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HP Reverb $485 + Shipping @ Skycomp


Alright it was $485 to start with, then $499, then $599 so really I'm not sure if this is even a deal anymore. Similar $500ish deals in comments.

Back to $485!

Few things to note here:

  1. This is the consumer version, not the professional version.
  2. I cant speak to whether or not this is the corrected batch or not of the Reverbs. (The first were known to have multiple issues)
  3. I don't know too much about SkyComp, they look fairly reputable though.

Personally I own an Oculus Quest and play PCVR with an Oculus Link Cable. I found this by just looking at different VR headsets for the fun of it so I won't be able to speak much to the experience although from what I've read here are some nice to knows:

  1. Apparently WMR controllers themselves aren't great and further tracking on all WMR headsets is not too great, if you're looking to play games that rely heavily on fast movement and good tracking in general be wary.

  2. This uses and LCD panel, not OLED or AMOLED, according to most the LCD on the Reverb is on the higher end of the spectrum but you're still gonna be lacking in comparison to any OLED/AMOLED screen.

  3. Cable is slightly shorter than expected at 3.5M

  4. Fixed IPD so measure yours and make sure you're good to go or else you're gonna have a bad viewing experience.

  5. And if you weren't aware the main upside to this headset is it's fairly unbeatable resolution much like the Pimax's, you'll just need a good enough PC to keep up.

That all said, I considered getting this for racing sim use only, in the end I don't want to spend another $485 if I already have the Quest but if you're into sims and likely wont be using the WMR controllers, rather a racing wheel or joystick then this is probably a fantastic solution for you.

No clue why Microsoft named it's VR platform Windows Mixed Reality when it has nothing to do with Mixed Reality

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  • This seems like the older version because the RRP is way lower than the Pro(basically same thing but fixed cables and better support). Also the model number is for the US stock, as it's just called the Reverb/Reverb Pro here in Aus.

    That being said, this is the best headset(if the revised version) for cockpit sims for the money. It's my to go headset for DCS, Xplane11 and Il-2 but you need at least a 1080 to properly run this.

  • Are you sure this is actually the HP reverb? It doesn't actually say "reverb" anywhere on the web page.

  • what sort of pc do you need to drive (!) this for say assetto corsa project cars 2 etc. at your usual fhd at 60fps

    • This headset has a resolution of 4320*2160, and runs at 90Hz, so you'd need a much more powerful setup than you would for 60fps/1080p

    • Mid range cpu and at least an 1080.

      • jesus 2,160 at 90hz… that means the only choice is the 2080?

        • I'd say for consistently smooth experience then yes probably around the higher RTX cards… although if you look around some people do get by running the headset at a lower fps and Hz, that though is really dependent on how sensitive you are to motion sickness etc as refresh rate is fairly crucial to VR in general. That being said I don't have any problems with my Quest at 72Hz, not that I wouldn't want higher, it would be nice.

        • SteamVR automatically interpolates it from 45Hz, so it's not that bad. Like i said, you can drive it with a "mere" 1080, and the 2080 is only about 50% better.

  • +2 votes

    Apparently WMR controllers themselves aren't great and further tracking on all WMR headsets is not too great, if you're looking to play games that rely heavily on fast movement and good tracking in general be wary.

    I've had the Acer WMR for a few years and find the controllers and tracking pretty damn good. I've yet to try a game on SteamVR that doesn't work well.

    I had some interference from the Bluetooth dongle which introduces some "jitter" to the controllers, but plugging the dongle into a USB extension and distancing it from the PC makes a night and day difference to the tracking accuracy.

    • Fair enough, haven't had the chance to use WMR controllers myself so just basing it off general community and review consensus :) I'm sure they're more than good enough for most VR.

  • Just for the record there is a higher spec version in the works.

  • Skycomp have been around for yonks, remember buying from them a decade ago.

    But I wonder if a price drop has been pushed through the pipeline, can find a couple of other sites via searching for the model number

    https://pcmegamart.com.au/6DU18AA/ - $540
    https://www.connectshop.com.au/products/hp-reverb-vr-1000-22... - $512

  • I am tempted to buy this and sell my Oculus Rift S (only play seated sims) but having trouble working out what I am missing by buying this version rather than the $1,000 Reverb Pro.

    Edit: Anyone know with WMR do you need to use your hand controllers at all to start a VR game off your desktop or Steam? I would prefer to pack away the controllers and never use them after the initial setup.

    • I think it's game dependant. With DCS it's one click to get to the menu in VR where I can use my mouse.

    • I have the lenovo WMR and you don't need the controllers to start a VR game, I barely use then, it's pretty good with a seated experience and wheel, keyboard and mouse is a bit like sooting in the dark though lol, a fli up headest is handy for that. Inside out tracking does it's thing fairly well, it's the controllers that are the worst part of WMR, once you have experienced the other controller types they are frustrating to use in alot of games.

    • There's muddy information regarding the differences but from what I can tell it's just a wipe able facial interface and an extra cable, further the Reverb Pro is obviously aimed at enterprise use, in the aspects that matter they seem to be exactly the same.

    • How much would you be thinking of selling your Rift S for? Been looking to buy one, possibly second-hand, wondering what price I should be expecting to pay.

      • FYI, right now is the worst time to buy a used Rift S, I just saw one sell in 10 minutes on a small forum for $580, they are going for much higher on eBay. You could buy them for almost $580 new on special not long ago.

      • Honestly, go for a CV1, you'll get them over $100 cheaper, and while the rift s has a slightly higher resolution screen, it's LCD not OLED and the audio is craptastic

  • So to confirm, this is one of the better headsets for picture quality? I have the CV1 Rift, but hardly find myself playing it.
    And when I do, it’s seated racing and flying games. The reason I don’t play these too often as I’ve grown tired of the limited image quality (say in Project Cars).

