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Optus SIM Only Mobile Family Plan $149/Mth, 250GB/Mth Shared Data across 4 SIMs, Unlimited Talk/SMS via Optus


Could be useful for heavy users or if have no fixed internet. Month to month. Optus sport and 1 year Apple Music (terms and conditions apply).

The 4 sims share the data. It works out $37.50 a sim, which includes 62.5gb per sim (however It could be that one person uses 100 and the other 3 sims could use the other 150gb. So data will be shared according to the sim usage)

Unlimited calls and sms.

Only available by calling 1300076721 or in store


With 4 SIMs and a massive 250GB of monthly data to share, our new Optus Family Plan will bring you closer. In more ways than one.

The Optus Family Plan is made up of 4 SIMs.

1 Primary SIM
3 Family SIMs

If you have more than 4 in your family, you can add up to four extra Optus Kids Plan for $29/mth.

The Optus Family SIMs and any Optus Kids Plan(s) must all be on the same billing account as the Optus Family Plan Primary SIM.

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    If you need it because you don't have home internet, there are better out there.

    • Minus the calls text and mobility to use the data outside your home. Probably not comparable to the OP but yeah there are cheaper options for home broadband on 4g as you correctly point out.

    • +1

      OPTUS also has the 500gb for $68 it’s wireless broadband to compare to OVO. (Month to month or 24 month with modem)

      • I suppose this would appeal only people that want all in one and share the data amongst 4 people. I am not aware of any other plans with all this data which includes call and sms.

      • +1

        Modem by Huawei. perfect to browse.

      • do they still cap their wireless broadband?

        • Speed wise? No. I get anywhere between 40mbps to 150mbps download (and 20mbps upload) depending on what time it is. It's pretty great, but I'm in the middle of Brisbane still waiting on NBN with good reception, so your mileage may vary

  • nice

  • +1

    If you have more than 4 people in your household it's an extra $29 per service after the initial 4 so you could have 8 in total for up to $266 per month, that's if 250GB is enough. Each service has unlimited calls and texts.

    It sounds like a good deal for people who prefer big providers and simple billing.

    I don't think it would be too good as a home fixed line NBN replacement but could be useful for mobile phones with plenty of out of home mobile data usage.

    • Optus 4G can reach 150 megabits per second with 30ms latency, but you're best off going for the home plan, which is 500GB for 2/3rds this price and includes a router. No contract termination fee either. That's better than 90% of NBN connections, and perfect for people without the choice of nbn.

      Alternatively, think it's $80 for unlimited 5g with optus for home usage.

      • -3

        Optus 4G can reach 150 megabits per second with 30ms latency

        LOL… not in most parts of Sydney. Their coverage sucks.

        • Since it can reach over 100 even in rural areas that have 2-3 bars, I think you're speaking on a topic you know nothing about.

    • Currently using Optus 4G as an alternative to NBN. Getting 230Mbps down and 50Mbps up with a latency of 19ms

  • +1

    Ooof still trying to find a deal as good my current contract with optus 200gb, tab s4 for just 50 a month! How has data gone up! Better be quality bits for a $150

    • same. Contract ending in oct and another deal with a new model tablet would be perfect

    • IN THE SAME POSITION. Sweet deal too, 200gb and a tablet! I also scored the 100gb SIM mobile plan and got another $10 off the tablet plan too. So 300gb total! For $95 inc mobile calls and S4…

    • Increased prices to pay for 5G, alas

  • Telstra , $70 200GB. This isn’t worth being on Optus

    • Where is Telstra advertising $70 for 200GB?

    • YOu can only have a shared sim on a business plan on Telstra.

    • Unless you're in Brisbane. Then optus has better coverage than Telstra.
      And oddly, voda tops them all.
      But I know that all changes once you leave metro.

  • It would be better to pay $119 on the optus one plan where you get 500gb and then get the other optus sims on the lowest plans.

    • Link?

      Edit: nm, found.

    • Smallest optus plan with pooled data and unlimited calls is $39 I believe.

      • $29 Kids Plan now

    • they should inc a mobile on this plan, more would take it up!

  • How is this a deal. Is 60gb of data for $38 a deal?! If your kids are using 60GB of data maybe they should learn what wifi is.

    • +1

      My kids aren't allowed to use the wifi at my wife's boyfriends house

  • +1

    I pay only slightly more than this per month but with 4 sims, samsung note9 + samsung tablet and 380gb per month…

    I dont think this is a bargain in my opinion

    • The issue is all these sims allow talk some of ur plans are just data sims right ? It’s great for 1 person I do that too. Plus includes the extras mentioned in the comments. Sports. Antivirus subscriptions ect

  • So tempting, currently on legacy Telstra plans with 121GB data pool, unlimited calls/sms across 4 plans for $214 a month :/

    • That’s expensive.You should get this if Optus has a good signal where you need it

  • tried the optus 4g wireless broadband is dead slow like 1mbit at 6pm at night

    • Should be the same as ur phone. I get 200mbits a second so please try ur phone first.

    • Same as mine, speed was ok 2,3 months ago.

    • What frequency did you lock the modem to?

  • Good thing is each sim gets free Apple Music for 12 months and a Optus Sports if you are into such things plus McAfee subscription. Not bad!

  • Also available in stores, not just over the phone. Might even be quicker to go into a store then call up at the moment.

  • *did price change? Website has $149 p/m

  • I mean not a terrible idea I just created my own for cheaper is all…..

    The iPad deal gave me effectively 200gb for 15$

  • Bad deal compared to combination of past offers imo

    1GB sims have been $21.50 before, combine that with a $60 data pack (or $60 mobile plan for ~100GB) and you've got this for $125 - $145 anyway.

    For the $40 mark it's even average, you could previously get 80-100GB + 4GB roaming at the peak of deals. Maybe if this plan was $125 and included 10GB of roaming or something…

    • Fair point but those deals are in the past

      • +1

        Still needs the roaming data at least though, bloody harsh dropping $149 on mobile plan(s) with no roaming / international calls.

  • -1

    I don't get the point of calling that a deal.
    for $120, you have 4 sims with circle life which give you 100Go each for 400go in total. You still have unlimited call and text and the use the optus network.

    • Circle life is known for loosing people their mobile number when leaving. Look on product review.