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Nintendo Switch Pro Controller $79 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Nintendo Switch Pro Controller back on sale at Amazon AU:

To get it for $78 ($1 below Amazon price) and free delivery without Prime,
click on "7 new from $78.00" and change seller to "Roger Store Au".

Mod Note: Removed suspicious Third Party Seller

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +15

    $79 is standard price, no idea where $99.95 came from, its never been that high:

    • +3

      That would be the RRP

      • Must've been that as that was crossed out on Amazon website.
        Updated to (was $89) nonetheless.
        Thanks guys!

    • +10

      $99 is probably the EB Games price

    • -1

      $89 is the normal Amazon price

      Source: my wishlist for the past several months

    • +1

      I paid $79 from Amazon at the start of April

    • Thats what I thought as well. Usually its a sale if it was $69 from Amazon

  • +7

    Add Roger Store Au to title please.
    The store seems reputable but for $1 more you get all the benefits of Amazon. Easier to return, warranty claims, etc.

    • +8

      Less than 2 months of selling history and only 27 feedbacks are nowhere near "reputable". Actually it appears pretty suspicious to me that they managed to get so many feedbacks in such a short time just starting up.

      • +1

        Indeed, you'd be absolutely mad to buy from an independent seller (with very little feedback) for $1 less, when you have the option to get a guaranteed genuine product direct from Amazon.

    • +3

      Updated, thanks for feedback!
      My first submission so still learning.

    • I just received two games from this store. Actually, the games were posted to me by "catch.com.au". weird!

      • Sounds like drop shipping. Looking at them items they sell they coincide a lot with what catch is offering. My guess is they are profiting on catch referrals and gift cards. Well at least the products should be genuine in that case.

        • You are probably correct. One game was sealed in plastic, the other was not, but no issue here. They did quote long delivery time on the item page.

          • @aec: A lot of Switch games are not factory sealed so that is not really an issue. I frequently buy stuffs on Catch and yeah they are pretty slow these days, but that is mostly Auspost's fault I suppose. They typically ship items out on the same day or next latest.

  • I was going to get this but realised that the pro controller isn’t good for pc gaming as well as switch.

    • +2

      I think you can use it via Steam, but Xbox controller is just a way better experience on PC.

      • I like the controller a lot. But in my experience the Bluetooth is a little shoddy. I get dropouts/slowdown unless I plug in the cable anyway. Not 100% if its actually connecting or just the extra power is helping.

        But I still have to deal with Bluetooth settings since it lacks support for non wireless connection.

        Also it doesn't always turn off correctly and I get battery drain.

        I've borrowed a XBONE controller a few times and the experience was better being plug and play.

        Its fine if you already had the controller like I did. But if deciding between the two specifically for PC play go for the Xbox one.

      • You can.

        Also remember there is software out there called BetterJoyforCemu that gives the pro controller more options (such as the ability to swap the buttons to XBOX standard).

        Should work for both Wired and Bluetooth mode.

    • what are you getting instead?

      • +3

        I ended up getting the 8bitdo SN30 pro plus. Compatible with switch , pc, even raspberry pi.

        • The 8bitdo adapter for about $25 will let you use PS3/4/xbone pads on switch, thats what I went with.

  • would a fake one like this be worth it compared to get the original one?

    • +4

      You might as well get the official one for $14 more.

      • that one for 2 controllers actually

    • +7

      One thing I know after gaming for 35 years - the third party controllers are almost always rubbish. Spend the extra and buy one official one. Nintendo make the best controllers. I promise you you won’t regret it.

      • ok cheers mate!

      • +1

        +1, never cheap out on controllers.
        Thirdparty (especially reverse engineered bootleg) controllers are plagued with issues. Battery guzzling, weird connection issues, quickly worn analog sticks, the list goes on. Cheaper prices might be tempting but in the end you get what you pay for.

      • ugh u have heard of the joy con right? theyre terrible. return rates r shocking

        • One (slight) misstep in 30 years with an occasional technical issue isn't that bad. Last crap controller from ninty was the power glove - and that was released in the 1980's!!!!

          • @flashi007: last i read there were lawsuits in US. i sent mine in after warranty and they still fixed it for free. so its def not isolated.
            only reason was after warranty cause i thought it was just mine so put up with drifting for ages.

            • @Pufff: There are lawsuits on all sorts of stuff in the US. I wouldn’t take that as an indication of anything in particular.

              I’m just saying that the OP should buy a genuine Nintendo pro controller

    • I have this, but not sure if they still ship to Australia. Works perfectly and way cheaper than the official one.


      • it doesnt ship to aus :(

  • +2

    Bring back Costco $60.99 or I’ll cop amazon $69!

  • 1 thing to note if using on PC : Doesn't support XInput, and the trigger buttons aren't linear.

    • yea I use betterjorforcemu for that.

  • Can you use this to play controller supported games on iOS 13? Thank you. Or is it just for PS4 (and XBOX?) controllers?

    Edit: Seems like you can't.

    • +1

      Yup that’s why I got the 8bitdo. Compatible to pc, switch, pi 4, android and IOS.

      • This.

        I got 8BitDo as well as I alternate between PC and Switch…

        • I have a couple of 8BitDo controllers and I haven't been able power the switch on with it while it is in the dock. The Pro controller allows this which is far more convenient.

          • +1

            @Domingo: Good point! I never actually tried that as usually whenever i wanna play on the tv, i have to manually pick up the Switch first from the couch haha

  • I'd love if Xbox controller comes this cheap too :(

  • +1

    I have this controller, got it for $69 though. It's fantastic and because it's made by Nintendo it also has an amiibo point built in.

  • +1

    If anyone is after cheaper, non-genuine controllers that work, I purchased these several weeks ago for the Junior Texans and they've been working really well:


    2 controllers for $66

  • +1

    Catch has had these for $79 for quite some time and for those who have access to discounted catch vouchers can get it 10% cheaper.

    • Unidays vouchers dont work on Nintendo products now. Unless you are talking about giftcards? Is there an ongoing method to get 10% off catch? Normally I will just buy on Suncorp for their instant delivery to avoid leftovers.

    • +1

      I’m in WA, Will never buy anything from CATCH

  • I bought this at $66 back in Dec on Amazon.

    • yeah that was a great deal back in December and awesome that you were able to nab it at that price, but right now…?

  • These things really are undoubtedly worth the upgrade from Joycons yeah?

  • Has anyone seen some bad reviews posted in the amazon page?


    • +1

      There used to be a bunch of accounts with the controller listed for ~$60; turns out they were all either shipping fakes or not at all. The way Amazon aggregates reviews around items mean the reviews stick even if the sellers are long gone.

      I swear there was something about Amazon banning 3rd party resellers from selling Nintendo peripherals that resolved the issue, but I can't find any references to it. Just ensure that when you order peripherals the seller is Nintendo and not a 3rd party.

  • Received mine today! Wow that was fast!

    • Same here, arrived today in WA and it usually takes FOREVER. Shocked!

  • Just clicked the link and it’s showing $76.50.
    Just ordered.

    • the $76.50 one is from a store called "Roger Store Au". Never heard of the store before, but they do have 99% rating.

      I still think it is worth it to spend the extra $2.50 to buy directly from amazon in case there are any issues.

      • Seems Roger Store Au is shipped from Catch

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