    If it’s a great swap/upgrade from the Rift, I’m tempted to do it. Anyone have any idea how I’d go selling a CV1 rift, two sensors, controllers? No wear or tear at all. Also about 10 full paid games. I guess they’re gone once I sell the rift. Can I include them in the bundle, or are they tied to me?

    Also, I have a 1080 and a cpu of same vintage. Would this be enough to drive this headset?

    • To answer the first, yes it's one of the best in terms of image quality. To the second selling a VR headset in current conditions shouldn't be too hard, people are bored in quarantine, I'd just put it up on Gumtree, only thing is though I'm fairly sure games are tied up to your account, I know on Steam they definitely are and the Oculus Store too. For most sim games I'd imagine a 1080 could handle it fine.

      • Cheers for the tip - purchased it. Anyone wanna buy a CV1 rift lol
        Fingers crossed it’s worth the upgrade, and my 1080 machine can run it!

    • I've used many headsets and this is the first one where the screen IN the headset is as high a quality as my monitor which is a 1440p 27". So much so I read PDFs with the headset whilst flying.

  • would this be a worthy upgrade over the samsung odyssey+?

    edit: fixed ipd is a deal breaker. ill just buy something in a few years when im bored of the odyssey+

  • Price is showing as $499+shipping on the website. Is there a code or something to bring it down to $485?

  • Price got increased to $599

    Been looking at whether or not to upgrade from my cv1. Just when I made the decision to purchase it, the price got increased. Decision made I guess. No purchase.

    • Christ that is quite the jump. If you're still interested @freefall101 posted some links to similar deals.

  • My order was cancelled this morning, likely a price error that they are blaming on stock shortage.

    • What time did you order and what price did you pay? Also, did you get tax and confirmation emails?

      • I ordered once the price changed to $499, just before the product switched to preorder at $599.

        I only guess price error since they cancelled immediately rather than giving me an option for stock to return but others may have been successful.

    • I suspect foul play. They incrementally increased their price, and I wonder if it was based on the number of additional clicks they were getting on the product.

      Could genuinely be a price error though…., but $485 -> $499 -> $599

      Sorry you missed out.

      • Yeah did seem a little dodgy but in fairness they were very quick to communicate the cancellation at 7.30am today.

        I'll just stick with my Rift S, hopefully others were successful.

    • According to my emails from them, my order successfully went through (at the original price, plus $23 postage). Even reckons there’s a StarTrack number (but it’s not currently working)

    1. Fixed IPD so measure yours and make sure you're good to go or else you're gonna have a viewing experience.

    Good warning

  • I own this one and the headset is really good. Need to use a cable clip and check your ipd. I paid over $1k a couple months ago. But no regrets.

  • Got it! Very quick Star track delivery (went the cheapest option)

    …should the box say Reverb on it somewhere? All I have is “HP VR Headset”. Hopefully it’s the right one.
    Can’t wait to fire it up in PC2!

  • The price is back down to $529 now. Bit of a yo-yo act going on. I grabbed one at $499. Was delivered today. While the box doesn't refer to Reverb if you look at the HP sticker with the serial numbers it stats HP Reverb there.

    • Seems like there is very little difference between this unit and the 'pro' with 'reverb' branding.

      Wondering if it has a build date or if you are able to post the start of the serial number to see if it's the 'v2' or old stock? Apparently the v2 revisions sorted a lot of problems. Any help would be appreciated!

      • Installed mine today to use it with iRacing. A lot clearer/ better resolution and screendoor is a lot better than my Rift. Had a few issues getting it to be recognized, had to switch ports and reboot a few times. Had it drop connection a few times. They include a clip for the cable but it still had disconnections. It has REV-A written on the bottom of the box. The serial number is 8CC933 which I think is the 33rd week of 2019 so it should be v2.

      • I don't see the build date mentioned anywhere but here are the details:

        Serial Number 8CC933****
        Product Number 6DU18AA

        • Does it have a clip to keep the two cables connected to eachother just behind your head? I believe that is only part of v2 release. Surely it is a v2 headset they have been on the market for a very long time now.

        • Apparently, in the serial number(933) the 9 means 2019 and the 33 means the 33rd week.

      • Note the shipping date is 8-12 weeks away and the Reverb G2 has already been officially teased and should be fully announced shortly.

      • I ordered one, arrived in less than 24 hours. V2 model so happy about that. Besides the stupid connector/cable design - it's excellent. I don't know why you'd spend double for the 'pro' model ..?

  • Back to $485 again… Couldn't resist after hearing people are getting the V2 version..

    Time to sell my Odyssey+

  • Are any of you guys extending the length of the cable? It looks like you will need a fiber optic displayport cable which seem to cost over $100?

  • I just received mine - I was under the impression that it was the head unit only, but mine came with the two controllers as well.

    How do I know if it's V1 or V2? My serial number is much different to the posts above, it doesn't have 933, but rather is 8CC010Z0HT.

    The sticker on the bag to the manuals though says "B/D 09/12/19". Hopefully B/D means batch date.

    Mine also says REV-B on the box, not REV-A as others had mentioned.

    • 010 on the serial number should mean 10th week of 2020, definitely V2 and the website does state that it comes with controllers.

    • Mine is also a Rev.B and a 2020 build date..

      Printed up some prescription adapters and super happy.. It is stupidly sharp..

      If the Reverb G2 has these screens with adjustable IPD, lighthouse tracking and a long cable… Day one purchase for sure