This was posted 8 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Under Armour 30% off Almost Sitewide (Including Sale Items) or Take $20 off $50+ Spend


Extra $20 off for over $50 spend with code EFCMEMBERS20 available now thanks to 4iedemon and cykoman Update: EFCMEMBERS20 can no longer be combined with BDAY30 coupons.

(keep in mind, will probably void your cashback) see TA comment

20% Cashback has expired

There is currently a 30% sitewide including sale @ Underarmour with 14% cashback

Cashrewards link

  • Coupon appears to exclude some items: Electronics and Smartwatches.

  • Excludes The Rock, Tech, Golf Polos & Other Selected Products

  • Coupon restrictions: Cannot be combined with other discounts, vouchers and on-site promotions. (Plain english: Coupons cannot be combined) Some product exclusions apply, please see promotional terms and conditions for specific products.

Happy birthday to Cashrewards!

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  • Not sure if it's genuine discount. I realized that some hotel booking websites price increased once linked to these cashback websites.

    • Hotel prices are the worst. They change based on which link you click through, so if you went directly to their website its probably the same as this cashback price. Clicking through comparison sites generally give u the best deals because theyre competing with others.

    • +2 votes

      Hey mate! I know it's hard to take my word for it since I'm employed but I just work at their store so I don't have anything to do with pricing. I just took a look at the current prices and they haven't changed at all unless it's a mark down. If you have any questions, hit me up!


    Cannot be combined with other discounts, vouchers and on-site promotions. Some product exclusions apply, please see promotional terms and conditions for specific products.

  • I wouldn't bother, last time UA had 30% off with a further 30% and Cashback.

    This is good, but I expect better during June sales.

  • Do coupons stack? I know generally not.. but sometimes we are lucky. Stack with Unidays code for example. I’ll go try.

    Answer: Nope doesn’t stack.

  • I wouldn't bother unless its 70% off

    • Yes totally agree

    • Yeah pretty much. It's decent quality stuff, I much prefer my long sleeve vanish shirts over any Uniqlo or others.

      But the RRP is ridiculous. $60+ for a shirt that would cost <$10 to make, no special fabrics or technology. Just warp spun polyester.

  • Btw, I was just using Honey and apparently there is another discount called EFCMEMBERS20 … Not sure what that is but it stacked with the code above.

  • The Chrome Honey add-on was able to stack the code "EFCMEMBERS20" for a flat rate of 20$ off. Better deal than the 20% cashback if you're planning on spending less than $100.

    Tested it on shoes that were $140, down to $98 using the 30% off code and then a further $20 off, totaling to $78 with free shipping.

    • Nice find, I'll add it to the description

    • Just remember, EFCMEMBERS20 isn't on the Cashrewards website, so you probably won't get the 20% cashback.

      So you can either use 30% discount + 20% cashback = 44% discount


      $20 flat discount.

      So the flat discount is never better than the 44% discount, because 44% of $50 (the minimum for the flat discount) is $22.

      Somebody correct me if I'm wrong?

      • You're wrong, you can apply both the 30% off and the $20 off.

        So if you purchase <$50 it is always better.

        • Heres my take: if spend $100+ better go with 20% CR, otherwise go with 20$ flat (still need to meet 50$ min of course)

  • Excludes The Rock

    Always the way!

  • This is just an FYI, so please use the deal that's best for you. Note that activation of the Honey plugin and/or use of any Honey codes will invalidate cashback across any cashback partner. Honey is an affiliate just like CR & SB and they get paid a commission just like we do, except they do not pass on cashback to members. Code EFCMEMBERS20 will be attributed to the Essendon Football Club. Any commission of sales using this code will be shared by Honey & the Essendon FC. If your sale happens to track to CR using this code, it will almost certainly be declined by Under Armour. Honey is the number 1 cashback bad boy, and certainly one of the main reasons sales go untracked. Please note that if you ever submit an untracked claim and we're told by the store that Honey was used in the sales journey, we/you have no leg to stand on and the claim will be declined. Thanks.

  • Also if you're going to spend under the free shipping limit you can subscribe to their mail and they will send a free shipping code. Just stacked 3 codes and it worked. Didn't bother with Cashback.

    • Oh wow, thanks for this. Just purchased a jacket for $32 delivered by stacking 3 codes like this.
      I know it probably won't track with CR but this is too good already.

  • ANyone having problems using both the BDAY30 and EFCMEMBERS20 code

  • Is it worth waiting until 8pm for cashrewards or could the voucher expire before then?

  • Anything descent that's not 100% polyester (plastic)

    • Stack 3 codes to get 6 boxers for $36 link

      57% Cotton/38% Polyester/5% Elastane

      • Plus $10 shipping… I went with with 9 for $64 to get the free shipping.

      • Probably the best blend ever! Miss it so much lol

      • Wow, great deal. Thanks so much @In28909! Grabbed 6 pairs for $36. Used to pay $15ish a pair back in the day on sale. Shame it's only the white/blue, I wanted black, but settled on the white.

        Between this and the Adidas deal 3 or so weeks ago I'm set for the next 3 years lol (just need some cheap good socks).

    • Most things descent just get lower and lower

    • +1 vote

      What thing are you looking for? We got some training tops which are mostly 52% nylon. More durable but still synthetic. If you're looking for sweats and hoodies, lots of them are a 60/40 of cotton/polyester. Still feels like cotton but breathes and dries faster. Hope that helps!

  • the most over rated and over priced brand even with this discount i still think it is a rip off

  • thanks OP. Got some gear for myself and the kids

  • not much stock available for kids left.

  • Processed my order at 8:42pm - cashback was only calculated at 14% though? Anyone else having this issue? Thanks

    • send CR an enquiry, they will fix it from their end and chase up UA as on CR end they can see what time you clicked through

  • Anyone else getting payment rejected after stacking the two codes?

  • Thanks guys! Got the codes stacked plus cashback

  • Too late for the party this time…no sizes and/or only expensive items now.

  • FYI CURRY 7 no discount

  • Some of the backpacks seem like good value

  • Hi all just 2 questions on how quick is the dispatching speed and how accurate is the stock inventory , any personal experience or even some1 associated with them is great Thanks

    • +1 vote

      Cant speak about the stock inventory but if it's not a busy period, will dispatch by the next day. Otherwise it can take up to a week to dispatch if it's during a promotion period such as end of season sale and such. The express shipping is always speedy though. Usually only 1-2 business days for me

  • Don't bother buying the under armor fitted hats. Hardly wore them and the rim at the back has collapsed on both of my premium lol hats. I thought the prices were OK last time but they are poorly made. My backup is still going strong though.

    They were very nice while they held the shape and didn't stretch.

    Boys' UA Blitzing 3.0 Cap
    I got a couple of them

  • Exploit has been patched. You can't stack the coupons Birthday and EFCMEMBERS20 promos anymore.

  • Quality of the golf pants and shorts very good. Would buy again at half price, but never full - no interest in paying celebrities to endorse. Aussie range in golf is also too limited - no navy shorts even.