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Xiaomi Dreame Cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum Cleaner $239.95 | Combo with Carpet Head $299.95 Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Greetings everyone, We have received many deal requests regarding this popular vacuum.We try our best to offer another discount on this popular vacuum even Australian Currency is really weak at this moment.One of Our cheapest price so far, alongside the new Carpet Head Roller Combo set also.

Xiaomi Dreame cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum Cleaner Two Head Combo include Soft Roll Head and Carpet Roll Head Au version $299.95 Delivered.

Xiaomi Dreame cordless Handheld V9 Vacuum Cleaner 20,000Pa Suction $239.95 Delivered.

Some Helpful Information:

Reviews from Prior Deals:

Carpet Head Demonstration


Brand Xiaomi Dreame
Rated Power 400W
Battery Capacity Standard 60mins,Max mode 8Mins
Inhalation Power 120AW
Dust Cup Capacity 0.5L
Product Weight 1.5KG
Patented Motor Space 3.0 Brushless Motor
Suction 20,000Pa
Filter Multiple Filtration
Smart Cool Smart Cool 3.0 System
Simplified Trash One Button to release
Operation Manual English
Money Back 30 days money back guarantee
Warranty 12 Months
Plug AU Plug

We offer 12 month warranty on these products.

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Original Coupon Deal

ABN 60 615 962 500

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  • Terrific- Thanks OP

  • +12

    Bought from the last deal, great vacuum, picked up the finest of dusts and dog hair from the sofa

    • would you recommend over Dyson? Our current Dyson V6 (I Think) is playing up now and looking for a replacement.

      • +4

        This gets compared to the V8.

      • Not sure mate, haven't used the V6 before, anecdotal evidence tells me that it's comparable and a more affordable option

      • +1

        Way better than a Dyson I think….

      • +2

        I came from a dead V6. Personally this has been leagues better over the last two weeks I've been using it.

        • sweet. just hope it lasts as long! must admit the old Dyson has survived well. Only needed a battery replacement which Dyson kindly replaced FOC.

          • @Aussybob: How long did your battery last? I got 4 years from mine and just replacing it now.

        • Agree 100%

      • This conversation is like grounding day!

      • it is awesome for the price ! you wont regret it !

    • +2

      Same here.Been awesome so far…still early days but can't believe it's less than half of what I would've had to pay for Dyson

  • +4

    Don't believe the delivery dates on ebay.

    Australia post have dropped the ball in the last month.

    • +1

      ^ This. Ordered 28/04, tracking still has 'Shipping information approved by Australia Post'

      • +2

        Please PS your order no, i will happy to check for you.

    • +1

      Depends which state I guess, I was lucky and got it delivered (VIC) pretty quick within a few days

      • +1

        I'm in Vic and it's been sitting with Aus post all week.

        • +24

          Wait JV, do you actually use OzB for something other than trolling?

          • +1

            @nick484: nothing to stop JV trolling about delivery time :P

        • +19

          Can't believe JV actually bought something.

          • +4

            @No ONE: Probably another keyboard

    • Totally agreed, I bought from a previous deal and took closer to 3 weeks for it to come.

  • Hmm this or the Dyson v7 animal for $349?

    • +1

      You need to buy the Absolute version of Dyson to get a soft roller brush, which is amazing at clearning hard floors. The Animal comes with carpet cleaning brush(does the hard floors too). The Xiaomi is just the opposite.

      • The Xiaomi is just the opposite.

        opposite of what?

        • +2

          It comes with a softroller brush by default, but need to buy the combo to get the carpet head.

        • Opposite of Da Mi

    • +1

      Where is the Dyson v7 animal for $349? interested to find that, thanks

  • Does cashback really apply with the coupon?

  • +2

    For those who aren't sure, I've used this for a year now, you do need the carpet head for carpet. It's just better. But for hard floor the soft roll head works better.

    • I agree. I ordered a combo from last deal. I absolutely love it and am so glad that I got the carpet head.

  • thanks, ordered one! hopefully it lives up with so many good reviews… first time using stick vacuum cleaner

  • Where and how much are replacement filters?

    • you dont really need them….

    • They are HEPA.
      And might I add cleaning the canister is far easier on the dreame than on a dyson.

  • Trying to get the Carpet head combo but I get "This code can't be applied to your order" for PILLOW10. Anyone else having this issue?

    • please contact eBay with live chat would help.

  • Ordered thank you!

