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AMD Ryzen 5 3600 US $195.34 / $304.50 AUD ($5 Discount as New User) Shipped @ Cpu-Top Store via AliExpress


It seems the best deal out for Ryzen 5 3600 at the moment. It's a Chinese vendor so delivery will be slower and there is no included cooler like most others have.

Worth getting or should we wait out Shopping express for another combo deal? XD

Edit: Geez a lot of negativity in here. ease up folks - explain your case for a first-time poster. Stopping by just to flame isn't that helpful

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  • +42

    Buy from Australia, you'll get warranty and you'll support our economy in the time when we need it. You'll also not be supporting the Chinese economy, personally I think it's worth a bit more to do this.

    The 3600 is available in several online vendors here for $300.

    • +13


      Yeah for that difference I'd drive to Lidcombe.

      • Just as a quick side note, mwave aren't doing pickups at the moment it's delivery only.

      • same price at PCCG too

        • -1

          I feel 300 is average right now. I've seen aus vendors for sub 270. its all about the thrill of the hunt :D

          • +1

            @ImopI: I saw Scorptec for 285 pre-Corona, and then the ShoppingExpress at 279 last week (although 289 when considering shipping to me)
            I will pounce if I see under $270 inc delivery though (or pickup if in Melbourne)

            • @samdiatmh: me too! I saw shopping express deal but the shipping was a spoil yeah

    • +5

      Worth the little bit extra just to get it before 3 months.

    • "You'll also not be supporting the Chinese economy"

      That ship has not only sailed from Port Hedland but also returned from Tianjing with containers full of ventilators and PPEs

    • +2

      Yep, buy from Australia and support Aussie businesses, get your Aussie warranty, and be covered by ACL.

      https://au.pcpartpicker.com/ is a great place to find deals at times with Aussie suppliers.
      https://www.staticice.com.au/ and https://www.shopbot.com.au/ along with OZB are also handy sites for deals that come up.

      Read reports of fake Ryzen's coming out of China that were old AM4 CPUs (Athlon X4's) where they'd lapped the heat spreader and placed stickers (or even laser engraved) fake details on them.

      Even fake Intel CPUs where the CPU was a blank (most likely display only).

      That, along with the fake Nvidia RTX 2060, and the popular fake GTX 960, and GTX 1050… where there's a quick buck to be made screwing people over, someone will have thought about it.

      Oh, and if it's like that one in the pic, not in a sealed box, yet being sold as brand new… it's another warning sign.

      • Thanks bro. This is a super helpful comment

  • +11

    you have to add GST to aliexpress.

  • +16

    when i saw the pic i thought it is a perfume

    • I thought it was as well haha

    • haha i see that now :D

    • Same here lol

    • with a Ryzen Logo on top. I would have bought this if it wasn't that pricy…

  • +16

    So a delayed shipping time, a potentiality problematic warranty, for slightly cheaper OEM chip? If you're paying this much for a CPU, drop an extra 20 for piece of mind.

    • -13

      potentially problematic warranty? Have you had problems with Ali express before?

      • +8

        Local stock would be a better buy. Do yourself a favour.

        • -6

          thanks for the opinion then

      • I'm sure if anything went wrong they'd make you pay for freight back to China to process the warranty. Afaik, AMD don't really have a way of processing warranty direct to the consumer. You need to go back up the supply chain.

        • You can rma direct with amd, bought a cpu in Australia that I had to rma in the uk. Wasn’t a problem.

      • +6

        plenty. been buying small items from aliexpress since ~2012. there's no warranty whatsoever once you confirm order received and leave a rating, regardless of whatever they claim on the item page. you can take it up with aliexpress support who will 'do their best' on chat for hours and end up with nothing.

  • +3

    No deal

  • Absolutely not a deal. It could well be a counterfeit CPU!

    • Most scammers I saw a few years ago were Africans who "sold" Nvidia 1080's and 8700k's for $200 each.

      • +9

        Very easily. Replace the IHS on a cheaper chip with one from a more expensive chip and flash the chip's bios. It's a common process

  • +2

    Not worth the risk. Buy from OZ.

  • +4

    add GST, no cooler, no consumer protection and the same price i just paid delivered locally?

  • +3

    Terrible deal

  • +2

    Support Australian resellers and their employees. You will also get the benefit of a local warranty.

  • +4

    For this sort of part, I'll probably be just parroting what everyone else is saying.

    Buy locally.

    The cooler is worth having just in case and a CPU is such a delicate part you want that confidence of an enforceable warranty.

    It takes one bent pin and your done.

    Thanks for posting though.

    • thanks - sounds sensible!

  • -1

    Horrible, this one made in China.

    My one's made in Taiwan!

  • +2

    Plus another $28.20 in GST, and then you’re about the same as a local price.

  • Looks like they were meant for OEM.

    • oem?

      • +1

        For vendors like HP, Lenovo etc to put into their own desktops.

      • +1

        Original Equipment Manufacture , basically made for companies say Lenovo or HP. They buy in bulk and make systems it's not supposed to be sold to consumers.

  • +1

    Yup those are definitely OEM CPUs. AliExpress used to have cheap Ryzen 5 3500X CPUs all over the place until YouTuber's gave it too much attention and AMD had them taken down.

    I remember for a while there was a store that sold Telstra branded devices really cheap on there.

    Thanks for the post OP. People are far too suspicious with computer parts from China.

    • Ahh thanks - I didnt know this

  • -2

    do not buy any valuable pc items from china. they cheat on pc part a lot.

    • +1

      The downvotes have nothing to do with "cheating" but rather the negligible price savings considering it is OEM which comes with no fan and long shipping times.

  • $297 for Sydney and WA residents who can do pick up

    Like above mentioned, buying new and from local is worth the little bit extra for warranty and general support.

  • Not gonna wait for a year shipping

  • Very risky not worth it

  • +2

    Some general advice for anyone posting deals for Aliexpress, or any other site that charges GST but doesn't show on the product page, like Newegg. Please do a dry checkout run first to see what the GST is before posting deal. The GST is shown in the final step of the checkout process.


    A quick google shows that it is cheaper to buy locally. $299 +$15 Postage from Mwave in Lidcombe. $299.39 from Amazon USA (import) or $302.60 from Australian Amazon warehouse with free delivery (expedited for a Prime subber)

    • Unrelated. Since you're a PC guru scrim what is your preference. Intel or Ryzen?

      • +1

        No preference. I buy what gives me the most bang for the buck at the time of release.

        • Smart choice. I was expecting Ryzen as that's how everyone seems to feel.

  • $302.60 on amazon free delivery with prime and 3% off if you have suncorp benefits

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