.

  • All these CPU deals.. makes me want to build a new gaming rig…

  • Is this a worthy upgrade from my 1st gen 1600 I got in 2017? Probably not, but tempting.

    • Not really, wait the new generation of AMD CPUs due later this year.

    • yeah amd is gonna release the 4000 series this year (september?). It's gonna be compatiable with b450, x470 and x570 boards. The lower end boards not sure.

  • Was going to order just the CPU but turns out they have 10% off if you purchase a MB, graphics card or RAM in the qualifying page.


    Grabbed the RTX 2070 Super as well for $765 before shipping/fees.

    • :) its just making you spend more.. but 10% is 10% i guess

    • Wish there was a decent 2080 super deal!

      Any of the motherboards/RAM a decent deal after 10% here? Or nothing to turn your head over? Looks pretty good to me!

    • Thanks for that. Ordered the Galax RTX 2070 Super as well.

    • This should be posted as a deal itself. Really good stacking if you plan to get cpu+mobo+ram+gpu.
      Just keep in mind that some of the mobos listed aren't compatible with 3rd gen ryzens (need to update/flash)

      nvm apparently only one discount per order

  • Bought - cant wait to get it.

  • A newbie here trying to build my own budget gaming pc.

    Credit to CheapyAsian for the 10% off deal and I've compiled the below list for the rig from ShoppingExpress.

    I'd appreciate any positive or negative feedback guys thank you.

    AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.60 GHz 6 Cores AM4 CPU $279
    Galax GeForce GTX 1660 Super (1-Click OC) 6GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $428
    MSI B450 TOMAHAWK MAX AMD AM4 ATX Gaming Motherboard $218

    G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB (2x8GB) 3200MHz CL16 DDR4 Desktop RAM Memory Kit $159
    Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB 3500MB/s NVMe M.2 SSD $187.00
    WD Blue 1TB SATA 3.5" Internal Hard Drive WD10EZEX 7200 RPM $72.00

    Thermaltake Versa H18 Window Black mATX Case $63.00
    Cooler Master MasterWatt 750W 80+ Bronze Semi-Modular Power Supply $119.00

    Total of $1,444.50

  • I was gonna order one but noticed shipping cost extra I thought shipping would have been included in the price. Please take it as a constructive feedback.

  • nice, personally i will wait for next gen and ddr5, gunna be awesome