  • +2

    I purchased this a few weeks ago from the previous gearbite deal to replace a Dyson V6 (which I believe is the same engine as the V7). It's way better than the V6 in every aspect (except for weight - it's bigger/heavier and will fatigue your arm/wrist faster)

    Highly recommended.

    Postage time wasn't bad - received around a week after ordering.

    • The V6 is what I have and I decided to jump onto this deal because my battery is not lasting much (yes I realize I can replace with an ebay one for <$60 ) but I figured I'd get this new one and maybe later get a new battery for the V6

  • +1

    Got a Dyson v10 for my mum last year, how does this compare to v10? i am thinking get 1 of myself this

  • Where can you get a trigger for this vacuum other than 3D printing it yourself; or how much does it cost to do 3D print.

    I wish gearbit either supply it for free and for a cost.

    • Free 3D printing at Broadmeadows Library, turn around time depends on the queue though

    • how did it get damaged?

      • +1

        It didn't get damaged. I am referring to trigger lock that does not require to keep pressing the trigger to use the vacuum.

  • Do you provide proper tax invoice with ABN?

    • +1

      that is a legal requirement for businesses in Australian

    • Are you buying it for use on an airplane?

      • Going to use it after getting off an airplane

  • +3

    Bought this a month ago.Really Impressed with this product performance. Used it for few days on the carpet house without carpet head roller and at lo speed setting. It is doing an awesome job. Hope it will be reliable in the long term too. Definitely recommend to go for it.

  • The deal on the 360 S7 seems okay, does anyone have this? See reviews that the app appears lacking.

  • I ordered one during the last deal, still waiting for it to arrive, the expected delivery time has been updated twice and its now saying Thu 7 - Tue 12 May*

    I ordered it to South Australia, and it seems to be going VIC -> WA -> SA?

    from ausposts tracking….

    In transit - WELSHPOOL WA - Mon 4 May • 12:32pm

    Received by Australia Post - DANDENONG SOUTH VIC - Wed 22 Apr • 8:24pm

    Shipping information approved by Australia Post - Wed 22 Apr • 3:20pm

    Still, I'm excited for the vacuum whenever it arrives….

    • Hopefully they can deliver shortly. Please let us know if you need any help.

      • Thanks, It's not your fault, the entire postage system is crazy at the moment…. I'm just surprised at the logistics that its better to send the package VIC -> WA -> SA, rather than VIC -> SA….

        • This is the same for me, ordered on the 22nd of April, at least you have an update of in transit, mine is still sitting on

          Received by Australia Post - DANDENONG SOUTH VIC - Wed 22 Apr • 8:24pm

          Shipping information approved by Australia Post - Wed 22 Apr • 3:20pm

          And hasnt moved

          • @chazza36: Then the package will randomly arrive one day without the usual SMS notification from AUSPOST on the actual delivery day.
            Oh wait! You will get a SMS notification, but it will be like 5 hours after the package has been signed for.

  • Probably a silly question but is this also good for sucking up pesky spiders?

    • +1

      I did that all the time with my Dyson, it works but probably isn't the best usage of it

      • As long as it works! Right now I'm using a really old bag vacuum cleaner. Gets the job done but don't really trust it to safely suck up spiders.

        Might pick up one of these then, thanks for the heads up :)

    • I have a pantry moth invasion recently and oddly enough this struggles to suck them up unless it's in turbo mode, but I think it's more to do with the angle of the small head.

    • I have one of these but I'd say okay but not the best. The best thing for spiders is a traditional / hose vacuum cleaner with a light-weight rigid extension pipe on it. Probably bagless so you can immediately dispose outside.

      I have one of these Dreames and my old cleaner I use in the garage etc for dirtier stuff and use the old one for spiders. It has just a flimsy plastic short pole (goes down to half length) but the head is removable which given its on a hose makes it the best for something like sucking up spiders up high etc and its easy to get into places being light weight and no head on it. At half full pole length it is just long enough to get you further away from the spider, but still have reach and better flexibility of a hose to get around / beside furniture etc

      However, I often use the Dreame for spiders spotted on the move (i.e. in a hurry) as its other advantage is its ready on hand with no time to waste plugging it in!

      The cordless is slightly harder to swing at a moving spider or get into a tight spot as quickly as its rigid / metal with a bit of a connector on the end of the pole… it would still work though - just keep in mind you may come in contact with it emptying the bagless compartment although its a better alternative to having to throw the whole bag every time you suck up some spiders… I never know if it kills the spider to suck it up or not so I empty outside into the bin carefully.

