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$10 off @ Deals Mate (New Customers)


$10 discount straight away and Up to 70% Off Sitewide. Free Delivery on Eligible Orders. Furniture, Homewares, Baby & Kids, Sports & Fitness, Pet Care, Outdoors, Appliances, Audio & Video, Home & Garden, Auto Accessories, Electronics, Furniture, Health & Beauty, Power Tools, DIY, Heaters, CCTV, Speakers and Much More. 30 days return, 1 Year Warranty

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    Lol you’re not fooling anybody with this cheap Ch*nese crap. Go away

  • The very first word on the page is #AussieStore.. So what's your ABN and Aussie address?

    Looks like a bog standard drop shipping template site. Why should we trust to order with you?

    The products under "2 to 3 weeks" delivery time period are ordered from outside Australia and mostly the expense of returning the product is not worth it and hence these products don't come with the warranty.


    • so, essentially OP is agreeing that these stuffs are junks lol


      We do not take any order unless the stock is in Australia which means the order and the tracking number of Australia Post - is updated in 1-2 business days.

      • That's literally not what Amit in your help chat said. He wouldn't give me an address and said products come from different suppliers i.e. drop shipped. No thanks.

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          I am not exactly sure what the issue is. If you like the product and deal, grab it. What is the concern about the business model i.e dropshipping or not? As far as the policies are mentioned which says that products get dispatched from Australia within 1-2 business days.

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      Why do you think it is a spam?

      • Because I have an excellent nose for these things.

        No genuine deals, fake "discount", a newly registered OzB ID…it's just another crappy ecomm drop-shipping site with an owner trying to drive traffic to it.

        We might be cheap, but we ain't dumb!

  • Randomly checked some prices of the products and there's cheaper prices elsewhere.


      Sure ! If you can find a better deal, go for it. Though we have tried to keep it really low.

  • Most items are "on sale"…LOL. Do you think OzBargain users never compare prices…