      I love the Dreame, but i'd keep my old cleaner as well for a couple of specific jobs - e.g. the other drawback is all cordless cleaners are not as good to get into tight spots like right in under a seat of a car / around the tracks etc to clean out as a hose cleaner with no extension- it is slightly more restricted into super tight spots being rigidly connected motor and battery (even with no extension) than a hose of a traditional vacuum cleaner…

      (I presume there's a hose attachment you can probably get or attach but doesn't come standard?)

  • Thanks OP, ordered. hopefully mine arrives soon.

  • Thanks ! this will replace my Dyson V6 which seems to be suffering from a bad battery.. might replace it and just hand the dyson down to someone hmm

    • So looks to be around $56 ~ for a new battery for my V6 guess not to expensive eitherway now I'll have two cleaning devices and thats a good thing !

  • Thanks OP - Looking to get one. Does the package include the docking/mount station?

    • Yes you get a wall mount that lets you charge while its mounted. Need to be screwed to the wall though

  • Any chance of the V10 being offered too?

    Anyone has a chance to compare this vs the Bosch BBS1224AU stick vacuum which costs slightly more but comes with 2x removable batteries?

  • Guys if you are in SA and happy to wait for 3 weeks than buy it. I am still waiting my parcel to be delivered from last 15 days from the last deal. I am tired now after plenty of emails to aus post and seller. Still No explanation from either.

  • Just got my delivery today from Gearbite after placing an order on the 5th. Missed out on this deal by a few days :(

    Oh well wife loves it.

    • Lucky you, i ordered on 22nd april… Still waiting… My parcel is seating in WA from last 5 days instead of SA. WHEN I CONTACTED auspost, they said they are in touch with seller so contact seller, but no proper reply from seller about parcel delivery … It's always 2-3 days wait…

  • +3

    FYI- I've had this for about 7 months now and it has lost heaps of it's suction. I won't buy this one again and will probably pay extra and buy a Dyson (which I've had in the past and worked great)

    • +1

      @MadgeH - Are people up voting you because they agree? Or because they trust what you’re saying?

      • +1

        Not sure.. but I'll upvote you because I like what you're saying

    • +1

      Just to be sure did you maintain it properly? When I originally got my Dyson V6 I had troubles after half a year because I didn't clean the vacuum head, filter and other parts properly.

  • sort of related question, is the robo vac @
    the First Gen: Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum (aka Original Xioami Roborock)?

    or is it a lite version?

  • +3

    Can you get the carpet head on its own?

    • +1

      also would want to order one!

  • FYI the rotating head on mine broke about 3 weeks after the 1st year, sweet FA support and good luck finding parts. On the other hand, my 4 year old Dyson is still going strong despite poor battery life, which at least can be addressed by buying a 3rd party battery

    The Xiaomi one- good luck mate

  • +1

    Great timing, v6 slim motor head died. Thanks OP!

    • I'm also coming from a V6 hello neighbor :P my motor still works tho my battery just doesn't last long

      • I changed the battery with an eBay battery so that was fixed then son broke the motorhead D=

        • Wheres the cheapest place for a battery I looked on eBay and some people listed 4800mah while others are 3000mah is it legit a higher capacity?

  • Got this along with the Roborock S6 Pure recently.
    Delivered within 6 business days.
    I have both the V6 + V8 Dyson, battery replaced on V6.
    It performs more towards the v8, gets the job done like you would expect it to. However I still remember being blown away at the V6 when using it for the first time years ago. I highly recommend this to anyone who hasn't got a cordless stick yet because 300$ with carpet head ( a must) is good value. Perfect mother's Day gift if mum still living that cord life.

  • Is the HEPA filter washable or has to be replaced?

    Would have like the bigger bin size of the later Dyson models.

    • Washable.

  • Why there are avery limited dreame v10 deals? Is v9 superior than the v10?

  • Does the carpet head pick up dog fur easily? I have a golden retriever and he sheds his fur regularly. Would like to get one if it works well.

  • Waiting for it to be sent

  • If I pay direct via PayPal can you send to New Zealand.
    Any way possible?

  • Ordered on the last deal over a week ago. Still hasn't arrived :(

    • please ps your order no, i will happy to check for you.

  • Ordered on the last deal, on Sunday, received today (ACT). Loving the sleek look!

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